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Mikey's Hospital visit!?

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I finally found the number in my phone. There was dialing and somebody picked up. “Hello?” His voice sang out. “Hey it’s Frank-“ His voice cut in. “Frank Iero? Dude! I’ve been waiting for you to call!” Billie Joe’s voice rang out. “Yeah…” I say. I swear if my voice cracked. He sighed “What did you do my little munchkin?” I sighed “I cheated on Gerard and nee somewhere to stay for a couple weeks, do you know anyone?” He squealed. “You will be staying with me and Tre!” Frank was overjoyed. “Really? Awesome. But uh…can I get a ride?”

When Mike finally found Frank he was so jumpy. “Hey!” Frank greeted and hugged Mike. Mike hugged back. He didn’t want him stealing Billie Joe. He loved him like no other, and Frank WONT! “Hi Frankie!” Mike said back. “So…Do you still like Billie?” Frank asked. Mike stiffened up “Is it obvious?” He whispered. Frank shook his head, “I just…have a crush on him too, I was just making sure he was off limits. Don’t worry, he’s all yours.” Frank smiled. Mike smiled back “Thanks’ Frankie.” Frank nodded.

They were at the loft in less than 2 hours. Frank fell asleep on the way over. Mike carried he in and put him softly on the couch. Frank woke up about 30 minutes later to his phone playing Gerard’s text ring. He opened his phone.

Frank! Were are you? We even called Bert! Please come home! –Gerard

No. I can’t until all of my feeling go away for you. I don’t want to hurt you Gerard. – Frank.

Frank sighed and changed it to Boulevard of Broken dreams. The next time it went off Billie mumbled the lyrics in his sleep. Billie was on the couch opposite of Frank’s. Frank smiled and opened the phone.

Frankie, I’m not mad, I read the letter, I love you too much to let go.

Frank felt like crying when someone put a hand on his shoulder. He looked over and it was Tre. “I had the erge to play the bass line.” He chuckled slightly. Frank smiled and moved his legs so Tre could sit down. He did. He put his arm out for Frankie to snuggled up to him.

“Frankie…why does your phone keep going off?” Tre asked a sleepy Frankie. Frankie yawned “Gerard’s trying to get me to go home. I can’t, not yet.” He said looking at Tre’s chest. He lightly pushed Frank onto his back and connected their lips. He sat up, “Now do you feel loved?” Tre asked chuckling. Frank nodded “Very” Billie stood up. “He kisses you better than his boyfriend.” He stated and walked away. Tre burst out laughing.

Frank kissed his cheek and checked his phone. He got 1 text from Ray.

*Frank get over now. Mikey had a heart attack!!”

Frank jumped up freaking out. He got Billie to rush him to the hospital. Billie was on his feet in 3 seconds. They rushed to the hospital. Frank ran to the information desk.
“Mikey Way!” He shouted. She nodded and typed “309” He ran all the way. He burst into the room. Mikey had his eyes barely open. Everybody was asleep. He sat next to Frank’s bed and grabbed his hand.

He woke up to Mikey squeezing back. He mumbled in his sleep about popcorn. He barely opened his eyes and he smiled. “Hey Frankie.” He whispered. Frank shushed him. “Go back asleep; I’ll be here when you wake up.” He nodded and fell asleep. Gerard opened his eyes and sprung up. He tackled Frank and kissed him all over. “Don’t you even think about leaving!” He said. Frank pushed him off and stood up. “Gerard…I can’t stay. I’ll be there for tours, practices, concerts, but not stuff out of the band. I’m only here because you all are like brothers…except you of course. I love you….but still…” He stopped.
Gerard was nodding.

They stood there awkward until Mikey woke back up. He smiled at his brother “Hey Gee, how you doing?” He said. Gerard nodded “you’re not doing good though. Franki- Frank’s here.” He said. Frank’s heart broke. “Mikey, I got to go. I love you okay? I’ll be there at the concert tomorrow. I’ll see you later.” He walked to Ray. “Hey could you grab Pansy and-“ Ray nodded. He lent down to Frank. “Frank. Don’t hook up with Tre. I am more serious than Mikey being in the hospital!” He whispered. Frank nodded.
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