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Chapter thirtytwo-City of the Damned

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I run past people, they all carry on like everything's how it's meant to be, When really, the fuckin' sky is falling..

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I threw my jacket on and walked quickly up the stairs, Frank's note clasped in my hand.
I passed through the hall as swiftly and quietly as possible, trying my hardest not to wake mom or Mikey.
I passed the lounge and reached for the front door. I unlocked it slowly and looked around one last time. The house was silent; dead.
The lights from the lounge switched on, making me jump. Mikey stood sleepily in the door frame. "Gerard?" He whispered. "Where are you going now?"
I still had my trembling hand clasped around the door handle.
"Out." I said blankly.
"Gee." He whispered again.
"Look Mikey, Now is really not the time."
"Gee, we need to talk."
"Not now, Mikey."
"Where are you going? What could possibly be so important that you have to leave at quarter to midnight on a Thursday night?"
"Mikey, if you let me go we can talk when I get back."
He looked studied my eyes, probably looking for a hint of fraud.
He seemed to find none. As he shouldn't. I plan on keeping my word. I miss him, but I don't know how to tell that to him.
After a moments silence Mikey locked his jaw, but nodded once.
I turned and walked sharply out the door, closing it quietly. I jogged down the path and started my quick pace down the road. I looked behind me just as my house was about to fade into the night, Mikey was looking at me from the window in the kitchen. He was sitting at the dinning room table and watching me with fear in his eyes. He reminded me of myself. How every day when he left for school I would sit there. I would sit there and watch him untill he was out of view. I remember the same feeling that he must be feeling ten times worse. I knew where he would be going, I knew when he would be back, I knew that he won't be alone and he knew that I would always be there waiting for him to come home. Mikey now had the opposite to all those.. All those but one. I know that Mikey will be waiting. Like he always has and always will be.

Something inside me sent shivers prickling down my spine. It scared me. I broke into a run, distancing me more and more from the safety of my home.
I knew where to go. Even in the dead of night I knew.
Down a few bends and slippery corners led me straight to the place I didn't want, but so desperatly needed to be.
Frank's home.
The lights were out. I don't care.
I marched right up to the front door, adreniline still flowing through my veins. I had a hint of concern.. fear.. worry inside my blood. Like something wasn't right..

I rung the door bell and knocked twice. I nervously twisted my hands together as I waited. I was surprised that the door was opened almost instantly. A short woman stood infront of me.
"Yes?" She looked nervous.. disappointed and slightly anxious.
I took a unsteady, dry breath and said in a slightly panicked voice.
"F-Frank? Can I talk to F-Frankie please."
She seemed a little shocked now.
"Who are you, may I ask?"
"Gerard Way."
"Mikey's brother?"
I nodded.
She looked me up and down.
"So you're Gerard.. well, i'd like to help you, but Frank isn't home."
"What? Where is he?"
She sighed.
"Well, if it's any of your buisness, he and his father had a slight disagreement and he left." she frowned.
She blinked at me.
"Well, do you know where he is? I need to talk to him."
"ifI knew where he was, I would go get him." She said blankly.
I nodded "Well, thanks anyway."
I turned and walked back down his path with a heavy heart.
"Wait." I heard her call.
I stopped and turned around on the spot. She watched me with fear controlled eyes.
I walked back towards her.
"Do.. Do you know why Frank's acting-"
"Linda!" A man came to her side; Frank's father. I've heard enough from Frank to know that this man isn't one worth your time.
"Who are you, young man?"
"Gerard Way." I said as politely as I could, thought the basterd didn't deserve my manners.
"What are you doing here, Mr. Way?"
"I was just leaving, I was looking for Frank"
He studied me, "Gerard.."
I looked at him blankly.
"Would that happen to be short for 'Gee'?"
"Why are you here? Are you aware of the time?"
"Yes and I apologise, I was leaving anyway."
"Yes, you've done enough." Said Frank's dad, eying me.
"Excuse me?"
"I know you and Frank have been spending a lot of time together, he hasn't been the same."
I frowned "You don't know the real him, how can you say he isn't like he used to be when you didn't ever really know him."
"I'm Frank's father. I see that Frank's come complaining to you about things that do not concern you. He's a lost cause, that boy. I suggest you leave now, right now you are proving yourself to be just as bad as him."
With that he slammed the door in my face.
I heard muffled voices from behind the door separating me from Frank's parents.

Frank wasn't home.
Where could he be? Linda said he ran off.
In the streets of New Jersey in the middle of night with no one there to protect him..
My stomach knotted.
I sprinted down his street, searching for my cellphone in my pocket. Nothing was there. Fuck, the one time I forget my phone.
I run. And I'll keep running untill I can't walk. Somethings wrong. I need to know Frank's safe.

I'm see the bright lights of the center of town. People are stumbling in and out of pubs while singing and laughing.. On the inside they're all dying. I know. I've been there before.
I look around, the lights are burning all around me. I don't know where I am, I just followed my feet.
It's like I don't really exist. People arn't ignologing me. They walk past like I'm nothing more than a paper bag drifting through the wind.
I turn around, trying to look everywhere at once. He has to be somewhere. My feet havn't failed me so far, they brought me home.. they brought me here.
"GEE!" I hear my name.
I freeze.
Is it my imagination?
One thing's for sure, it's not something that I can ignore. What if it isn't and I ignore it? I'm much better off to be safe than sorry.
My ears sharpen, picking up every little noise. But everything is drowned out by the joyfull laughder and shouts.
My palms are sweaty, I'm bawling them into fists due to frustration.
I know I heard my name..
Another scream broke through the merry drinkers. Everyone continued with their conversations. Everyone acted like nothing was wrong, everyone but me.
I broke from my frozen position and ran. Ran to the direction I hoped and prayed was the right one.
I didn't even know if it was Frank. Most of me was praying that it wasn't. These screams were from pure agoney.. But more the less, I need to know where Frankie is.

Another cry peirced the dark night. I keep running.
I run past people, they all carry on like everything's how it's meant to be. When really, the fuckin' sky is falling.

But does any one care?

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