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If Zutara were to happen, Mai would fall for Koh the face stealer!

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A/N: Mai and Koh= Maikoh Mai and Zuko= Maiko
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Koh found Mai, in the woods. She had been crying. She was a delicate porcelain doll, Koh peered through the leaves. Her face was buried in her robes, her shoulders shaking. As soon as she raised her pretty head Koh would strike and steal her face. Koh took a step forward and the leaves beneath his form rustled. Mai's head shot up, her face completely expressionless.
Koh erupted from his hiding place. Mai remained emotionless.
"And what, may I ask, are you doing here, Koh?"
Mai asked in her raspy monotone.
"How do you know who I am, Lady Mai?"
Koh asked, changing his face into that of a young, handsome man.
"I might ask you the same question."
Mai stated dryly.
"Very well. May I enquire as to what you are doing out in the woods, weeping?"
Koh wrapped his bug like form around Mai's stationary, expressionless body and wiped a tear off of her cheek.
Do not react. Do not flinch.
"My boy.... ex-boyfriend, is FireLord and he broke up with me for a water tribe peasant. After I spent three weeks in a prison cell for him."
Mai rasped out. Koh could tell she was angry and hurt and sad, anyone with a story like that would be. But this amazing little creature was not showing it.
"You will not take my face, Koh, go find another girl."
Mai continued, turning her face away from him.
"Dear, dear, silly, foolish Mai, I think you shall find, that I have never failed a conquest. Ever. Feel free to return to your home Mai, but I will be with you, ready to take your face!"
Koh hissed before vanishing.
"I have no were to go!"
Mai whispered.
And so it became a game. Koh would appear whenever Mai least expected it. Mai would remain expressionless. And Koh would leave frustrated as ever. Soon Mai was looking forward to the surprise visits from Koh, she looked forward to the intelligent conversation and similar humour they had. She enjoyed the fact, that finally someone cared about her. Her parents didn't, Azula didn't, Ty Lee was too afraid to, she thought Zuko did.
Koh also found himself enjoying her company. He enjoyed her humour and conversation. He enjoyed lapping up the sight of her. He wished, oh how he wished he could see her smile.
"Please let me see your smile!"
Koh pleaded with Mai. Mai did not move an inch.
"How can I prove that I won't steal your face! I don't want it anymore! I want everything about you Mai! Please smile for me!"
Koh shouted almost in tears.
"I have decided that if you are just toying with my emotions and I, that life is not worth it anymore."
Mai turned her head to Koh.
"I fear I am going insane. Which expression shall be my down fall. Will it be passion, glee, sorrow, anger, hysteria?"
Mai then did something so alien to her, after a whole year of blandness, she smiled. It was a small, subtle beautiful smile. Koh did something alien also, he leaned in and kissed her. He fought back his instinct to take her face and just kissed her. To his surprise she kissed him back. As she pulled away, he noted the smile on her face remained.
"I've never kissed a spirit before."
Mai whispered a blush gracing her angular cheeks.
"It was nice."
Mai whispered before she kissed Koh again.
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