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Arrow to my heart 2

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RATED PG-13!!! MILD REFRANCE TO VIOLENCE. The finally, Archie admits his feeling but will Atlanta feel the same?

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Thanks to everyone who reviewed my last chapter. It's greatly appreciated. Same with the constructive criticism. Ok this is my last chapter face falls when she hears everyone cheering. I hope it clears up all lingering questions. Oh ya just a warning this chapter has a lot of fluff in the end.


The titans waited on the steps on out front of Chiron's study. The days beautiful sunshine had no effect on the titans. They each were lost in their own thoughts. They paid no attention to each other, they just happened to be sitting together.

Atlanta was curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth slowly, praying that Archie would be ok. When her and Archie were in the lake she was so angry with Cronos and Peter she did notice the serious of his injuries. Now all she could think about was Archie's life.

Theresa and Jay sat close both worried about Atlanta's passing hysterics, when she had stopped crying she just sat there rocking slowly. They knew about Atlanta's one-track mind and how it made her so determined to reach her goals. But in this state they were worried that her one-track mind would be her Achilles heel and that she would never recover from this shock. She didn't seam to grasp the fact that someone had put their life on the line to save her, and it was Archie of all people.

Odie leaned against the railing. He was incredibly worried he knew that arrow wounds were often fatal, and Archie's arrow looked like it had been lodged in at an odd angle and lodged in well. Neil sat crossed legged, mirror in his lap. But he was unable to look at it, everyone else looked so worried for Archie's life. Odie was searching the Internet so rapidly, and every page he pulled up made the expression graver, Jay and Theresa could not take their eyes off Atlanta who was rocking back and forth in a ball, which was so not like her. Herry stood so still it was like he was a statue, Neil had know idea what was going through his mind but he was sure it was not normal thoughts, none of them were thinking normal thoughts right now.

"Neil can you come here please?" Chiron asked, poking his head out of his study's door.
Neil stepped into the study, scared of what he would see. Chiron stopped him before he started to look around by handing him Archie's blood soaked hoodie. "I need you to take this to the best drycleaners in town" Chiron instructed. Neil left the group solemnly, he was nervous about the amount of blood on the hoodie. When he left know one made any motion to acknowledge that he left.

"Everyone please come inside." Chiron said. Everyone but Neil stepped inside. Atlanta instantly looked to the sofa where she knew Archie was laying. She instantly noticed the cast on his left arm.

"Chiron, is he still alive?" A shaking Theresa asked.

"Yes, he will be fine. Herry and Jay can you carry him back to the dorm. Chances are he will be confused when he wakes up, so it would help if you guy watched over him for the night." Chiron explained. Herry and Jay picked up Archie, holding him level. Everyone filed out of Chiron's study, his or her moods slightly lifted.

Back at the brownstone dorm house everyone was gathered in Archie's messy bedroom. Jay was cleaning up the mess, as the others came up with a chart to split up the night into shifts so that everyone could try to get some sleep.

"Ok last shift, 3am to 4am, who wants it?" Theresa asked. Everyone quickly began to argue, no one wanting the early morning shift know that there would be nothing on the small TV set up in Archie's bedroom and that they would be dog tired during it.

"I'll take it." Atlanta spoke up after 15 minutes of everyone fighting, her eyes still slightly bloodshot from crying.

"But Atlanta you already have 4 shifts, the rest of us have 1 and Neil does not have any." Theresa protested, writing Neil's name down on the chart.

"Please Theresa let me have it, I feel really bad about what happened." Atlanta protested back.

"Let her have it Theresa." Neil said.

"We all know she will bribe Neil for the shift anyways, might as well let her have it." Jay said backing up Neil and Atlanta.

"Fine." An annoyed Theresa said, changing Neil's name to Atlanta.

Jay and Herry's shifts past with no excitement. During Atlanta's first shift she kept replaying the nights events. As hard as she tried the only picture she could come up with was Archie shoving her under water and coming up to see the arrow lodge it self in his arm. Archie had not said anything as she led him to the shore, before she had his hoodie completely wrapped around his arm he had fainted from the pain. Though that was the only picture she could come up with she kept thinking of how he got in the water, threw her his precious whip and taken the arrow for her.

"Shifts up Atlanta." Odie called poking his head into the room.

"Bunny slippers!" Atlanta teased seeing her friend's bunny slippers as she left the room.

"Very funny." Odie replied as he took Atlanta's seat and turned on his laptop. As soon as Atlanta left he started to piece together what happened when Archie got shot with the arrow. To do this Odie had even managed to get the arrow from Chiron. By the time Atlanta came back to take over for her seconded shift Odie had made a shocking discovery. "Atlanta you should take a look at this." Odie said showing her a badly animated film of what would have happened if Archie had not pushed her out of the way.

"You mean that I would be dead right now?" She gasped when she saw Odie's video for the sixth time. The video showed the arrow hitting her in the heart, just barely passing Archie's arm. "This is all to much, I need to sit down." She continued, sitting on the edge of Archie's bed. Odie silently left the room, leaving Atlanta in peace to sort out her thoughts. Atlanta thought about what might of happened if her and Archie switched places.


"Archie do you have your whip?" Atlanta asked as she reached the man made lake where Archie was captuered.

"I did, but Cronos took it away from me."

"Well, duck!" she replied as she threw her bolas towards the cage. The bolas missed the bars and fell at Archie's feet.

"Nice shot." Archie teased as his red haired friend stepped into the water and began to swim to the middle of the lake. When she reached the cage she quickly climbed the rope ladder. When she reached the top she took a knife out of her back pocket and began to cut the bars open. When she had sawed threw the bars she descended the ladder and had to spend the next ¾ of an hour coaxing Archie into the water.

"You did it Archie! Your in the water!" she cheered when they we about ten feet from the rope ladder attached to the cage, giving her friend a big hug. The embrace seamed to last a lifetime for Archie.

"Aww, the two lovebirds can die together." Cronos said menacingly as he and Peter stepped through one of his signature portals. "Kill them Peter," he continued cutting off Atlanta's attempted protest that they were not lovebirds as he conjured up a bow and arrow(s) and handed it to Peter. Peter skillfully shot one of the arrows at Atlanta and Archie. Atlanta quickly pulled out of her and Archie's embrace. She managed to get out of the arrows way but a startled Archie was hit in his heat and killed instantly.

"Archie!" She screamed in terror and jolted awake.


Atlanta screamed suddenly when she woke from her nightmare. She looked around franticly for a minute trying to figure out where she was. Once she got her bearings she felt a wave of bittersweet happiness engulf her when she realized that she did not wake anyone up. 'Am I really that selfish' she thought. 'Would I really save myself and leave someone else to die? And why do I feel so guilty about today and my nightmare? Do I like Archie as more than a friend?' she continued to think as she pulled her self into a sitting position, from her position of lying beside Archie. 'My bad.' She thought when she sat up, noticing how she was laying just moments before.

"Is Atlanta ok?" a worried and groggy Archie blurted out as he woke up, looking around his room, not believing its his because it was so clean curtsey of a worried Jay.

"I'm just fine." Atlanta said her eyes lighting up when she saw her friend's eyes open.

"Great, where am I?" Archie replied smiling up at his friend.

"Your room, Jay cleans when he gets worried or scared." Atlanta explained. "How do you feel?"

"Fine, except that oh ya, my arms in a cast."

"Good. You really gave us a scare. You really gave me a scare. I didn't notice how serious the arrow was until Odie freaked out. I was sure you weren't going to make it, oh I I'm so glad you did. I don't know what we would do with out you, I don't know what I would do with out you." Atlanta rambled moving closer to her friend.

"Atlanta, you always have my back and I will always have yours." Archie soothed stroking her hair with his good hand.

"Thanks, but I still feel bad about what happened."

"Don't Atlanta, please don't I hate seeing you sad."

"I will be fine." She reassured her friend, giving him a slow hug, careful not to hurt his bad arm. "I promise." She continued brushing the hair out his eyes; this motion caused her to bring her face very close to his.

"Together we can get through anything Atlanta. After all we are saving the world." Archie whispered in her ear.

"We are aren't we." She mumbled, softly kissing his cheek and quietly left his room, taking the TV with her to put back in the hall closet. "Get some sleep." She instructed.

"Hey Atlanta, I love you." Archie called to his friends retreating back before falling to sleep.

"What did you say?" Atlanta asked, not catching her friend's last sentence. 'Oh well, cant have been that important, he's already asleep.' She thought.


All of the titans slept well that night. Jay let Archie and Atlanta sleep in, after all he was hurt and she was up until three in the morning. Archie and Atlanta's friendship was forever changed. Both of them would know that together they could get through anything, with a little fluffiness in between each adventure. As a group the titans bond was strengthened.

As for what happened to Peter? Well rumor has it that Cronos erased his memory of being human and turned him into a giant until Cronos forgave him for not killing Archie.


Hope you all enjoyed that!!! And as for those who did not pick up on it Archie did manage to ask Atlanta out, I his own way. Though she never heard him say I love you. Please review this or I will punish all of you with more of my horrible fanfiction.
Constructive criticism is always appreciated and highly valued same with reviews.
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