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Chapter thirtyone-Ready to Fall

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'They all think I'm crazy but to me it's perfect sense'

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The blinking street lights lit my path to nowhere.

I'm better off dead.
I'm better off a quiter. That's all I do anyway.
They all think I'm crazy but to me it's perfect sense.

I walk through the empty town, the bright lights burning.
It's late. Nearly midnight, the street filled with merry drunks stumbling out of pubs laughing and hugging everything.
I walk past them, they walk through me. It's always the same.
The air was sharp, it whipped past me leaving chills.
If Gee sees how much I'm hurting, he'll take me back for sure..
I pulled my phone from my pocket and dialed his number. He would be asleep, I don't care. I need him more than air.
I stay in the same spot, my hands are shaking. I listen to the continuous ringing.. I wanted words, I wanted his voice.. I got nothing.
I shake my head, What was I expecting? He doesn't want this, he doesn't want me.

The further I walked down this street, the scummier it became. I've never really noticed how low people can fall.. People were coming out of the dirtiest bars that i'd even seen, totally wasted, barely able to look straight and walk.
A small group of about 3 men exited the bar, all drunk off thier mind.
"Hey.. Hey look at the guy" One slurred, pointing in my direction.
I stopped and look at them, they laughed. The men looked to be at least 40 years old, two were ralitively large and over-sized, one was shorter but long and slender. Obvoiusly towering over me.
The smaller one approached me clumsily.
I stepped back, my heart picking up speed now.
"How old are you, kid?" stummbled the thin one.
"S-Sixteen" I was disappointed in the fear in my voice. I had nothing to fear, these men were just helpless drunks. I turned and started walking down the street, I don't care where I end up, it doesn't take much to tell that these men are the sorts your mom warned you about.
I quickened my pace and didn't look back, they were following me, I could hear their heavy feet as the trailed behind me.
I broke into a run, feeling blood pulse through my veins. My heart was leaping and it was hard to breath. I regretably glanced behind me, they were closer than I thought..

I felf my collar be grabbed roughly and I was forced flat on the wall, head first.
My vision faded. My head thumpped in time with my racing heart. One of the bigger ones grabbed me and tossed me to a dirty, dark ally.
I landed on the scarring concret, blood leaked from my head and mouth. Every area on my small body felt bruised and broken. The three moved closer to me. The other bigger one lifted me effortlessly off the ground by the collar and slammed me against the wall, he held me there, my feet were high off the ground. The slimmer one planted his fist into my stomach. I couldn't breath. The pain was excruciating.
I spat up blood. They laughed.
No Gerard here to save me now. Now, I can only pray. Pray for Gerard to come..
"GERARD!" I shout. Nothing.
"GEE!" I'm alone in this world.
"Wait." mumbles the thinner one.
"Drop him!" The big one does so, a confused look covering his drunk face.
I fall to the ground in a heap. Coughing up blood and shaking.
He bends down next to me and grips my shoulders. He lifts me into a rough sitting position, my back pushed against the hard brick wall behind me.
"What did you say?" He slurred and shook me hard.
I didn't look at him, I only sobbed, looking at the damp concret. He slapped me hard across the face.
"I asked you a question!"
I slowly raised my eyes to his..
My heart stopped. My eyes were starring into the eyes that I know from anywhere. They belonged to my best friend. And to my world.
But they weren't the same. They held a crazy sadistic glint the shone through..
This was Gerard and Mikey's Father. No denying.
My mouth fell open, dripping blood over my shirt. Only shaky breaths could escape me at this point.
He shook me hard again, my head hit the black wall hard.
"Gerard Way, eh?" He whispered.
I did nothing.
"Well," He stood up uneasily and look at his two assistants "This will be fun." His savage smile looking down on me..
I looked up at the three. My eyes streaming fat tears.

I'm better off dead.
I'm better off a quitter.
Gee's better off now than he ever was with me.
No one's here to save me. I reaslise that no one's waiting for me.
Everything inside and out is gone from me. Not a lot worse can happen. It doesn't matter, soon I'll be dead anyway.

This one's short too, sorry. It's better than nothing though, right?(:
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