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Chapter thirtysix-The Sound of Your Faith

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'The darkness that stays inside you makes you feel so small.'

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It messed me up.
I had no time to breath.
No time to come around.

Mikey was here now.

We stayed together in that horrid waiting room, leaning on one another. Neither of us were strong, and we were sick of pretending that we were. We've realised that it's hard to take courage in a world full of sadness and suffering. You can lose sight of it all and take the light provided by your heart for granted and never realise when it had died out. The darkness that stays inside you makes you feel so small.
Only at this time, only when your heart begins to break.. thats the time when your inner colors shine through and you can only hope that it'll guide you out...

Frank's parents came through into the room. Both looking distressed and slightly pissed off.
I felt angry, more at Frank's father than his mother. I don't know what Frank and his Dad's argument was about, all I know is that his Dad should have kept his mouth shut. If he did then none of this would have happened. I would of gone to Frank's house and he would of been there and we could of worked this all out. Now I'm dreading that it might be too late..

Mr and Mrs Iero looked at Mikey and I, I didnt meet their gaze. I kept my head against Mikey's shoulder and looked at the cruddy floor tiles.
They acted like I wasn't there.
"Mikey, what has happened?" Mrs Iero asked, taking a seat opposite us.
"I don't know. He's been hurt badly. That's all I know."
"What does he know?" Frank's father said rudely, pointing at me.
I acted like I didn't hear. Mikey knows I don't want to talk just yet.
"Gerard was the one who found Frank. He called the ambulance."
"I asked him, not you." he snapped.
I didn't say anything.
"What happened to Frank?" He demanded.
"Mr Iero, Gerard's feeling a little shaken, you can understand that he-"
Mikey closed his mouth, I could tell he was angry, his body tensed and his hands formed to fists.
I took my head from his shoulder and sat upright.
With a deep breath i swallowed. My throat was so dry.
"Frank.." I said slowly "Was getting beaten half to death by my father. If you had kept your fucking mouth closed and let Frank live his own life then he wouldn't have run off in the first place." I said sternly, not feeling bad about it at this point, I didn't really feel anything at the moment.
I got to my feet, forcing my legs to be strong and not give way.
"Your father hurt my son?! No wonder you're such a disaster. It only takes a horrid person to produce something like yourself." He spat. "Two wrongs don't make a right, your mother seemed like a nice woman, looks can be decieving obviously. She can't even control her son."
Mikey lept to his feet next to me.
"Do you hear yourself?! You're taking the time to offend me rather than be concerned that Frank is possibly fighting for his life. Don't you fucking dare try anything like that on me. I've been through more than you could imagin. Go and try, you can't break me."
I walked out from the waiting room. I couldn't see, white hot anger was burning inside me. I wanted to run. Get away from it all. I don't care where I'm going. I need to be away from Frank's fucking dad.
I passed room after room, not really knowing where i was or where i was going. I passed people in lab coats, people in wheel chairs, people of all different shapes and sizes. They gave as much attention to me as I did to them.

I looked at my shoes as the squeaked along the shiny white floors. What will happen when this is over? What if Frank didn't make it? What will happen to me? What will happen to Mikey? Will life ever be good again?
I walked into one of the bathrooms, it matched the rest of the hosptial: blinding white. I leaned over the too clean basin and looked into the mirror. I didn't even realise I was still crying. I looked pale. It looked like I was sick, that I was a patient at this hospital..
I looked into my eyes, they were empty. They looked lifeless..
My bottom lip quivered, I tore my eyes from the mirror and splashed water onto my ashend face. It made no difference. What was I expecing? To wash this pain away!? If only it was that easy.

I exited the bathroom and ran straight into a doctor who was passing by.
"Sorry" I mumbled, not looking up, my eyes had started streaming agian.
"Gerard Way?"
I looked up, it was the same doctor that took Frankie away from me.
My heart rate increased.
"Is he okay?"
"Only time will tell, I was just on my way to get you and you're brother, you can see him now."
"Where is he?"
"Room 274, he isn't awake. We'll still to see if he will."
I nodded.
The doctor walked past me, I broke into a run.
I passed many snide remarks and yells, warning me not to run. I ignored them.

Finally, room 274 was there.
Chills spread down my spine as I entered the room. It occupied a few hospital beds but they were empty. All but one which lay at the very end of the rows next to the window.
And as I drew nearer and nearer my legs became weaker and weaker.

It was untill I was standing at the side of his bed when they collasped..

I hope you enjoyed this one. Again, I'm not in the writing mood right now. But like I said before, it's better than nothing. Tell me what you think. RandR, I've been feeling like shit lately and your reviews always manage to cheer me up(: love you all xx
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