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Can't Fight It

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The sky was a luscious turquoise blue, more breathtaking then the Caribbean seas. The clouds looked like big puffy pieces of cotton candy floating playfully amongst the sky and were purer then fres...

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Sorry it took me so long to update. I've had major writers block this past week. I'm actually going out on a limb to write this one chapter... I have no basic idea for it. I always have a plan for my chapters... not this one though. So I apologize if the beginning and ending isn't as good as the others. Well anyways on with the chapter. Again I'll go on my hands and knees and beg you to keep reading even though there's no Atlanta and Archie fluff in this one chapter. Once I get back to them I will add some extra fluff, without ruining the action of course. Expect surprises, attempted comedy in some parts (ATTEMPTED) and adventure. (Don't forget to Rate and Review) -Nuuoa Eclaire

"Aggh! What the heck is this!!??" -Jay (Not really any other characters in this right now is there.)


"Uggh." Jay shut his eyes closed in aggravation. The gates opened up and cast him into the world unknown. Bright lights blazed down at Jay, creating a blind light burning at his eyes. He had been in the dark for far to long. Even though the stars had given off some light, how can you compare that to a thousand suns... wait a minute a thousand suns! Trying to get a better grasp of his surroundings, Jay shaded his rich dark brown eyes from the glare above him and caught a breath... it was beautiful.

The sky was a luscious turquoise blue, more breathtaking then the Caribbean seas. The clouds looked like big puffy pieces of cotton candy floating playfully amongst the sky and were purer then fresh fallen snow, on a crisp day in New Olympia. Then he turned his insightful gaze towards the yonder hills. It seemed as if a great dragon had moved around them, curving and etching their forms to perfection with deadly claws. Leaving magically sparking untarnished emerald scales to fall on the ground, before disintegrating into grass. The lights turned out to be dust, riding the winds that brush coolly through his light brown hair. The dust glimmered and danced around his face before disappearing rapidly towards the hills.

But everywhere Jay looked there was nothing...? 'Where's the dreams. The voice said that there were over two thousand Theresa's alone in her memory. Why is no body here? And where's Theresa?' The sudden thought panicked Jay as he thought back to the conversation with the voice earlier, 'She said that I only had a few days left to live when she thought I was a dream... but that means that Theresa...'

"Theresa!" Jay called out; he picked up speed as he ran to the top of a hill. The soft grass brushing against the bearskin peaking out from the bottom of his jeans had no allure on him. Even despite the fact that he was so desperately tired and wanted the lush grass to be his lullaby.
"Theresa!" He called once more before stopping at the top of the hill to catch his breath.
"Theresa..." the wind carried his voice away until it could be heard as nothing but a whisper.

Looking at the ground he had to cover, an endless sea of emerald and bumps of rolling grass, Jay finally knew just how hard this was going to be. 'If my assumptions are correct, and from what the voice said, I'm going to have to move quickly to find Theresa in... this.' But as Jay tried to move his legs he fell to the ground with a thump and trembled. The exhaustion finally caught up with him.

"Theresa where are you?" he wouldn't let himself doze off now, not with Theresa out there all alone. Of course she could handle herself, he knew that, it was more the fact that he was finally confronting... he might never see her again... she might d-die. Jay shot up, 'I can't be denying out victory yet. I have to keep going.'

He groaned as the sore and tired muscles tightened their grip on his arms and legs. Fastening the 'Odie Back pack' tighter around his shoulder he sprinted down the hill and towards the hills beyond, only stopping once to look back at the golden gates... were he knew the figure was watching him... though he didn't know that it was with tears in it's eyes.

'There's no turning back now... I just hope I can find Theresa in time. When I thought she had died...' Jay's expression turned solemn, 'I can't lose her...'
"Huh?" Jay was confused, he had never used to spitting out his feelings or even admitting them to himself. He was serious, brave and sometimes lacked a little self-confidence. That he would admit. But he had gotten into the bad habit of doing that lately... thinking of feelings. Though he would never openly admit it. Not even innerly... well until now.

He thought of Theresa's smile fading to a scream... the one that haunted his dreams from the night she 'died'. 'I thought I had lost her forever... but I have a second chance. I can save the one I really care about.'

You mean love...

"Huh?" he shook his head at the thought that had suddenly wedged it's way into his train of thought.

Why are you so afraid to love her?

He looked towards the ground, 'I'm not afraid... I don't know what I'm even saying.' His voice beating with his heart shot up again, this time making a knot form in his stomach.

You can't fight it forever. You can't keep running away.

Jay ran for land beyond, 'Watch me.'

It had been hours; Jay had been wandering aimlessly around hills that looked exactly the same. He was afraid to admit it... be he was lost. Jay brought a tanned fist down on the ground and sank to his knees in frustration.
"This is not going well..." 'At this rate I'll never find Theresa...' That was the last thing that Jay wanted to happen. Not even having the chance to find her... knowing if she was all right.

Suddenly a shooting light burst in front of his vision. The dust from earlier bounced and then darted towards nearby hills... beckoning him to follow.
"The dust..." He shot up, picking up speed and ran towards its every lasting glow. Not stopping until he saw thousands of their particles laying in a row. It was a line, forming from one end of a hill to the next small giant. He touched it and felt his hand burning. Startled the teen jumped to the other side of the line. Only to find himself in utter shock.

Jay looked horrified. It was as if crossing the magical line had made him enter another world! Or another place in the dream world that is. He looked around. The sky was now a lonely black and the dirt stood firm underneath his feet. It was like a dead dessert of some sort.
"Could she be here?" He muttered to himself, raising his hope in an instant. 'That's why I felt like I was lost. You'll keep wandering around aimlessly until you find that... teleporter?' This mission was going to be a lot more confusing then he thought. And he never thought very highly of it in the first place.

Suddenly a group of gray vultures shrieked and swooped down at him. He reached for his retractable blade and swung at the bird, which was barely 5 inches from his face.

It passed right through.

"Aggh! What the heck is this!!??" 'How on earth am I supposed fight the creatures when I can't even touch them?' His mind wandered to the voice... it had passed right through him. And then to Theresa once more, 'Not even touch Theresa...' Jay flinched but then focused of the freaky vultures ahead of him. 'But if I can't touch them...' He dropped his weapon back into his sac, 'Then they can't touch me!' Jay braced himself for the impact of the birds gleaming silver claws. But just as he predicted it never came.

The birds screeched in annoyance as they whizzed through their opponents' head and crashed it one another. Seeing his chance Jay jolted with speed even Atlanta would be proud of, towards the stretching land. Only then to notice a small barely noticeable trail of dust behind him. He looked at the line, 'Not again...'

Jay now found himself amongst a full green forest. The leaves like fresh dew gems. A small river flowed down in front of him and then he turned around to be meet with four angry eyes. It was a freaking shadow wolf! Instinctively he reached for his weapon, but let it drop. 'It can't hurt me.' The creature shot him a flash of silver teeth before pouncing on him.

Get back punk dream... you don't know what you are dealing with!

The wolfs mind made contact with his brain, sending a shiver down his spine.
"You can touch me!" Jay exclaimed heaving the small black wolf off his back. Claws had dung into him, giving him a bloody shoulder.

Very observant genius.

'That stupid shadow wolf is smirking at me!'
"Well I'm surprised! Those vultures in the black sky land could not touch me!"

Oh, and I care why? I guess you are strange.

The wolf lunged at him, but Jay blocked with his blade.
"No really! And I'm not who you think I am! I haven't been affected by the beast." The wolf stopped it's attack and peered at the boy carefully,

What did you say? I need to speak to her...

"Wait what do you mean her!"


That's it. Sorry, hope there's not too much of a cliffhanger. I'm going away for the weekend so I won't be updating until Tuesday. Rate and Review! -Nuuoa Eclaire.
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