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Sydney and Marco!

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Frank walked down the street with his duffel bag over his shoulder. He hated himself. He should crawl into a corner and die. A girl ran to him. “I’m sorry but are you Frank Iero?” The girl asked. He nodded. She smiled. “I know you’re probably busy, but could you sign this?” She asked handing him a napkin. He smiled and signed it. “I’m going to you’re guy’s next concert. Frank sighed. “I don’t think there will be a next concert.” He mumbled. The girl looked at him. She sighed “Let me guess, you’re leaving because you hurt someone you loved, and didn’t want to do it again?” She said. Frank looked up. She nodded “Where are you going to go?”

Frank shrugged “I’ve lived on the streets-“ he girl scowled. “No!” She stated. They started walking. “Well, if you have an idea.” He stated. She smiled “My boyfriend is a MCR fan. . She said smiling. He nodded not understanding. She giggled “You can stay with us!” He hugged her. She hugged back. She got her phone out. “Baby, set three plates out. You won’t believe me. No it’s not my mother. I know. I’ll see you in 2 minutes.”

“Frank POV!”

Were literally were there in 2 minutes. It was around the corner. She opened the door her boyfriend was on the couch. “Okay darling your mother is sleeping on the couch.” He said starring at the TV. “No…I’m not her mother.” He was going to turn but stopped. “Frank Iero?” He asked still not turned. “Last time I checked!” I said and giggled. He jumped up and hugged me. He was taller than gee so I had a hard time to stand so he let go. “Omg! Sydney what-“ She kissed him. “I’m not leaving you for Frank Iero!” She said. He let his breathe out. “Thank god.” He said. “Why don’t we eat dinner then…” He stated leading us to the kitchen. On the table it was salad with tofu shrimp in it. I smiled “So what’s your story Frank?” The guy asked. “My story will come after someone tells me what to call you! I laughed. He smiled “Marco!” He said I replied with “Polo!” He giggled. Then I really looked at him. He really looked at me. “Oh no…. “ I said. He scowled “I knew it!!” He shouted standing up. Sydney looked frightened. “You still playing girls Marco? Or only men now?” I shouted back. Sydney looked at me.

“Your boyfriend is probably cheating on you!” I said. She looked at him. “What?” She whispered. “Oh boo-hoo I lose one girl friend! What does it matter. She picked up her purse. “You two were together weren’t you?” She said. I nodded. “He cheated on me, with Bert McCracken!” I said. She nodded. “We can find somewhere else to stay!” She told him.

We end-ed up at momma Donnas’. “Ok, stay here for a second.” I walked up the drive. When she looked at me she was furious. “You-!” I interrupted “I’m not asking for anything but for you to help this girl who was cheated by Marco. She invited me to stay because I was going to live on the streets until I could find somewhere to go. Please! Mrs. Way?” I begged. Her face softened “It’s MOM! And of course. But you will stay here until you find another place, just don’t tell my others” She said. I shook my head “I can’t I’ve hurt everyone I love, except maybe Ray…” I said looking down. She nodded “When you get where your going, call me, got it! And if your walking around for more than 3 days call, here.” She handed me two100 dollar bills. I looked at them “wha-?” She smiled “Take them, and if you on’t see the boys soon, come for your birthday and Christmas! Got it?” I nodded “I love you Ma!” I hugged her. “SYDNEY!” I yelled. She came coming up. “this is your temporary home, good luck!” I said running down the block.
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