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chapter three

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You find out a bit more about why Bob is there...kinda. And you meet some of the others that are captured.

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Bobs pov.
Owwww…..again. At least I wasn’t on that steel table anymore. I looked around, taking in my surroundings, looking for an escape. Nothing just an empty…where the fuck was I? It looked almost like a prison cell. A really clean looking prison cell.
“He `s awake.”
Great. Now I’m hearing things. I pulled up my muddy, blood encrusted j jeans and examined my legs. They were red and swollen where the binds had been, but nothing too serious.
I stood up, but fell to the floor as my wounded legs gave way. Klutz.
I could have sworn I heard laughing. “Who’s there?” If those bastards from BL/ind thought this was a funny joke I`d kill `em with my bare hands. (Well, id kinda have to, my ray gun was missing. Bastards probably took it.)
“Nice trip?”
“Show yourself!”
Two shapes that I had thought were shadows moved towards me. As they got closer I saw that they were people, a girl and a boy.
“Toxic Rose.” Said the girl holding out her hand. She had black and red shoulder length hair and was wearing ripped skinny jeans with neon blue tights underneath, muddy converse that had been scribbled on and a black and red shirt with a rose and skull on. Around her wrist was a homemade bracelet saying “fuck all authority.”
“You now, when someone says hi, and offers you there hand, I believe you’re supposed to shake it.” She said laughing slightly at my shocked expression. “This is Toxic Faith.” She pointed to the 2nd shadow.
He looked up and nodded once.
“He doesn’t talk much.” Toxic Rose explained. “Pretty useful guy to know though...” she lowered her voice. “ Just don`t say anything about-“
“I am here, Rose. I can speak for myself.”
He sat down on the floor in the middle of the room. He was wearing black jeans, scuffed converse, and an old shirt. It was so old and dirty that I could quite make out what it said.
“Did you like their music?” he asked when he saw me looking.
Toxic Faith just sighed and shook his head. “My chemical romance.” He gestured at his shirt. I looked at it again. This time I could just make out the word chemical and my written in the black parade font.
“I guess they were okay.” What was I supposed to say?
He nodded. “My ex liked `em. They weren’t my favourite, but they were pretty good. Last time I saw her was at one of their concerts back in 2009. ”
Oh. I didn’t know what to say.
There was silence for a long time, I don`t really think any of us knew what to say to each other. Suddenly I felt a tugging on my arm.
“Who are you?” asked a little child, who looked bout 5 or 6.
I knelt down to his level and smiled. “Who are you?”
“that’s, Rose`s little brother, Skyler. He doesn’t really have a fixed killjoy name, so we just call him Skyes.”
“What are we doing here?”
Rose shrugged “me and Toxic got captured together. We were trying to rescue Skyes but we got captured. We thought they were gonna kill us, but they put us in this cell.”
“We tried to escape, but it’s impossible. I do have some ideas as to why they want us alive though.”

“I thought you didn`t speak much?”
Toxic Faith rolled his eyes. “I do when it suits me.”
“Why do they want us alive then?” I was curious, BL/ind hated killjoy`s guts. “Are they going to drug us up like everyone else or something? Or are they gonna turn us into Dracs?”
“No. from what I can gather, it’s much worse. They`re going to modify our minds, to erase our memories, then they want to try and use the skills we already have and programme us with new ones as well, to create the ultimate killer. Then, they`ll use us against the Killjoys, until they`re all wiped out.”
Wow, and I thought I was in deep shit before, now it was even worse….

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