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Gerard has to share a room with a desiscively mute boy.

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The corridors were white, the doors were white, the floors were white and the rooms were white. It was like a winter wonderland. My bare feet padded softly on the unnaturally clean floor. I had to have my shoes taken away incase I used the laces for an 'easy way out'. I had asked Doctor Bob what that had ment but he told me that he would 'discuss it later'. I hated it when adults did that; always leaving questions unanswered. Like when you ask your parents why people die and they tell you 'they just do' and usher you to your room or outside. It's the same with doctors when you're in hospital and you say 'will I be able to leave soon? Am I getting better?', then they always say 'We'll see...' Which is adult language for 'I don't know at all.'

Bob smiled down at me, his hand still clasped around mine.
"What's my friend called?" I asked, referring to the room mate I would be sharing with.
"His name is Frank."
"What's wrong with Frank?" I question and I see that look in Bob's eyes, he is going to try and change the subject.
"Frank's a nice boy, you'll like him, Gerard..." He trailed off.

He won't tell you because he doesn't trust you, Gerard. Sneered the voice at the back of my head. I shivered,
"Leave me alone!" I snapped back. Bob snatched his hand from mine, concern all over his face.
"Are you okay?" He asked, and I could see his hand hovering near his pocket. I spotted the needle.
"I'm fine." I lied, but Bob saw right through it.
"Gerard, was it the voice again?"
Reluctantly, I nodded.
"What did it say?" His hand was getting ever nearer to that needle.
"I don't want to tell you..." I breathed. Bob's hand closed on the syringe.
"I can give you something to help." He said, his voice weary.

He's going to drug you, Gerard. He wants to hurt you Gerard. He is trying to split us apart, you need me...I need you! You're nothing without me! Don't let him drug you, it will be hours before we can speak again! He wants to hurt us! The voice screamed, clawing desperatly at my mind and I gripped my head tight in my palms.
"I WON'T LET YOU HURT US!!!" I practically bellowed in his face. Bob was stunned and I turned. I had to run, run away. Now. I need this voice, I need it! Nobody understands how much I depend upon it!

Bob lunged and I dodged him, looking over my shoulder to see him miss me entirely.


I fell backwards and a pair of hands grabbed me before I could hit the floor. I looked up, it was Doctor Ray. He frowned at me as I struggled in his vice like grip.
"LET ME GO! I need this voice! Don't take us apart! I'm begging you! NO!!!"
Bob brought the sharp point of the needle to my skin and I screamed as he pushed it in.

"Gerard, calm down! Calm, calm, shush..." Ray soothed as the drug began to take effect. My muscles relaxed and I couldn't move, my head lolled forward and my eyes started to close involentairily. Bob said something to Ray but it was lost to my ears and I fell into unconsciousness.


I woke up, the brightness of the room momentarily blinding me. I went to put an arm up to shield my eyes but I couldn't.

My arms and chest were strapped down. I began to panic,
"Doctor Ray? Doctor Bob?!?!"
Nobody answered my calls. I looked around, eyes darting everywhere. They fell upon a boy in the corner who was watching me cautiously. His auburn hair fell in locks that were slightly flicked up at the ends and his brown and honey coloured eyes surveyed me with curiousity and fear. He was short but his face gave him the appearence of a boy at least Mikey's age. A silence emitted from him that was so thick you could almost taste it.

"Help me. Please." I whispered and he gasped, scrabbling to his feet and trooting off through the open door. At least the voice in my head was absent...but I wondered how long it would be before it came back.

The bed was comfortable, even though the leather straps gave it a creepy impression. The pillows were soft against my back and the blankets were warm and cosy. I guessed this was my room and the other little boy was Frank- my room mate. I spotted his bed beside mine, a small bedside table seperating him and me. The sheets were neatly made and the straps hung loosely at the sides. A black, stuffed kitten lay on the pillow, obviously a comfort to Frank. There were quick, little pitter patters of approaching feet, followed by heavier, slower footfalls. Frank shot into the room, jumped onto his bed, snatched up the toy kitten and held it close to him as Doctor Ray came in.

"Ah, Gerard. Good to see you're finally back with us...How do you feel?" He asked, clicking out a biro and placing it on his clipboard, awaiting an answer.
"I'm scared..." I whimpered and he looked at me sympathetically as I tugged at the straps.
"I know you're scared. After you answer these two little questions I'll undo those straps and you and Frank can go and play, yes?"
I nodded, anything to get out of this bed.
"Do you want to tell me what the voice told you?" He asked and I shook my head. No; what the voice told me was a secret, no one was to know. He sighed.
"Can you hear the voice now?"
I shook my head once more, no, I couldn't hear it but that didn't make it nesscessarily gone. Ray scribbled down on his board and, staying true to his word, unfastened the leather belts.
"Frank. Why don't you and Gerard go grab some lunch, yeah?"

Frank nodded madly.
"Frank, remember; No coffee, it's not allowed for kids, okay?"
The little boy grabbed a whiteboard and pen from the bottom of his bead and scribbled the words: No coffee, I promise.
I frowned slightly and Ray spoke to me,
"Frank suffers with muteness, nobody has ever got him to speak a word since he came here, so be nice. Now go and have fun!" He beamed and suddenly Frank grabbed my wrist, pulled me off my bed and down the hallway to the cafeteria. Jeez, he was fast for such a little guy.

He made a beeline straight for the coffee machine. I raised my eyebrows,
"But Doctor Ray said we can't have coffee, Frank." I stated. Frank ignored me completely and fished out a black wallet from a pocket in his white trousers. He opened it and I gasped upon seeing the ID. This little child had STOLEN Doctor Ray's wallet!
"But Frank, this is stealing!!" I exclaimed and Frank simply smiled a cheeky little grin before scribbling on his whiteboard: What he doesn't know, won't hurt him.
I laughed as he pulled out some coins and pushed them into the machine, ordering for two cups of coffee. He passed one to me, looking smug and wrote again: I do this all the time.
I snickered and we wandered off through the corridors, Frank stopping at Ray's office and slipping the wallet back into the chest of draws. He set off again to an outdoors area. We sat on a bench in the shade of a minature orchard, a peaceful silence settling upon us both. A few miutes later he tapped my shoulder, a message on his board: Why are you here, Gerard?
I sighed before answering him, taking a sip of my coffee.
"I hear a voice in my head, he tells me to do things and I broke my brother's fingers because of it...what about you?"

He scrawled: I can't speak.
"Why?" I asked.
Another message: I saw something I shouldn't have...It was horrible.
I saw the pain in his eyes.
"I'm sorry." I whispered and he looked down at his coffee, sipping it slowly, his eyes distant. Suddenly he began to write again: Will you be my friend? It read and I smiled.
"Of course, Frank." I said and he randomly fist pumped the air, pure delight on his small, pale face.
"What was all that about?" I laughed and he grinned, bringing his pen to board.

It read: I finally have a friend.
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