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Chapter six

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You meet a couple more of the other killjoys. And catch up with the fabulous killjoys.

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so in this chapter you meet some of the others. The rest will be introduced soon, kay? I dont really know when, as I am still trying to figure out how they`ll fit in. But I have the groups sorted. And that probably only makes sense to me, but oh well...Thank you so much for reading(assuming anyone does) and hope you enjoy the chapter. :) Don`t be afraid to tell me what you think about it though. But if you don`t please be nice about it. Ermm...and if anyone here reads my other story, could youo please read the new note thing asking for help and tell me what you think? xoxo dakota.
Normal pov. Evening time
“How the fuck are we going to break into Bl/ind?” Electric Static asked the others.
“Not a clue.” Bullets Embrace had moved on from drawing on her arm and was now covering her right leg in silver sharpie. So far she had drawn the usual kind of stuff, Hearts and stars, but was now writing down lyrics to a song that she used to listen to.
Electric Static wasn’t very impressed with her answer. “We need a plan, for fucks sake. Have you seen how heavily guarded that hell hole is?!We can’t just storm in their ray guns at the ready. We wouldn’t stand a chance.” she was demonstrating what she meant by pretending to shoot at imaginary Dracs. After an overly dramatic “death” she sat back down next to Crimson Rage.
“Why not. We don’t really have much of a choice.” Dark Fire, said, a touch of sarcasm in his voice. He didn’t particularly want to fight, but he knew they had to try and do something.
“Do you WANT to die?!” Crimson Rage and Bullet glanced at their friend warningly. Had she forgotten what happened to his Ex, Chelsea?
“Are you suicidal or something?” realising what she had just said, Static hung her head, clearly annoyed at herself for saying that.
“Did...didn’t mean it. I’m sorry.” Dark Fire smiled sadly at her.
“It`s okay.”
“No, really, I am-“
“I said its fine!” he yelled, shocking everyone.
“How do we get past the dracs then?” Everyone looked at Crimson Rage as though she had gone mad.
“Hmm… don’t know. Walk over and ask if they want to be friends? Idiot.” Bullet smiled at her friend, letting her know she wasn’t serious before going back to her drawing.
“I mean, without getting…ya know, shot?”
“We need to rescue him, but I don’t think we can do it on our own.” Dark Fire was known for being the impulsive one of the group; he often said or did things without thinking them through. It was usually down to the other three to come up with the plan.
“Good idea and all, but who will help US?” Electric Static asked, moving closer to the glowing fire that they had made earlier.
“I’m cold.” She muttered, holing her hands out in front of her, trying to warm them up.
“Someone might.” Crimson Rage said in a soft, disbelieving voice.
“Maybe.” Dark Fire ran a hand through his hair, thinking. Mostly about what they were going to do. He knew that it would involve killing, he disliked killing. Ever since Chelsea…shot herself, he had found it hard to stomach the thought of death.
The four killjoys sat in silence around the fire they had made. Eventually all but one of them fell asleep. Bullets Embrace. She sat awake thinking of the past. She thought about what had happened to her, but mostly about Crimson Tide. She hoped he was still alive, but she didn’t really believe that he could be. She missed him, she just hoped one day, if he WAS still alive, she could find him…

Somewhere in zone 4
“Hey, Raven, do you see that?”
“What?” Blood Red Raven asked, feeling more than a bit annoyed at her brother, Sulphur Crystal.
“That light, it looks like a fire.” Standing up she walked over to him. It was dark out, and probably quite cold. Despite the immense heat during the day, it was very cold at night. Raven was very thankful that she and Sulphur had made themselves a base out in Zone four; otherwise they could be out in the cold.
“Where’s the fire?”
“there.” She looked at where he was pointing; sure enough she could see a red and orange flickering light, not too far away from where they were.
“It`s late, should we go check it out?” she hoped he wouldn’t say yes, it was cold and dark, plus it could be a trap.
“It could be others.” Sulphur Crystal said while pulling on his jacket and grabbing his ray gun.
“I`ll be outside.
“But it could be Dracs.” Blood Red Raven sighed. “And I`m talking to myself.” She muttered and grabbed her black leather jacket, pulled on her black biker boots and followed him outside.

Party Poison`s pov next day sometime.
“Ya know, you guys never did tell me who that person you missed really bad was.” It was a boiling hot day (figures) and we were all still stuck at the diner. Ghoul and Jet were STILL trying to fix the fucking car and Grace wouldn’t shut up. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the kid, but still…
“Missed really badly, Grace.” Oh, joy… Jet Star and Fun Ghoul had just entered the room, covered in some oily gunk. And its dripping all over the floor…Kobra WILL be pleased.
“Yes, Jet, `cause we`ve only got BL/ind trying to fucking kill us every other day, but Grace not using correct grammar….” I shuddered.
“Funny, Poison.” He rolled his eyes at me.
“Ghoul thinks it’s funny, don’t you?” I turned round to stare at him, giving him my best puppy dog face.
“You need to lighten up, Jet.”
I smiled proudly. “HA, in your face!”
“And Poison needs to grow up.” Kobra Kid chucked something at me. Car keys. Did that mean…?
“You fixed the car! Yet!” Grace screamed and ran over to hug Ghoul and Jet.
“Can we go for a ride somewhere? Pretty Please?” She looked up at Jet, pleading with her eyes.
“I don’t know Gracie.” Jet said, bending down so his face was level with hers. She pouted then turned to look at Ghoul and Kobra.
“Please?” they both looked unsure.
“Why not?” I picked up the car keys and strolled over, a smug look on my face.
“YAY!” she run over and hugged me. I stuck my tongue out at the others childishly.
Jet rolled his eyes. “Mature, Poison, real mature. “He said before walking outside.
Kobra and Ghoul were glaring at me. “Be careful poison. Mama told us to never stick your tongue out at people. Its rude.” I just stared at my brother, in disbelief. Really, he was choosing today to be polite?
“Yeah. Poison.” Ghoul smirked. “I think I saw needle round here somewhere. Better watch out. If you piss me off too much, well…”
I shuddered at the word “needle.” “Oh, fuck off, guys. Lighten up.”
“Grow up.”
“Hurry up!” we heard grace yell from outside.
“Grace is getting a little impatient.” Jet star shouted. The three of us grabbed our ray guns and went outside.
“Finally” Jet muttered as we got on the car.
“Oh, shut it.” I put the key in the ignition and started the car. And we were off. Grace watched as the diner vanished from view, head out of the window as per usual.
“Music! Music!” she chanted.
“Okay, okay.”
“Ghoul.” I glanced at the idiot- I mean my friend sitting next to me. “Music.” This action may have caused me to take my eyes off the…well it wasn’t exactly a proper road…for a second. Which may or may not of caused the car to swerve a little.
“Eyes on the road!” Jet screamed, trying to hold onto Grace.
“Idiot!” thanks ghoul, love you too…
“I`m gonna die, I’m gonna die.” Muttered Kobra, being the supportive, optimistic younger brother, like always… I was going to have to have a word with him and Ghoul later….
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