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Dedications: I'd like to dedicate this chapter to my bestfriend Aimee. Thankyou Aimee for the random arguments, heated discussions of our hate against Justin Beiber (no offense to those who like him), and counting how many times Professor Layton should have allegedly died in the games ;). And even now as you randomly dance at the school table in the library, I can't help but say I look up to you. You are AWSOME! (Even if slightly insane :D ) I hope you enjoy your chapter!

-Sara xoxo

"Here," Said Doctor Ray, "Take these."

He handed me a glass of water, followed by one yellow and one blue pill. I looked at him suspisciously, as he placed them on the bedside table.
"It should help you sleep." He smiled, throwing an encouraging glance at the medication. I looked at the clock fixed on the far side of the room; one in the morning. Frank was curled up in his bed, the toy kitten trapped in his arms as he quietly slept.

I didn't want to go to sleep. I was tierd but the voice would get into my dreams, attacking me at my weakest moment.
I wanted to be able to fall into dreams like Frank could, not having to be afraid of something telling me what to do. But I was so tierd, so very tierd...

Maybe it wouldn't hurt if I just went to sleep? Who knows, the voice might not come back; I haven't hurt it in days.

That's because I've been building strength... Came the voice, weaker than usual. I froze. No Gerard, just ignore it. Now, just take the pills and go to sleep.
Why do you go to...sleep? Are you just make it...easier for me?

"Gerard?" Ray asked, snapping me out of my trance. I snatched the pills.
"I'm fine." I spat at him.
He stared with wide eyes. I looked down,
"I'm sorry."
No you're not!
"I am! I am sorry!" I cried and rammed the tablets down my throat, swallowing them dry.
"Gerard, no!" Doctor Ray called, but it fell upon deaf ears. I fell back, asleep before I even hit the pillows.


Rubble, wooden boards and gravel crunched under my feet and I looked around.

The sky was thick with black smoke and tinted a crimson red. Grey embers fell from dusty clouds far above my head.

"So glad you could join me, Gerard." Came the voice and I turned. A man stood before me, a black military jacket hanging off his slim frame. His shoulders were broad and his slender neck led to a sickly pale face. His hazel eyes glinted madly and he had a slightly too mental smile on his blue tinged lips. He grinned down at me, his teeth whiter than his bleach blonde hair.

"Who are you?" I whispered, terrified when he suddenly laughed, giggling manically.
"Why, I'm the voice in your head silly!" He chortled, a crazed look in his eyes. I shrunk back from him, afraid.
"Leave me alone!" I mumbled. He tutted, still giggling as he pushed his face close to mine, the ruins of the buildings aroung us reflecting in his glittering iris's.
"Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I'm far too comfortable living in your head Gerard that I don't intend on leaving so soon! See?!" He suddenly shouted, casting his arm and pointing at the ruined city around us. "I've even made myself my own city! And you want to cast me out so soon?" He asked, bringing his arm to his forehead in an overly dramatic stance.

"You don't belong here." I growled and he laughed. Ugh, that horrible, annoying, girlish laugh!

"Oh contrare! You see Gerard! I. Am. You!" He clutched his stomach as he broke out into a fresh fit of giggles. Literally, it was a fit.

He slumped to the ground, laughs shaking his body and causing him to convulse on the ground. He twisted and writhed, kicking up dust and beginning to gasp for air. I backed off, spun on my heel and sprinted. Needed to get away, I needed to get away!

"YOU CAN'T HIDE WHAT'S INSIDE!!!!!" The man who claimed to be me screeched and I looked over my shoulder to see him standing, another man beside him. The other man stood beside the older, deamonic Gerard, watching me with blazing chocolate brown eyes and a wry smile on his sallow face. I carried on running.

"DON'T YOU WANNA MEET FRANK?!?!" The other Gerard screamed and I began to cry. My legs were aching and I could hear the men chasing after me, laughing and wailing, throwing whatever they could me.

Then I suddenly burst into light.
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