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It's just like the title, what happens after Zutara? What annoys me about Zutara is that people always forget about Mai. So these are possible relationships Mai might have. Enjoy!

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A/N: Okay as I said I don't like how people forget about Mai when Zutara happens so This one is a Maang! REMEMBER TO REVIEW!!!!!!!

If Zutara Were To Happen => Maang

Mai arched a single eyebrow at the avatar, no Aang's request.
"Let's get this straight, you want me to pretend, that I am your girlfriend, so that Zuko and Katara get jealous and realise what they are missing?"
Mai asked the avatar, no Aang. Aang's wide honest grey eyes met her narrow, cautious amber eyes.
Aang nodded eagerly at Mai's question.
Mai answered, crossing her arms and turning away from the Avatar, no Aang. Those eyes unnerved her.
"Please! Katara, I really like her. I need her back!"
Aang pleaded his grey eyes filling with tears.
"I love Zuko, I am not going to destroy his happiness! He deserves to be happy."
Mai replied. Aang moved closer to her.
"Mai think about it please! Don't you wish that it was you who Zuko needed?"
Mai shut her eyes, she couldn't take anymore of Aang.
Mai whispered. Aang smiled.
It was only five months later that Mai realised she didn't want the plan to work. She enjoyed the time spent with Aang. He unlike everyone else didn't care if she was quiet or loud, happy or angry. Aang soon realised that he didn't want to be with Katara. He realised when he could no longer imagine himself with a dark skinned blue eyed girl. He could only imagine a pale skinned. amber eyed girl.
They were by the turtleduck pond when Aang made his move. Aang suddenly leaned over and kissed her. It was nothing like his kiss with Katara. Katara, had tasted like salt and had immediately shut down. Mai tasted like Jasmine and she did not shut down or pull away like Katara. Mai kissed him back.
Mai was shocked, but she liked it so she just went with it. Aang pulled back first. Breathless.
"So. . . . Um. . . . . . Do you . . . . I don't really want Katara anymore . . ."
Aang stuttered Mai raised her eyebrow.
"If you are asking me if I want to be with you instead of Zuko, then the answer is yes. Now please kiss me again."
Mai stated calmly. Aang eagerly complied.
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