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Chapter thirtyfour-We are the Victims of Ourselves

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I could just see through my aching eyes my saviour. Gee. "Heaven." I smile.

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My blood churned inside of me.

I fell to my knees by Frank's side. I held his hand. He did nothing.
I cup his hand in both of mine and lean in close to him. Nothing can describe the feeling. Nothing.
"Frank." I whisper.
The tears come streaming down my icy cheeks.
I can't lose something like this again.
I can't lose something that I can't replace.
He can't let go.
He can't leave me.
I don't know what to be if he's not around.
No one will be here to save me.

He stirred.
My heart stopped beating.
His eyes opened half way, they we're still as beautiful as ever.
All that I am and all that I ever was is here in his perfect eyes, they're all that I can see..


Nothing more, nothing less.
An eternity of nothingness.
Is this what it's come to?
Is this what it's like? Being dead?

Someone says my name.

It was the one person I was least expecting, but the one person I wanted most.
I had made it to heaven.

My whole body is frozen and sending me shivers. I feel my left hand gradually warm...
What's going on?
Then, fingers lace with my own.
Somebody's holding my hand.
I can feel now.
Pain.. Nothing but pain.
I wanted Gee.
I can hear him, I can feel him.. I can't see him. If I'm in heaven, then where's my fucking angel?
I squeeze my eyes tighter. I hadn't realised they were closed.

Gentally I open them, only half way. They're are incredibly heavy.
"Frankie." I hear him whisper again, a smile playing in his voice.
I do my best attempt at a smile, moving any muscle killed me.
I could see through my aching eyes my saviour. Gee.
He's looking at me.
"Heaven." I smile.
"Frankie, no. No you're alive. It's okay now."
I frown and force my eyes to open wider.
My vision is still blurred. My head is still spinning and my whole body is still burning with pain. Gee keeps watching me as I attempt to regain my vision properly.
Why am I not dead? Why is Gee here?
Then I remember where I am. The alley. The cold, hard, damp concrete, it brings back the short time ago all too well.
I suddenly tense. Gee, his dad was here. Is Gee hurt?
"Frank, it's okay."
My voice was cracked and raspy.
"Gee, r-run, he'll be back, he'll-"
"Frank, I'll keep you safe."
My breathing was still uneasy. It hurt. I think I've broken a few ribs.
"Frank, stop breathing like that."
I swallow. Even that hurts.
"You've probably got a few broken ribs, you might puncture your lungs."
"G-Gee." I breath.
He squeezes my hand tighter, I feel my eye-lids get heavier.
"Yes Frank."
"Am I dying?"
"No. You're not going to die, Frankie."
"I.. I think I am. There's nothing left now."
"No. No you're not. You won't! If you never try, you'll never know what you're worth. Stay with me, Frank."
I did a failed attmept at squeezing his hand.
I did what Gerard told me to do, I was taking in short breaths but it made my head feel lighter than it did already.
My eyes started closing.
"Try Frank! Don't fail me now."
I flicked them back open, it was so hard. Darkness was slowly dragging me in, further.. further.


I walked down to Gerard's bedroom.
He was taking so long. I wish he told me where he's going, or why he's going..
I switch his light on. The room flicks to life. His whole walls are plastered with different art works of all different textures. I don't think Gerard realises how special and talented he really is.

You cannot look somewhere in his room where there isn't a piece of artwork. It's truely amazing.
His desk has piles of distinctive and brilliant drawings and paintings. I see one of Frank..

Maybe Frank knows where Gerard is..
I took my cell phone from my pocket and dialed Frank's cellphone number. I didn't want to wake his family, Frank was probably asleep himself.

I waited, and after two rings someone picked up.
It wasn't who I'd expected.
"Mikey!" Gerard yelled into the phone.
"Gee? Where the fuck are you? Why are you answering Frank's phone?"
"Mikey! I need your help, Frank's hurt."
"Where are you?"
"Um, in a alley way on Hanover street i think."
"Call an ambulance."
"I know that!"
"Do it now, I'll meet you at the hospital."
"Okay." I could hear the shake in his voice, he was scared out of his mind. So was I.
What happened to Frank? Why are they in the middle of town?

I left his bedroom, switching his light off on the way and grabbed Mom's car keys. I couldn't affprd a car yet seeing as I've only just gotten my liscence and Gerard doesn't have a car for obvious reasons.
I snuck out the front door, praying that Mom won't hear me.

The roads were empty.
It was like a lost highway.
Leading me into the darkness.
Leading me into terror.
Leading me into an unknown path.

There's no telling what will happen next.

All I know is that something has happened.
Something bad happened to Frank. The one who always was there.
If it was bad enough to scare Gee..
This is going to be hell.

This one's kind of a filler, so sorry id it's not very interesting or good. But let me know what you think! xx love you all!
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