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I couldent fit mikey in the end :( Lets just say he lived with HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

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Frank was furious at everything. Gerard, Kayla, Kayla’s mom, her stepmother, the father of her aborted child…Jay. Jay raped her on school grounds. He went down on her only to kill the baby by stabbing her. He herd the news. Then her mom called and said he had a kid? It was one of those ‘omgwth’ moments. He met her and gave her passes to see them backstage and she pulled a stunt like that? Now she’s sleeping with his true love and she doesn’t realize it? It’s heart breaking but he can’t do anything. He showed up at Mikey’s front door that night crying uncontrollably. Alicia let him in and calmed him down. She laid down with him to be awakened from her boyfriend Mikey. “WHAT-“She cut him off by kissing him. She pulled him and explained everything. He shook his head. “Gerard slept with the love sick man’s daughter? That is…Uhg…He’s done it now!” Mikey said. Frank walked in with tired eyes. “Thank you Ali…I had no where else to go…” He said quietly and grabbed his jacket. “Mikey…I’ll be in touch in a couple of days, ok. I don’t know if I’m still in the band. I don’t know if I even want to be. I’m sure ali has already explain.” He said before walking out. Mikey hit his head against the table “This isn’t going to turn out very good.” He stated before grabbing his phone. He told Ray and Bob to meet at Ray’s.

“We have a big problem” Is the first thing Mikey said. “What had Gee done?” Ray said.
Mikey looked at him “Drove Frank away to the point he’s left.” Mikey said looking at Bob. “Like away from him?” Bob said concerned. “NO! THE BAND BOB! THE BAND!” Mikey screamed certainly ticked because of his brother. He was pacing around when he stopped and looked at Ray. “We can’t fix this. The band’s over.” He said and walked out. Ray couldn’t believe what he just said. “Did he-“ Ray began but bob finished his sentence with “I can’t believe it, but I think he’s right Ray.” Bob said shacking his head and left. And for the first time in 5 years the lead guitarist cried and drank to the point he was depressed enough to slit his wrists. Nothing deep, but just to make his brain start numbing the pain. He didn’t realize it hit a vein and laid down knowing he would never live metaphorically. But did he knew he was right?”

(Back with Gerard and Kayla)

“I haven’t gotten a call in 2 days Kay. I think everybody’s mad at me!” He said staring at his phone. It suddenly went off and he opened it. All he herd was sobbing and Frank’s voice said these words “I’m never coming home. You hurt me gee.” He then shut the pphone and dialed Mikey’s number. No answer. Rays, nope. Bob, He answered the hung up when Gerard started to speak. He grabbed Kayla’s arm and ran to the car. She was silent because it seemed to be the right thing. When he pulled up to the car and told her to wait. He grabbed his spare key and ran to Frank’s door. He unlocked it and went to the bathroom and Frank’s room. He saw Frank packing his bag. “Oh hello.” He said and turned towards the door. “and goodbye.” He said before making it to the front door Frank herd sobbing. “no…don’t go! This is all my fault. I can’t loose you too!” He said. Frank turned “Your not loosing me Gerard, you’re pushing me away.” Gerard slightly leaned in. “Can we fix this?” he asked. Frank shook his head. “No Gee it was pretty much me or her. You knew that.” He said before kissing Gerard so hard he was dominating. When he pulled back he turned quickly to see his daughter at the door. There were tears in her eyes. He walked past her and turned “Ask Mikey, I’ll tell him to tell you why.” He said before walking away. He stopped and said over his shoulder “I love you.” No one knows what happened to Frank. No one knows were he is. But Gerard swore he saw Frank in the crowd at the first concert after they replaced guitars. Not until they saw the news that frank OD’d on a anti depressant. That NIGHT Gerard swore he saw Frank and Ray outside his window. He said goodnight and never woke up.
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