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A new Friend

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The first time he saw her she had been crying. Theresa had stepped out from the gates trembling and heaving. He had gone to her... he knew her somehow. He had been shocked to be pulled into hug, ...

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I decided to work extra hard and get an update up for Tuesday like I promised. I just can't help it I love to write! Unfortunately I was limited my computer time and I couldn't make it. I'm really sorry about that. When I get back and check for new messages, surprise me and make me smile with all the reviews. -Smile-. I hope you enjoy this chapter. I'll try to add Archie and Atlanta into it; I'll see how it goes... I can't make any promises. If it's not in this one I'll add even more fluffiness for you in later chapters.

Also just realized that I never did a proper disclaimer. -Oops-

Disclaimer: I do not own the wonder in entertaining television that is "Class of the Titans". If I did I would cement Heracles (Hercules) hands onto a treadmill until he lost that extra body weight. And of course add more Archie and Atlanta and Jay and Theresa romance. But in the end that would just make the story fall out of place for now (talking about the romance NOT Hercules)... so I'll keep it in the fanfictions. -Nuuoa Eclaire

"Yes, this place seems to be full of mystery." -Theresa (Yay! She's finally back in the story.)


He loved her.

Not in the way you are thinking, but as the best friend he'd ever had. The way she'd always whisper comforting words in his ear. Rub the tender part of his back when he seized up. Let him know that he was special... important.

Theresa was the best friend a warm-hearted shadow wolf could have.

He had met her shortly after running into a mysterious voice. The voice had asked for his story... and told him about the predicament he was in. He couldn't die! He had barely had the time to live. Why did he have the sudden urge to be important back on the battlefield? Why did he decide to help the lowly humans? And why did he ever even cross paths with Cronos? He couldn't understand it! Then he met her...

She was the most beautiful human he had ever seen. Long red hair flowed softly down her head in gold streaked ripples. Long legs came out of a curvaceous tall body. And she had the smile to light up the stars in the sky. But that wasn't what drew his attention to the female. No. It was her eyes. They were a swirling pool of emerald leaves, shining with unknown intelligence and warmth... he knew those eyes.

The first time he saw her she had been crying. Theresa had stepped out from the gates trembling and heaving. He had gone to her... he knew her somehow. He had been shocked to be pulled into hug, as she continued to sob into his coal black fur. She had told him that she was sorry... that it was her fault... and something about a 'Jay'. Why she was talking about a type of bird he wouldn't know.

But it was the way she had treated him like a living thing that had made him stay with her. He stayed with her until her painful tears had stopped falling down her rosy pale cheeks. He had stayed with her through the night until he remembered who she was.

She was the girl he had saved. It was then that she had begun to talk. And he remembered it like it was yesterday.


"Thank you for saving me." Theresa's voice echoed around the starlit campfire. The flames whispered the unknown and chanted and swayed with their bright vibrant glow. Slowly fireflies joined them and silently buzzed around in the cold crisp moonlight air of the two's new found home.

They had been very confused at first. The dust teleporters. Freaky demons, including many gray vultures, freaking oozing murk creatures, hiding trees and worst. But they had easily made contact with their cold lifeless skin and had fended them off.

They had decided to set up camp in one of the many places they had journeyed through. It had soft grass, small trees and was the most convenient. Plus it was close to a small steam filled with fish.

"It was nothing..." The wolf was not used to being thanked or even spoken to. He felt somewhat uncomfortable.

"No really," Theresa smiled sadly, "you were really brave." The shadow wolf puffed out his bristly chest with pride, "Well, yes I guess it was quite brave of me. Maybe," his eye speaking connection with the girl began to whisper, "even important."

"Yes indeed... it was very important." His one emerald eye sparked up. She rubbed a tender spot behind one of his pointy ears, "I know my friends really appreciated it. Odie, Neil, Archie, Herry, Atlanta and... Jay." She dropped her voice to the last name, "And of course so did I."

"But you ended up here anyway..." The wolf spoke with evident sadness and brought his four eyes up to meet her sparkling green.

"Maybe so, but you gave me a chance. One that I will never forget."

The shadow wolf gave her a soft lick with his ruff scarlet tongue. She laughed and smiled, hugging him close to her warm body. He smiled. Well... in anyway a wolf can smile. Deadly flashes of silver teeth reflecting the fires warm glow. He loved her smell. And when she held him close he could smell the exotic jasmine scent stronger then ever. It even drowned out the smell of the fish he had caught earlier. Then he meet her gaze again to speak to her.

"I'm glad your bruises are healing up nicely." Theresa lightly touched her cheek were only days before there had been one of many swelling bruises.
"Yes, this place seems to be full of mystery." Then she noticed his gaze gravitating towards the fire. He had never seen anything like it. He was never allowed to be near the others when they called on its great spirit.

The small wolf gazed, fascinated by the fire. He leaned over to touch it with a broad paw. The flames leapt up and lightly grazed his fur. Searing the ends. He growled, "The fire bites hot!" Theresa laughed. He loved her laugh. "Don't worry, my friends and I went over to a lake once. You know... taking a break from saving the world. We were grouping around the campfire, kind of like tonight. Herry was sleeping and actually let his own hand graze the fire. He yelped like a girl! It was pretty funny. Herry... he's super strong and a good farm boy. He loves to eat. Let me tell you about my other friends." The shadow wolf howled in agreement.
"Odie. Well, he's a pure, trueborn genius. He's cunning and quick minded. He is descendent of Odysseus. So do not let his appearance fool you."
"Just as you are of Theseus."
"Yes." Then Theresa continued, "Archie. Descent of Achilles. At first he was mistrusting. He's a great fighter and like a brother to me... including the pros and cons. His ancestor passed on his weak heel." '... And infatuation of women. Though he only has his eyes set one'. Theresa smiled thinking of his clumsy steps and the extremely macho personae he took on around Atlanta.
"Then there's Atlanta. She is a hunter. Is quick footed and has a quick temper to match. Atalanta passed on her disinterest in men. She is a really good friend to me. Neil, he's self-absorbed. Narcissist. But that can't be helped... hence his ancestor. But he really is a funny guy. And helpful when needed. Not to mention lucky beyond belief. And then there's out leader Jay. He is a great strategist. Though he can be a little under self-confident. He's also a little over serious... but we can't help but love him."

Then something finally registered with her brain.

'Before I had thought I was dying... I said I loved him. I guess that means that I finally admitted my feelings.' Then another thing registered, 'I'm never going to see them again... him again... at l-least he knows that I-I love him! The shadow wolf smelt the tears that began to stream down her face... but he smelt something else. It was blood.

Theresa felt a connection to her body. It jolted her, shocked her. Then she touched her tears. They left a small maroon blotch on her fingertip.
"Are you hurt!"
"No. I'm f-fine." 'At least on the outside. But what do the blood tears mean?' The wolf looked unconvinced. Another look of grief took hold of her face, "I miss them..."
"Don't worry you'll see them again. We'll find away out I promise."
"Thank you my friend... Khalil."

The wolf looked shocked.
"Did you just call me 'Khalil'?"
"Yes. It's the name of a passed friend of mine. He reminded me of you."
"Thank you... my friend."

It was then that they developed a close friendship. And knew without even speaking that they would stay together in this world. And fight. Fight for the truth of what was really happening... and a way out.


I will repeat that Khalil is NOT in love with Theresa. He's just never felt kindness in his life. I hope you liked the chapter. Also if you check my author look up, you will see my future works. I don't like doing two at once. But after this fiction I was wondering which one you'd like me to write first? Thanks again to all the wonderful reviewers and fans. -Nuuoa Eclaire
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