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Passage to Lands of Nightmares

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"This is not right, " Atlanta stated finally stopping in the safety of the cavern, "Those shadow wolves were obviously not accustomed to the heat and environment. Did you guys see how much they wer...

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This story may be a little complicated, so if I left anything out feel free to send me a message. I will reply. Now on with the next chapter. The title says it all. In this installment I will continue where I left off, after they enter the portal. I'm sorry if this chapter has a little less's not intentional. I will try to add romance in, but if there's not as much as you expected, just say so and I'll add more in the next just for you. Another thing that I'm sorry for is that some of the questions in the last chapter will not be answered for at least twelve chapters. Not trying to leave you with a cliffhanger, but it really wouldn't work if I just blurted it out! (I'm referring about Theresa's tears.) Stay with me. -Nuuoa Eclaire

"Do we even know where we're going?"- Atlanta


Silver streaked wings cut swiftly through the air in one rapid movement. A hawk moved high in the blue sky, it seemed to be only a shadow from up above. 'What an unusually hot day in is.' She chimed to herself. Black eyes pierce a barren island in the midst of a sparkle and ripple of dark sea. 'That's odd...' she thought, focusing on a patch if dead roan, 'What are people doing there?' She moved closer and laughed, it sounded more like a screech, but it was all the same to her. 'I wish those poor things luck,' she shot up away from the island, 'if the shadow monsters I saw earlier don't get to them first... the heat sure will.' With a final glance she moved on towards her destination.

The sun blazed high in the sky, gazing furiously down and seven trudging figures. Jagged rocky slopes moved in and out of the vast land mass. In every direction the teens turned their sunburned faces, moved stretches of land. It was an endless dessert of rocks, dust, mountains, peaks and sun... the undeniable deadly foe that lurked overhead. They all now officially agreed to hate sunlight for all eternity... well until a cold dead winter came around.

"Do we even know where we're going?" Atlanta mumbled to herself.
"Hurry up, would you!" Jay called over his shoulder, moving in quick sure moments ahead on the dusty path.
"Jay!" Neil whined, hiding his tanned face from the sun, "Give it a rest would yah? It's freaking hot out!" Jay looked over at his grumbling friends, and pushing his brown hair back replied seriously, "We don't have much time, so keep moving and stop complaining. Do we want to get Theresa back or not?"
"You're awfully determined." Archie grumbled, he was not in the mood. The sun had caused him to sweat and that just made his bright violet hair stick out at the front even more then usual. He was also very pale and was bound to have the worst sunburn. Just another reason to hate the water, with it reflecting the sun onto his skin. But then again water sounded really nice right now.

Jay looked back, he knew the heat was getting to them, but this was Theresa's very existence he was talking about!
"Look guys, if you don't want to help Theresa then fine I'll go alone!"
"Jay..." Atlanta warned and shot Archie a glare, "Cool it ok Arch."

The sun had set her hair to blazing fire and he gazed dreamily, Atlanta moved her face towards his.
"I love you Archie." Archie began to smile, he was in dreamland. A mischievous smile graced her lips, "Kiss me Archie..." He leaned forward, this could not be happening! He was beyond over joyed.
"Archie... Archie?" He stopped, Atlanta looked at him shocked. It was just his imagination; the sun had been playing tricks on his mind. Everyone turned and stared at him, mouths dropped. He was leaning forward with his lips in a pucker. Atlanta's face turned the color of her hair.

Archie quickly recomposed and went back on topic, avoiding the grins on his friends' faces, "How on earth can I 'cool' it... oddly enough I agree with Neil, anyway it's freaking hot out!" Neil look flabbergasted, "Dude don't change the topic. You just tried to kiss Atlanta!" Archie rubbed the back on his head and turned his bright face towards the sky, " No! I didn't!" Everyone smirked and shared knowing glances; Atlanta had her face turned to the ground. "I was confused, I thought that...hey look! It's a hawk..." Archie grunted, 'Stupid!' and kicked a rock in front of his foot, "Besides if you should be complaining about anyone it should be Odie."

Odie was playing his hand held video game, images flashed off his green glasses about every millisecond.
"Oh yah baby! Another hundred points!" He faced the others for one second and then smiled sheepishly, "It helps me keep my mind off the heat... ok?" Jay rolled his eyes and swung his 'Odie back pack' back up on his shoulder, but continued on with a slower pace. Odie put his video game the back pocket of his long beige pants. Fortunately he had rolled them up.

"Hey Odie, did yah put any water in that super bag of yours?" Herry inquired. The others turned to the teen hunger and thirst shinning in their eyes. Odie smiled weakly, "Yah, but shouldn't we save most of it for Jay?"
"Give me the water Odie!" Herry pulled him up by the collar of his shirt, "Now!" Odie was now perspiring and he was beginning to shake his head.
"Herry!" Jay rushed over just as Odie collapsed, "You over heated him, honestly you can be so... ugh!" Jay said. Atlanta rushed over to Odie's side and with unexpected strength lifted him over her shoulder.
"Look guys I know that the heat is unbearable and we are all trying to help Theresa... "
"Some of us." Jay interrupted. She shot him a look, "Don't start... we need to help Odie! See any shade."
"Hey where did Neil go?" Archie cut in.

"Oww!" They all rushed over to the sound of Neil's high-pitched squeal. They darted around the corner to find themselves surrounded by a large canyon; Neil lay on the dry cracked ground rubbing his side.
"Jay, over here! I heard this sound and then I ran over hear to umm... check it out! Next thing I knew I was on the ground... but look I found some shade!" And it was true; a small dead tree was clinging to the ground. Atlanta darted with her super speed, Odie on her back, and placed him down gently.
"That was lucky... now get me some water stat!" Jay whipped out a container of water; it was hot but at lest it was water. Herry looked at it longingly but then decided to give it to his unconscious pal.

"Whoa!" Odie was rubbing his head and blinking, trying to determine his surroundings. Jay stepped forward, blocking most of the sun from the others, "It'll be alright Odie, you passed out. But Atlanta was there to help..." He gave Atlanta an admiring smile, she smiled back.

Noisy scraping noises were coming from up above, "Hey wait, what's that sound?" Jay turned around to see dozens of glowing yellow eyes peering right at him.
"Great! The portal just had to be in the home of the shadow wolves." Archie huffed. The group of shadow wolves were whooping and growling. The sun had made them sweat so much that they all seemed lost in a blanket of shimmer. Jay turned his attention towards a large crack moving up and down the canyon wall.
"This way!" The teens entered the crack, leaving hungry shadow wolves trying to get through. The run made them even more exhausted and overheated.

"This is not right, " Atlanta stated finally stopping in the safety of the cavern, "Those shadow wolves were obviously not accustomed to the heat and environment. Did you guys see how much they were sweating?" Archie decided to take a quick glance at Atlanta, "Yah, it was really weird." Herry looked around confused, "Hey where did Neil go?"
"Not again."

The hero's looked around the corner. The heat immediately evaporated and was replaced by a nice cool breeze.
"Ahh..." they were all relived.
"Over hear guys!" Neil was pointing at something. It was a swirling vortex. Black and alluring and punched into the wall of the cavern.
"The portal." Jay smiled, 'I'm coming Theresa. I'm coming.' He handed Odie part of the food and water supplies, "Take this, I don't know how long I'll be gone. If you have to go back to the meeting point. Hermes should pick us up there." Jay had one foot in the portal when dozens of shadow wolves burst through the walls. Cronos was with them.

"Don't let them get to that portal! Stop them!" The shadow wolves charged the group, saliva creating an oozing path behind them.
"Go!" Atlanta yelled, "We'll fend them off!" He hesitated but watched his friends determined faces. With a last look he swung the bag back over his shoulders and let the vortex surround him.

'I'm coming Theresa. I'm coming.'


A lot more romance then expected. I can just imagine the look on Archie's face! HAHAHA! I'll update again soon. Next chapter will be in the dream world. -Nuuoa Ecalire
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