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Voice of the Stars

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'NO! Theresa isn't dead she can't be! She only came here two days ago.' He felt pain, looking at the stars he decided to gain the figures trust... and get his answers. "These stars... are th...

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Sorry it took so long to update. I was about to start writing it and then I had a whole different way of seeing the land. I think it's a way cooler way to start the chapter, hope you won't be disappointed. Sorry no Atlanta and Archie fluff in this one. But in future chapters I'll go back to the little fight they were having with Cronos and the shadow wolves. Thank you and on with the chapter. -Nuuoa Eclaire

"What is this? Who's there and what have you done with Theresa?! -Jay


Cold damp air whooshed all around him, his brown locks blocking his view and irritating his rich dark brown eyes. Flying purple and black colors were dashing all around him in an endless pit of darkness. He was falling. Where Jay had no idea. It was hard for him to breath and he didn't know how far or how long he had been falling. Falling endlessly through a pit of darkness and despair. Of course during that time he had time to think of a plan... and deny it. Think of his friends... and feel guilty. And deny that he even went into the right portal in the first place.

'What did I get myself into?' Jay pondered; he had finally gotten used to clutched feeling in the pit of his stomach, but not the guilt. 'I just left my friends there to fight off dozens of shadow wolves and Cronos! Some friend I am...' For some reason ever since Jay had entered the portal he had lost all the will to have hope and believe. It was as if the endless darkness had wiped the spark of determination right out of him. 'Hermes never even said how many portals there were. For all I know I could be stuck here... falling... forever.'

The normal life emanating from his face faltered, 'It doesn't even matter though. No one will miss me. In fact, I bet my friends will rejoice that I'm gone.' He grimaced, 'They always thought I was too serious.'

'Jay relax already! Come one Jay lighten up!'

'Well sorry! I was just to worried about saving the world!' Tears leaked from his eyes, '... and trying to save Theresa. Oh, what does it matter! She doesn't even like me anyway... no one does.' Jay opened his eyes wide at what he was saying to himself, his inner voice spoke, 'What on earth are you talking about? Why would every one hate you? They are your friends!' He tightened his grip of despair, 'No they hate me...' he stopped, 'No they don't they care for me... more then anyone could.' His eyes once more shone with life.

He smiled and didn't even notice that he hit the ground softly... well he thought it was ground. The fast blackness was solid underneath Jay's feet. Stars suddenly appeared out of nowhere and covered the black tapestry with light.

He moved his hand towards the end corner of a star and violent images flashed before his eyes.

People were running through dusty crowded streets screaming for their lives. A roar irrupt from deep within the crowd and almost every one stopped and cried, before almost all feel to the ground... dead and then-

Jay pulled away he didn't want to see this. He coward away from the lights amongst the blackness and shivered, 'Was that roar... the beast.'

"You are a strong one young man... Have we meet?" A gentle melodic voice echoed, Jay jumped in shock and reached into 'The Odie Back Pack' for his xiphos weapon.
"What is this? Who's there and what have you done with Theresa?!" He could just imagine an evil smile on the voices face.
"I'm no-one for you to worry about young man. And I'm so sorry you had to touch those stars... but know reach towards the light and tell me your story."
"My story?"
"Yes," the voice replied calmly, "because the beast affected you... I'm sorry to say that you only have a few more days to live."

Jay shook his head in surprise, 'She thinks I was affected by the beast!'
"I'm sorry," Jay stated, "I'm not dead..." 'Theresa you couldn't be already dead... could you?'
"I'm sorry, it's ok... but I'm sorry to be the one tell you that you only have a few more days."
"No! Scio Havarti never affected me!" The voice grew fierce in the cold air, "Never speak that name! It is evil!" Jay was dumbfounded, "So you aren't a follower or work for the... beast?"

A sigh escaped around him, "No, of course not. See those stars." Jay looked up and around him at the glorious haunting light and let a breath escape between his lips at the bitter sweetness.
"Those lights are the stories of those that lived... but can never truly live or die anymore." A small tear feel from up above and onto Jay's tanned face.
"I give the ones that the beast took away a chance to have their own memory in this world. They can never truly rest... but at least this gives them a chance." A figure drenched in a large black cloak landed next to Jay and reached out for his hand. It past through and Jay shivered, "I see that you truly are alive... you entered through the portal and surpassed my block... you are strong."

Jay replied, he felt he could trust this... person?
"You put a block on the portal?"
"Yes, that feeling of despair you felt... it was the block. I put it there so that only a good heart could surpass it." Jay turned his brown eyes to the newly formed figure in front of him, "I need to know where Theresa is."
"Let's see... there's: 2057 Theresa's in reference."

Jay gasped, 'That many Theresa's alone were taken...'She pulled out a mountain full of bright stars from her sleeve, "Start looking. Though like I said everyone only has a couple of days to live... I'm sorry for your loss."

'NO! Theresa isn't dead she can't be! She only came here two days ago.' He felt pain, looking at the stars he decided to gain the figures trust... and get his answers.
"These stars... are they all the Theresa's stories that you made?" The figure slouched its back, "Yes... when dreams enter this dream, I ask them to tell me their most cherished moments and then they remain forever in the night sky. That is why I asked for your story... that one star you touched was a story from a girl in 150 BC. But I'm sure you will find the one you seeks story in here somewhere."

Jay became confused, "Dreams? But they are souls."
"Yes." the voice replied gently, "Dreams all begin just as do souls and are all beautiful, unique or evil in themselves. Doesn't that make them the same? Yes souls are dreams... just as this place is a dream... my soul."

'Theresa's a dream... no I-I't couldn't be... wait a minute...' "Your soul! I'm really confused here tell me how..."
"I have already said to much! Now you go and search through these stars!" the dark figure began to shake with tears, "Honestly for thousands of years I get no dreams and then I get you and two dreams in a couple of days!"
"I don't have time! She might already be..." His face lit up, "You mean there were two others here a couple of days ago."
"Yes... In fact I believe the one female, very pretty girl, was named Theresa..."
"That means I still have time!"

The figure pulled out a star from the batch, to Jay it shone brighter and fiercer then the others.
"This is the young women's life story... it was very interesting... I should have known it was her you were after." She seemed to smile before it faded to sadness underneath her cloak, " That's where I knew you from... her star. She really cares for you, you know..." Jay was shocked and cleared his throat in embarrassment.
"Can I see it?"
"No... I'm afraid that is personal."

Jay decided it was best, "Now tell me how do I get there? I mean to where Theresa is "
"Go to the golden door..." A large golden gate twisted out of the ground and opened to a light beyond, "Good luck... I hope you find your friend."

Jay was still confused and had questions, but decided that he was going to get Theresa, "Thank you for your help..." And he left for the golden light beyond.

The figure stood alone sadly and whispered to herself, "One more thing you should know about dreams... no matter how wonderful... it always ends eventually."


I decided to put a little twist into the end. Hope you liked it. I know I liked writing it. Until next time. -Nuuoa Eclaire
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