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An unexpected Visit

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Ending of what was supposed to be the very first Chapter. I think this is becoming a novel. R&R PLEASE!!!!

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“So, you ready?”
“Let's go!” She started off outside, so did everyone else. I followed, I was about to go to the trans-am, when I got yanked in the arm. Karma was dragging me over away to the end of the building.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Not in the trans-am today, today, the motorbike!”
“Awww, okay.” I mock-slumped my shoulders.
“Now, now, we get to go use the cool car in a couple days, so don't get your pretty head down.” She patted my shoulder. I saw behind her, Kobra getting a motorbike also. Karma turned around.
“Whoa, Kobra, what are you doing?”
Kobra looked up at us, grimaced, and then looked down and kept setting up the bike. “Poison had too many people on his team, and there are only two teams today. You do the math.”
I muttered under my breath, “I hate math.”
Karma shot me a look, then turned to Kobra, he didn't look like he heard. He probably didn't, but Karma just answered, “Good, now we have more people to smash drac heads.”
I cracked up. I couldn't help it. Karma shot me a smile and Kobra shot me a half grimace and half confused look. Karma jumped on the bike, and patted the seat behind her.
“Jump on, you goof, and let's go!” I hopped on the seat and we drove off. Instead of looking like a wasteland, the desert looked like freedom. We drove along for a while, Madgear and Missile Kid playing impossibly in out tricked out bike radios. I have no idea how they did it, they just did. Kobra was behind us, but not as far back as I expected. I guess I didn't revolt him too much when Karma was around. As we drove I thought of Jet. Did he really deserve what I did? I never really got to know him to much, and what I did know of him, I liked. But to love him? That was a step, a big step. What did he feel for me, also? Was it just a friendly gesture, from the look on his face when he left, I didn't think it was. Sure, I dated a lot before, but that was before the war, and I was just so young. Then A.J. Came and we were happy for so many years, so after he changed taking those pills, my heart blocked itself slowly from love. I thought I would never love again. So why is it that my stomach was flipping around in circles like crazy? I felt like I was fifteen again. It wasn't right, and it wasn't fair, and I wouldn't let it get to me. Jet had to face the facts, I wasn't ready yet. We finally reached the Spotting Shelter. I recognized it as the one I was taken to when I was found. It wasn't that long ago, a month, give or take a few weeks. We got in, and all were stationed at different points. Mine was watching the other two, so I had an idea what to do, the next time we all switched. Karma was at the corner of the open front, and Kobra in the transmitter room, looking for news in battery city, updates from Doctor Death Defying. All of a sudden, Karma shouts, “Bike! I see a bike!”
Kobra ran out and I hurried over. “What did you see, exactly,” Kobra asked.
“An old bike, nothing new, but....I think I recognize the rider.” She handed the binoculars to Kobra. He looked through them and almost swore.
“WHAT THE....WHAT does he think he's doing?”
“What?” I was panicked. “What is going on?”
Kobra turned to me, and instead of a frown, he smiled at me. “Don't worry about it, unexpected visitor.” He walked outside, Karma and I following. Up riding over was none other then Fun Ghoul. You couldn't see him well, but you could hear his laughter well enough. He got near us, swung the bike around, hit a huge rock, sailed over our heads, landed behind us, and swerved around to a stop flinging dust in our faces. He got off the bike, dusted himself off, sauntered over and smiled.
“WHAT A RUSH, HUH?” He yelled.
“Yeah.....rush...” Karma looked so shocked. She leaned on me, and I wondered if she was going to faint.
“You don't need to yell, Ghoul, we got it, a rush.” Kobra look playful, but very annoyed.
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YELLING? YOU GUYS ARE WISPERING AND I'M TALKING IN A NORMAL VOICE!” At first I thought he was joking, but then I remembered the loud crash that sounded when he hit the rock and landed. That might have caused him to go a little deaf momentarily.
“Whoa, Ghoul, that crash hurt your hearing, I think.” I smiled at him, now Karma was up and looking very peeved at ghoul. I knew it was only reasonable to expect some revenge sometime from her at Ghoul.
“Not, stealing, you idiot, hearing. Yours.”
“What? No! Your ears could not take that crash from your bike.”
“No! No! No!” Karma and Kobra were cracking up like crazy.
“You'll be falling into you're own coffin someday, Ghoul.”
“I mean, Ghoul, what's with your coat? It's all splotchy.”
Karma and Kobra made disgusted noises. Karma walked over to Ghoul's ear and yelled, “YOU NEED TO YOU HAVE YOUR EARS CHECKED, OLD MAN!!!!!!!”
Ghoul pulled away, cringing and rubbing his ear. He looked up at Karma with a hurt, puppy dog face. “Wow, Karma, you don't have to yell. That hurt. A lot!”
Karma smiled a wrinkled her nose at him. Kobra finally stopped laughing, walked over, and put him arm around Fun Ghoul. “You never cease to be the comedian, Ghoul.”
Fun Ghoul looked up at him and said, “What?” I started cracking up, then Karma, then Kobra. Ghoul stared looking at us with a confused face, “What? What? What did I say? What's so funny?”
Karma wiped her eyes and still chuckling said, “Come on, Ghoul, let's get inside.”
“O....kay?” He said, still looking confused. We all sat inside the transmitter room, the coolest place around. There we talked and joked around for a while, then Ghoul pulled out a water bottle.
“Here, for the newbie.” He tossed it over to me, but Kobra intercepted it.
“What? Give water to the newbie? I don't think so! Not until I've had a drink!” He took a huge swallow, and smiled and handed it to Karma. “Want some? You should have some before the newbie!” His smile was so huge.
Karma looked at the bottle, disgusted. “I may not be a gremaphobe, but that's disgusting, it's all covered in your dirt, and...stuff.” Kobra shrugged and started to hand me the bottle back. I shyed away, not even wanting to touch it.
“Ew, I am a germaphobe, and that is disgusting.”
“Oh, what do I have, cooties?” Kobra laughed and drank down the rest of the bottle then and there. While everyone was looking at Kobra, I glanced at Fun Ghoul. He was grinning,(not unusual) but also he was rubbing his hands together in a greedy way. That did not mean good for Kobra. I looked back at Kobra. He was finished. Karma was making yacking noises in the corner and Ghoul had caught my look. He gave me a quizzical one back and was approching me when we all hear a loud noise of a motor. Not just any motor, the best of BLIind.'s motor. We ran out, looking for the onslaught of dracs. Instead of twenty or thirty dracs, there was just one bike, and the person sitting on it had no mask. I grabbed the binoculars. No... It couldn't be. I dropped the binoculars in dumb shock. Kobra, Ghoul and Karma rushed over to me. Karma put her hand on my shoulder.
“What's the matter.”
“It's....It's....” I stuttered.
“What what is it?” Ghoul was bouncing up and down in suspense.
“It's a man. By the looks of it, about her age, very ruffed up and looks like he is about to fall off the bike.”
I let out a pained yelp. I grabbed my stomach. I knew what his return meant, that he cared enough to risk his life to look for me, or, he was sent by BLInd to take me back and exterminate me. He was so beaten up, though, that it seemed like my first guess. That means I was wrong about him the whole time. Alexander James Baker really, actually loved me.
As I sat on the ground, too shocked to speak, I saw the others moving around me, kneeling next to me, and asking me who this person was, but I was too shocked. Kobra got up, looked at me, and looked at the bike, only less then a mile away.
“It's no use,” he said to the others, “I'm going to shoot him down. He seems to be harmful to others.” He pulled out his gun and aimed. I jumped up and grabbed his arm stupidly.
“No! No! Please no!” Tears running down my face, I almost collapsed. Kobra grabbed me, and held me up.
“Who, whoa, it's okay. He pulled me closer to him, in an embrace more then some support. It felt nice, but I couldn't pay attention to it as much as, what is going to happen when he reached us? I stared out, he was yards away. Feet away. He stopped, just off of the bike and started stalking toward us. He limped and almost collapsed in the effort. He finally got to me and I could see how beat up he was. He was covered in grime, wrinkled and torn, and tired. There were huge bags under his eyes. He was shaking and sweating. He stared at me, breathing heavily. He searched my eyes. I searched his. He started crying.
“Are you happy, now?” he cried between sobs. “You've been gone only two months and already you've found....a criminal to be with.” He glared at Kobra.
“What? A.J., I...” Then I realized that I was still in Kobra's arms. I pulled myself out. “It's not like that. I was just.....You were.....What are you doing here?”
He wasn't listening, he walked up to Kobra and was shaking his shoulders. “You took her! She was mine, you son.....I want her.....she's mine....I'm keeping her.....You can't love her.....I do....I love...She is.....” and then he fainted.
I stood there, shocked. Everyone looked at me. No one could speak, but suddenly, they all understood.
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