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I woke up to the comfort of the soft silk sheets clinging to m body, I groaned as I turned over, facing Gerard’s side of the bed. I let my eyes flutter open, seeing Gerard lying there, his eyes looking at me with a small smile on his face.

“Morning beautiful,” he said.

“Morning,” I said sleepily.

“Sleep well?” he asked.

“Yes, it was the best sleep ever,” I said making him chuckle and wrap his arm around my naked waist.

“Did you enjoy last night?” he asked.

“Yes, very much,” I said blushing a little, letting the blood rush to my cheeks to show my timid side.

“So did I,” he said.

“Really?” I asked, looking at him, straight in the eye.

“Yes,” he said, placing his hand on my cheek, gently stroking my cheek with his fingertips.

“Have you just lay there all night?” I asked.

“Yes, but it’s been different having someone sleeping next to me,” he said.

“What time is it?” I asked rubbing my eyes from their sleeping slumber state.

“Eleven,” he said, letting his fingertips slide to my chest, letting them dance along my skin gently, tracing small patterns on my chest.

“Shit, my mom must be worried,” I said trying to get up out of the tempting bed, just wanting to stay all day in it and be with Gerard.

“Okay,” he said, getting up off the bed, making his way over to his walk in wardrobe.

I sat on the bed, grabbing my jeans and sliding them up my legs, doing up the button and zipper. I grabbed my t-shirt and put it back over my head. I felt in some sort of way upset that he didn’t ask me to stay, but I carried on getting dressed, hearing him behind me getting dressed.

“Frankie,” Gerard’s voice cooed from behind me, feeling his hands on my hips, his lips kissing the back of my neck gently.

“Yeah?” I asked, leaning back against him more.

“Turn around,” he purred into my ear, I turned around, his eyes locked with mine till his lips gently pressed against mine, it was a slow but romantic kiss, our lips moved together as my hands held onto the back of his neck feeling his raven black hair slightly tangle with my fingers. His hands held me at the lower part of my back. I loved the feeling of my lips against his.

He slowly pulled away leaving me slightly breathless.

“Do you want me to drop you off?” Gerard asked still holding me close to him.

“Yes please,” I answered.

He nodded and pulled away from my body, going to the other side of the bed and putting his shoes on. I felt as if I was empty again when his body left mine. I wanted him to be close to me, he’s hands on me, his lips on me. I kneed on the bed, the bed sinking to my weight, I clambered over to him, letting my hands slowly drag around his body to his chest, letting my fingertips glide over his chest, feeling his nipples that were covered in this thin shirt material. He leaned his head back on my shoulder letting his lips gently touch my skin on my neck making me sigh softly and close my eyes.

“We should be going,” he said.

“We should but I don’t want to,” I said, sounding like a little kid who was saying they didn’t want to go somewhere, I just wanted to stop with him, the way he made me feel was so good. I knew that maybe this guy may not even love me but I didn’t care, I felt a bond between him, I felt my heart flutter when I was around him, I know many would say I just feel lust for him, well I do admit I do but I don’t know, I just feel like there is something more.

“I know but your mom doesn’t know you’re here, she might be worried,” he said thinking practical.

“Fine,” I groaned moving away from him and sitting on the edge of the bed putting my shoes on. I felt his cold hand touch my cheek softly, gently caressing my cheek with soft gentle movements.

“We can see each other later,” he said smiling a little at me to reassure me.

I nodded and carried on putting my shoes on, I slipped on my hoodie and followed Gerard out of his bedroom, down the hallway, down the stairs and into the kitchen. He casually flicked on the coffee machine and got out two cups and placed them on the black counter surface for a vampire who was nearly four hundred years old this house seemed surprisingly modern. Suddenly a young looking guy came into the kitchen, his straightened mousy brown hair that sat around his skinny face. His pale pigmentation, his hazel brown eyes that had a small amount of eyeliner smudged around them, they glistened with beauty just like Gerard’s. His eyes were covered by glasses that seemed to make him look innocent and geeky. He was very painfully thin and lanky, his body was covered in a anthrax t-shirt and black skinny jeans. He got out another cup out and placed it next to the other two. He turned towards me and smile.

“Is this the guy who you were drawing?” he asked.

“Mikey, shut up,” Gerard growled. Gerard drew me?

“Frank this is my annoying brother Mikey, or call him Michael to annoy him,” Gerard said as he went over to the coffee maker and poured out the coffee, the sweet smell that filled the room of coffee was mouthwatering.

“And you must be Gerard’s boyfriend,” Mikey said with a smirk as he scanned me up and down, as if he was inspecting me in detail to see if I wasn’t with any fault feeling my cheeks burning from the feeling of eyes on me, hearing the word “boyfriend” was something that made my heart go all like mush and make my cheeks burn more.

“You better be looking after him Gee, this guy is cute,” Mikey said as he took a cup of coffee, sipping on the boiling liquid as his eyes still scanned me.

Gerard rolled his eyes as he handed me a cup of coffee, taking the warm cup in my hands and just holding it. For some reason Mikey seemed to talk as if I wasn’t in the room, but he also seemed at easy to say what he had to say, he said what he wanted to say instead of holding it in.

“Mikey stop freaking him out,” Gerard said before he sipped his coffee, as if the boiling hot liquid didn’t affect him in anyway. I took a little sip from the coffee, the hot liquid burn the end of my tongue, the feeling as if my taste buds were on fire. I placed the cup down on the large spotless black counter.

“So how old are you Frank?” Mikey asked before he took a sip of his coffee also as if the hot liquid didn’t affect him, I guess it wouldn’t to vampires, it would be nothing, they are like rocks, and nothing can hurt them, but to me being a rock can have its disadvantages, no one can get to the true side of you, the soft kind warm hearted side, as if they have a thick layer that is unbreakable to get into to see their true colours, but I feel as if I could see some of Gerard’s colours.
“Eighteen,” I answered.

“Mikey stop interrogating the guy,” Gerard said, he shot a look at Mikey, Mikey didn’t seem to care about the looks; he would just smile like he was doing now, it was a cheeky smile, the one you’d except a little kid to use when they had done something like drawn in crayon’s all over the wall and knew what look to get off the hook by giving a sweet little smile and saying sorry.

“I’m only making conversation to my brother’s new boyfriend,” he said, I felt my heart speed when he said ‘boyfriend’, I liked it, I wanted it to be so true but I felt as if I was only used for blood, nothing more nothing less, I hated having a deal with a vampire, blood for love, blood for pleasure, blood for lust. I felt the strings that were attached to love, his want for blood, and my want for love.

“Mikey you better have cleaned your room, I’m not cleaning it,” Gerard said, changing the subject.

“I have, god you’re like an annoying mom for Christ sake,” Mikey groaned making me giggle a little.

He shot a smile at me when he heard my small giggle from hearing the two brother have petty comments to say to one another.

“This is what you’ve got to put up with Frank, he’ll probably drive you around the bend,” Mikey said.

“I wouldn’t, you’re just too lazy to clean up,” Gerard said.

“You are too,” Mikey said.

“Yeah but I’m better at cleaning up then you,” Gerard said.

I laughed at their brotherly debate about cleaning up.

“What?” Gerard asked me.

“Are you two always like this?” I asked.

“Yes, you’ll have to get use to it,” Mikey said.

I laughed again; Gerard smiled and looked at me with his beautiful eyes, seeing the small smile that formed on his face.

“Ready to go?” Gerard asked as he placed his cup by the sink and the stood by me.

“Yeah,” I said, taking my own empty cup and placing it by the sink next to his.

“A boyfriend that is hot, cute and well mannered, you’re doing well Gee,” Mikey said with a smirk on his face. Gerard rolled his eyes again and put his leather jacket on, seeing his muscles flex as he moved to slide his one arm into the jacket and then the other.

I followed him to the front door, but then I heard footsteps behind me, I looked around to see Mikey following us, I was startled by it. He shot a smile at me.

“I like you Frankie, he seems more… happier,” Mikey said quietly to me.

I nodded slowly letting the words sink in, he seemed happier since he had been with me? I hadn’t really noticed, I guess Mikey could.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, he smiles a lot, especially when you’re around,” he said, he then wrapped his arms around me, bringing me into a friendly hug.

“See you soon Frank,” he said as he pulled away, he let his thin pale arms leave my body and fall back to his sides. I smiled slightly then went out the front door and followed Gerard to his car. I opened the passenger seat and got in, putting on my seat belt and waiting for Gerard to start the car. He soon started the engine and quickly pulled out of the large drive way and out on the small road surrounded by fields and forest. I watched out the window as the passing tree’s flew by, catching a glance at their colours, the shades of orange, yellow or brown, they look so beautiful even though it was autumn and they were slowly dying away, I guess everything has to die at some point.

“What’s wrong Frankie?” Gerard’s voice asked, I snapped out of my day dreaming at looked at him, he was concentrating on the road ahead.

“Nothing, I was just day dreaming,” I answered.

He nodded slowly but never looked at me, I went back to admiring the outside till we got outside my house, the simple three bedroom house with the lawn at the front with the different plants that my mom wanted to put around to give it a more friendly appeal to the house. I undone my seat belt and got out.
“Don’t I get a kiss now?” Gerard asked with a smirk on his face, I turned and smiled at him.

I nodded and leaned back into the car, resting my hands on the seat as I moved into his awaiting lips. He kissed me softly, his hand resting on my cheek, his fingertips gently stroking my skin. His cool lips moved softly with mine, taking his sweet time to making it a pleasurable kiss. He then pulled away.

“See you later Frankie,” he said, I nodded and got up out of the car and slamming the black car door shut, he drove off in seconds, leaving me standing outside my house.

I walked up to the front door, getting out my keys and unlocking the wooden door, pulling the key smoothly out of the key hole and shutting the door with a loud bang.

“Frank?” my mom called from the living room, hearing the T.V. playing out a crappy game show that my mom would watch, hearing that same old theme tune that could drive you around the bend after so elongated.

“Yeah?” I asked, as I took my shoes off, hearing my mom turn the volume down on the T.V and then small footsteps on the carpet flooring, that dark blue carpeting that ran from the hallway to the living room and in the dining room, it was basic but uninteresting, making the downstairs look the identical.

“Where have you been sweetie, I’ve been worried,” my mom said as she came out of the living room door and hugged me, her arms wrapped around my body, encasing me in the tender warmth of her, she was a very affectionate mother who would want to always be close to me, she was so compassionate, the opposite to my father who could just about string a sentence with me.

“I was at a friend’s sorry mom, my phone died on me,” I said, I knew I was lying to her, but small white lies can’t hurt, she couldn’t really stop me doing what I wanted at this age now, she knew that, but she wanted to know I was safe at least.

“Okay then, but next time, please tell me,” she said smiling pleasantly at me before departing toward the kitchen, hearing the kettle switch on with a small flick and then the sound of the water heating up.

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