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Chapter five

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More about how the 2 killjoys got captured and we find out what is being planned for the captued killjoys.

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note. The next chapter Will feature the other killjoys. I have finally finished of deciding who is on what groupf ect. Just filler chapter really, but important for chapters to come. XXdakota
Bob`s pov.
“If…If you don`t mind me asking… what did they do?”I wasn’t expecting him to answer me. I think even he was shocked as well.
Toxic Faith looked over at Rose, who smiled encouragement at him.
“This.” He turned his back to me and lifted his shirt.
I gasped; it was…there were no words to describe it.
The inside of his shirt was bloodstained; even his back still had traces of dried blood and what looked like dirt on it. I hadn’t noticed it before, but Toxic Faith was thin. All killjoys were pretty thin, but this guy was dangerously thin. You could almost see his spine poking out. I knew that if he turned around id be able to see his ribs. But that wasn’t the worst of it, no; running from the top of his back to just above his skinny waist was…well, I didn’t really know how to describe it. It was too grotesque for words…
A cross had been carved, what looked like multiple times into his back. The cuts were very deep, and didn’t appear to be very fresh, but they can’t have been very old either, because they hadn’t had much of a chance to heal over yet. Part of me wondered how much his back would heal, if at all.
Toxic Faith turned back around to face us, but he didn’t lower his shirt. I was right, you could see his ribs.
“Told ya my parents were religious, didn’t I?” he grimaced, finally lowering his shirt.
“They…did that to you? Their own son?” I was so…again, words couldn’t describe it. I felt anger and shock, obviously, but also, something I wasn’t used to. I wanted revenge. Even though I hardly knew the kid (and he was still a kid, he and Toxic Rose couldn’t be more than seventeen or eighteen) and I wasn’t a particularly violent person (despite what many people thought of me) I wanted revenge. I wanted to make the bastards that did this to him suffer.
“Don’t. “He spoke in a quiet voice, but one that was surprisingly full of power. “They aren`t worth it.” He must have seen the look on my face.
“I’m going to go sleep.” He muttered, before walking over to the other side of the room. I watched as he picked up what appeared to be a leather jacket with patches sewn onto it, lie down and wrap it around his bony shoulders.
“Skyes, time to sleep.” Toxic Rose told her blonde and black haired younger brother. She took of her jacket and wrapped it round him. She waited a few minutes, until she heard him snoring softly, before tiptoeing quietly over to where I was leaning against a plain white wall in the opposite corner to Toxic Faith.
“How you holding up?” she asked, sitting down next to me.
I just shrugged. “Do you think what Toxic said earlier is true? About them wanting to brainwash us and use us against other killjoys?”
She smiled grimly at me. “Probably. I wouldn’t put it past them. And Toxic`s quite often right about shit like that. Like I said earlier, he’s a pretty useful guy to know, but it’s just getting him to open up to you that’s the problem.”
“But with a past like that…”
“He only told you some of it. They starved him, and beat him as well.” Rose spoke, staring at the wall. “I was his best friend, I knew something was wrong. When I found out, we both ran away together. Next thing we know, we`re both surrounded by a bunch of dracs. That’s when they took Skyler, and like you know, me and Toxic suck at rescue missions.” She looked up at me and laughed slightly, trying to lighten the dark mood surrounding us.
There was silence for a few minutes as we were both lost in thought. “How are you at break outs?”
“shit.” She answered bluntly, scooted closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder.
“Do you mind?” even if I did mind, I knew she had no intention of moving her head. And if I was being honest with myself, it was kinda nice.
“no.” since when am I so honest? I questioned myself. I mentally shrugged-I was simply too tired to care.
Normal pov. Bl/ind somewhere.
“Sir, the drugs are almost ready for trial.” The short haired woman spoke, handing a file to the bald man from before.
“Excellent. How long?” he was looking forward to testing these particular drugs. Sure, there were risks, but he was willing to take them. He wouldn’t trial them on the most recently captured killjoy though. Korse didn’t know what it was, but something about that particular killjoy was special.
“Tomorrow, or the day after, sir.” The woman replied.
“Make it tomorrow. And use the child.” Korse hated young children, always had, but at least this one was of no great importance to him. Apart from serving as a human lab rat, obviously.
“Yes, sir. Anything else?”
Korse paused, deep in thought for a moment. “Yes, as soon as we are sure these new drugs work, start the Newest Killjoy on them as soon as possible.”
The woman nodded, writing down on a clipboard what she had been told.
“And make sure he gets a high dosage of medication, Killjoys usually tend to be unresponsive to weaker doses.”
“Yes sir.” She excited the room, clipboard in hand.
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