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Chapter thirty-Go Beyond Believe

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'When I'm without you I can't breathe, but i'll just have to..'

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'I'm sorry for what I've done to you. I never wanted this'
Frank's words replayed in my mind. He came down and I had squeezed my eyes closed..
He thought I was sleeping..
Only when I heard the door at the top of my stairs and then the front door was when I opened them. I lay still. Not knowing how to feel..
My heart was beating hard now, I had to give it all to not open my eyes.. To not look into his green orbs, to not whisper back to him.. He was gone now.

I sat up in my bed, the room was dark and seemingly vacant..
A ray of moonlight shone through the window, landing across my desk and floor.
I walk to the cluttered desk and sat. Thinking.
From the silence I could tell that Mikey and Mom were asleep. I thought of Frank. I'd missed my chance with him. But now thinking; if I had opened my eyes, if I had spoken.. I would be weak.

The picture of Frank that lay in the back of my mind was faded. He was slipping further and further away from me and I was just standing by and watching him disappear. I almost couldn't remember what he looked like, I had a discriptive thought of him.. but it was like all the peices couldn't match up.. His bright, green eyes, his sweet smile, his small giggle his short frame and dyed black hair.. how it always fell into place.. It was all a distant memory and I craved more.
I scanned my art works, they were all pretty basic, half the time i didn't even realise I was drawing them, but I remembered one.. Now, searching for it in darkness proved itself to be very difficult, all I remember is I'd hidden it under everything else so he wouldn't see it.
Using the moonshine as a light, I dug for the small sketch but found no luck..
My heart died a little, I wanted to see Frankie. Just one more time. It feels liks it's been so long since i last did. The sketch wasn't nearly as good as the real Frank, but it was the best I've got..
It was only then when I found it, in the opposite place I'd left it. Lying on top of all the rest a small square of Frank lay, his small smirk beaming up at me. I lifted it with shanking hands and felt my stomach knot into hundreds of tight bounds.
I want to tell him how much I miss him, I just don't know how..

On the desk, once covered by the sketch, lay a note. I picked it up, it was hard to see in the dark, but there was no denying that it was Frank's writing.
I stood and switched the lights on. Light filled the room, reaching every corner, making the moonlight useless. I looked down at his letter.

None of us thought it was going to end that way.
It's killing me to see you like this,
it's awful and only brings us down.
And now you're not around and I don't know what to be without you.
It's never simple or easy to start a clean break but with out you it's like no one's there to save me.

When I'm without you I can't breathe, but i'll just have to..
There are so many things that I wish you knew.
I'm scared to see the ending, we are pretending this isn't hurting but judging on how much it's killing me I can tell that it's doing double damage to you.
With a twist of fate it all fell down.
If it's so easy to make something so valueable fall, then we have the strenght to bring it back up again. I don't want to live like this.
I know that it seems impossible to forgive me, but this fighting is tearing me up inside and I know it's doing the same to you.
The battle's in your hands now, if you said you'd rather love than fight. I know that words are easier than actions, but we both have reasons to believe. We can believe that this can work.

I miss you.

Frankie x

I'm biting my lip so hard I draw blood..

I know this one is veeeeeeeeeeeery short, I don't really have time at the moment to write a long one and since I'm writing this story on the spot I'm not really in the mood for writing at this time. I will be tomorrow! I'm not really sure how long this story will be, i'm thinking of two ways it could end, one will be that it'll finish up in about 3-5 chapters the other will be like 10-13 more chapters I think.. Tell me what you think! Rate and Review! It'll give me that push to write more :3 Thank you all so much xx
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