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chapter four

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The group of killjoys that are with Bob are introduced. Jet Star is trying to fix the car and is mad at Fun Ghoul. We also check in on how Bob and the other killjoys are doing at Bl/ind.

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“We have to go back for him.” Dark Fire spoke in a calm, steady voice, but the others knew him well enough to hear the anger behind it.
“Thought you didn’t like fighting, changed your mind?” A girl with long brown hair that had purple and white streaks through it asked him. She wasn’t wrong, although very impulsive, he disliked fighting. He was good though, despite being scared of a lot of things.
“Static, for once he’s right, we need to go back and save him. “Said Bullets Embrace while drawing on her arms with a silver sharpie. She was practically covered in silver; even her shoes had been graffitied.
Dark fire lifted his head and smiled at her, causing his choppy, dark brown hair to fall into his eyes.
“Crimson, what do you think?” Said the girl with the long hair.
“Hmm…oh. Well, he’d try and rescue us, so I guess we should try. I don’t know what good it’ll do though.”
“Static, can you stay still for a fucking minute?!”
“I’m so fucking bored!” She sat down In between Bullets Embrace and Crimson Rage. “Let’s go kick Bl/ind ass! We all know thy fucking deserve it!”
Dark fire sighed and shook his head. Typical Electric Static, hyper and confident and swearing as though her life depended on it. She swore so much that the group would be worried if she woke up one day and didn’t.
“We`ll need plan then. If we are going to try and break in.” The others nodded in agreement.
Jet Star`s pov.
“Hey, Jet! Fixed the car yet? Poison going fucking mental!” Kobra yelled from inside the diner.
“Not yet! And can you all stop swearing around Grace, she’s only a little kid?!” I yelled back, feeling slightly annoyed at Kobra. I told `em time and time again. I know we had more to worry about than Grace learning bad words, but she WAS only little. I guess I was just trying to help preserve some of her childhood innocence, despite being in this really fucked up world.
I walked back into the diner covered in oil and some other shit that I had no desire to learn what it was.
“Ghoul, stop trying to get in Poison`s pants and get out here and help!”
“Eww….guys, Grace is in the other room.”
“Fuck you!” Poison glared at his brother who was laughing his head off. I however, was not amused.
“He was bandaging my foot!” he screamed at me. Hmmm…that explained why his cheeks had suddenly decided to change colour then…
“I hurt my foot yesterday, remember!?” Ghoul continued shouting while poison just sat there, looking slightly sheepish.
“Well, don’t kick cars, then. It serves you right, Ghoul.” Kobra sat down smirking.
“We can’t do anything till we get the damn car fixed! So help me you Bas-”
“What’s all the yelling for?”
“Grace!”We all shouted at once.
“Is the car fixed yet?” she asked going over to sit on Kobra`s lap. “Mummy said yelling never helped anything.” she said matter of factly. “Violence neither.” She looked over at me; I was trying desperately to restrain myself from strangling Ghoul.
“Just help me with the car. Before your buried 6 feet under.” I muttered the last part under my breath.
Bobs pov
“How the fu-“he glanced over at Skyler, who was sitting happily next to his older sister, playing with her black and red hair.
“How do you know this?”
Toxic Faith just shrugged. “My family “he spat the word bitterly. “Work for the Bl/ind bastards by choice.”
“But not you?”
“I`d of sooner died. Anyway, they would never accept me.” The tone of his voice changed slightly. There was still a lot of anger and bitterness there, but there was hurt as well.
“Who wouldn’t accept you? Bl/ind? Your family?”
“Both. Bl/ind because I hate authority and my family.” Again he spat the word. “cause I can’t do as I`m told, I`m bi.” He paused to look at me, probably worried I was gonna freak out or give him shit.
When he realised I wasn’t, he smiled gratefully at me. “And because they were really religious. I couldn’t believe in that stuff, so they…did stuff to me. My parents I mean.” He lowered his head, Cleary shocked and embarrassed he’d told me, practically a stranger, so much. But we were all killjoys, all misfits and we had to stick together.
“If…if you don’t mind me asking…what did they do?” I wasn’t expecting him to answer me. I think even he was shocked as well.
Toxic Faith looked over at Rose, who smiled encouragement at him.
“this.” He turned his back to me and lifted his shirt.
I gasped, it was…there were no words to describe it.
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