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Mai and Sokka in the aftermath of Zutara.

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A/N: Mai+Sokka= Maikka! I forgot a disclaimer for the last one so I do not own anything bar my imagination and my laptop.


When Sokka had found out about Zuko and Katara he had been very angry to say the least. Zuko and Katara had made their announcement over a week ago and Sokka still wanted to strangle the both of them. Earlier that day Sokka had discovered his little sister and the ex-evil, cranky FireLord both in mutual states of undress, needless to say he ran away from the palace.
"Stupid Zuko! Stupid Katara!"
Sokka mumbled like a mad man as he stumbled through the Capitol City, the dark did not help. Soon he came upon a courtyard. It was empty.
"Stupid Zuko! Stupid Katara!"
Sokka shouted as he threw his boomerang.
Out of no where a cool blade was pressed to his throat.
"Wha..... What!"
Sokka struggled trying to see his assaulter.
"Oh it's you."
The blade left Sokka's throat. Sokka turned and saw that it was Zuko's ex-girlfriend Mai.
Mai held out his boomerang.
"I thought you were trying to kill me."
Mai deadpanned a slight smile on her lips.
"No I want to kill Zuko though."
Sokka admitted, as Mai turned and sat on the ground and brought her knees to her chin.
She asked as Sokka sat next to her.
"I walked in on Zuko and Katara in am extremely passionate embrace."
Sokka mumbled shredding a flower he had pulled from the ground. Mai let out a laugh.
"Oh. . . I'm s. . . sorry. . . I didn't mean to. . ."
Sokka trailed off as Mai turned and met his contrite stare with her own, she smiled at him.
"Sokka I don. . . I'm over him. Really I am. I don't care anymore. He can have all the fun he wants with that harlot. I have my own life to live."
Mai said calmly. Sokka gave her a goofy smile. Mai's heart started fluttering. How odd. Sokka felt words die on his lips. He had never noticed how pretty she was before this. Sokka reached for her hand. Mai didn't pull away but her eyes widened at the sudden contact.
They sat like that for a while untill Mai leaned in and kissed Sokka. It was just a brief contact. Just a brush. Mai stood up.
"I'm leaving for Kyoshi Island in the morning. The boat leaves at dawn. Tell Zuko goodbye for me please."
Mai began to walk away.
"So I'll see you at dawn then?"
Sokka shouted hopefully.
Mai turned and nodded before she broke into a run.
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