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Chapter thirtythree-We're Gonna Be the Ones Left Standing

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'You'd be surprised how much blood can be contained in a human. And how quickly it can be lost..'

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I can't breath.
It's impossible. Gerard's father keeps continuously pounding into my gut and i try to shield my head.

It won't be long now.. It won't be long untill the pain stops along with my heart. I can't cry out for help; for Gee any more. I only whimper. Whimper his name over and over again as well as apologies. I'm such an idiot. I've wasted my life and I've only come to realise it now when it's too late.
Only the sound of vicious laughter and my own quiet sobs as I choked on my faith.
I couldn't see.
I knew I was lying down on my hands and knees. They kicked me and punched me, each one harder than the last.

Time is falling now.
I havn't got much of it left.
Every breath, every pulse, every thought.. There's no telling which one will be my last.
The world is revolved around these small seconds. Time may fall away but these small seconds still remain.

Another blow to my head. I'm slipping in and out of conciousness.

They stop.

I hear them laughing still. I can't see what's going on.

"Look what I've got, man." Gerard and Mikey's father slurs and the others laugh cruely.
Blood is everywhere. You'd be surprised how much blood can be contained in a human. And how quickly it can be lost..

One of the bigger men grabbed me by the collar again and lifts me off the ground and to my feet. My feet cannot support any of my weight and I crumble, falling into a sobbing heap on the ground.
"'tand the fuck up, boy" one of the trio grunts.
I can't, and they're too fucking wasted to know that.
They try again, lifting me high and dropping me to my feet. Again, I colaspe. Pain streaks through me at every movement I make.. It's torture.
"We.. We got a lil surprise for 'ou, kid." Gee's dad whispers.
I see a glint.

A glint of steal.

It's a blade.

Clutched in his right hand.
Even in the darkness that fogs my mind i can tell.
"B'cause ya don' wanna stand, sit." He snarled, grabbing me at the shoulders and putting me in a up right position. My head rocks to the side, my eyes are aching but I keep them open. I stay strong. I be brave.

I'll accept death. I have no choice. I'll join Travis up there and help him look after Gerard. He would be the luckiest person alive, two angels watching him live his life the best he can.

But he'll never know how much I'm sorry. He'll never know how much I need him.

"Ya'kno wha' this i-is, kid?" He held the knife close to my pale face, the brushed it lightly down my cheek.
I didn't look at him. I just starred lazily ahead.
"H-Hey, I'm fuckin' talking to ya'" He brought the knife down to my neck and pressed a little harder than before. I didnt dare swallow, the blade was close enough that one single ounce of pressure would slice it right through my skin.

He brought his mouth close to my ear, the blade still attatched to my throat.
"Ya'know, you remind me o' my son." He murmured slowly pushing the blade further and further, peircing my skin, trickles of blood ozed out "Hopefully I-I'll 'ave jus' as much fun doin this to you as I did to 'im"

He removed the blade from my throat, tears spilled from my cheeks. He hadn't cut deep enough to cause damage, but he was so fucking close. The air felt cold against my bloody neck now.
He touched the edge of my collar bone on the right side with the very tip of the sharp knife. I was so weak.. I was so scared. All I could do was watch and try not to think of everything that i'll be leaving behind.

The steel sliced into my bruised skin, leaving a trail of blood to leak out.
I gasped for air but it didn't come. He slowly traced down my front. Leaving a mark that drained blood. The pain was burning. Absolutely severe. He was down to my chest now, his yellow teeth showing as his lips were stretched into an ugly grin.
I spluttered. Blood was dripping from everywhere.
"NO!" His words pierced the dark night.
Gerard's father paused his carving. He had reached all the way the the center of my chest with his diaganal cut..

Everything went black.


If i thought my conclusions I was drawing in my mind were bad, the real thing was horrific.

I found Frankie.

He sat, his back pressed hard against a wall, wincing in pain and choking up blood, his eyes barely open, but from what i could see, were filled of terror and pain. His whole body was bruised, battered and broken. Blood pooled around him causing puddles of deep red. He was losing too much of it. A man bent down low next to Frank was cutting him slowly and painfully across his chest, two other men surrounded him.
I couldn't speak.
My throat was dry.
Travis never taught me how to cope with this.
I got a grip, I swallowed my fear and shock.
"NO!" I screamed as loud as I possibly could.
The man stopped, Frank closed his eyes and fell limply to the cold hard stone ground.
"Frankie!" Tears spilled down my face. I ignored the fucker who did this and ran to Frank. I kneeled beside him and sobbed. I took his hand in mine, it was dead cold.
"Frankie, please. It's me, it's Gerard. Don't give in, stay here, stay with me. I can lose you again. Please Frankie, please."
He didn't respond.
A monstrous laugh came from behind me. A laugh that I knew anywhere.
My eyes opened wide, my sobs turned to sudden fear-filled gasps as my heart rate increased dramatically.
I squeezed my eyes shut. No. Not now. Not here. Not to my Frank.
A surge of emotions drowned me. Anger, sadness, fear, anxioty..
"I was wonderin' when i migh' be seein' you 'round 'er." He sneered.
I squeezed Frank's hand again before letting it go and I stood to face my father.
His green eyes matched mine.
He was drunk.
I looked at his hand, it contained the same blade which he used to gash my chest. My scar tingled at the memory.
I recongnised the two men by his side. Ryan and Oliver. They were often around at my father's house when i lived there. They were Dad's 'drinking buddies.' A few of the scars that remained on my body were because of them..
"Where've ya been, eh?" He asked, stepping clumsily towards me, twisting the blade in his hands.
I was silent.
I stepped backwards.
Ryan and Oliver were standing behind Dad, leaving no way of escape.
I won't let them see fear, no matter how hard that may be.
Travis would be proud.
I kept my face blank.
"What do you want?" I said strongly.
Dad smirked. He stepped closer.
I glanced quickly at Frank. I had to think fast. He won't be able to last long, I had to help him as soon as possible.
My dad had one hand grasped on the knife's handle and the other resting on the tip, spinning it around and around mockingly.
"I wouldn't try anything else." I snarled.
"Ats' my decissssion." He slurred.
I rasied my eyebrows. "Your funeral."
He narrowed his eyes on me.
"Why don' I wanna do this?"
"People are looking for me. They know where I am. They'll be here soon." Only Mikey knew I was in town. Dad didn't know that though. Mikey was also the only one who knew I wasn't home too.
Dad studied me for a second. He moved closer, I stayed still, standing tall.
He held the knife out slightly infront of himself. "Why'd they c-care. You're useless, b-boy."
I faked a smirk. Another technique Travis taught me was bull shitting. It stall the situation untill you could think of an easier way out. Travis, my fucking life-saver.
Dad was close to me now, I could smell the reak of the alcohol in his breath. Judging by the stench, he was way over his head and had too much, like usual.
But this was my advantage. And I took it.

Every time my dad would hurt me, I didn't usually fight back. It would only make me weaker for the pain that I was going to endure.
Today was different.
I bawled my fist. He looked into my eyes and smirked.
I hit him right in the jaw. It all happened so quickly. All I heard was him cry out in pain before stumbling to the ground, Oliver and Ryan yelling and starting towards me... And, the clutter of the blade hitting the stone ground..

Adrenaline waved through my veins and I swiftly ducked down to my hands and knees to retrieve the scattered blade.
The power was in my hands now.
I stood up, my fist throbbed. But it didn't make me losen the tight grip that i held on the tourturous knife.
"Leave!" I yelled. Ryan and Oliver had frozen, their thick skulls couldn't comprehend my quick movements and they drunkily stepped back.
My father stood, his jaw was broken. Knocked out of place. I met his eyes again, he didn't leave my stare.
Oliver and Ryan slipped away, unnoticably. I approached my father, the knife shaking in my jittery hands. I pressed the knife to his throat and spoke through clenched teeth.
"Fucking leave." I pushed deeper, the blade cutting the skin. Before I could lose myself, I removed the blade from his neck. He got the message. He left, tripping over his own feet.
I watched him go. The shadow that will alway darken my life disappear amongst the darkness.
I didn't kill him. I leave that job for himself. He's already dying anyway.

I turned to Frank.
"Please don't be too late."I thought in my head over and over.
I kneeled down beside him.
"Frankie." I touched the side of his neck. My heart skipped a beat when i felt a very weak pulse. He was alive. His chest barely moved though. I was scared, but now was not the time. I had no phone so I couldn't call anybody.

I was alone with Frank's life in my hands.

Hey! Sorry that this chapter is a little late. I just wasn't really in the mood for writing. I hope that this chapter is good, sorry if it isnt i'm still not in a writing mood but I tried(: Tell me what you think:) The next chapter will be up in a few days. Thanks for reading and if you rated or reviewed! It means so much(: xx
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