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O.o Decistions.

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*WHOOT!!! Ok! So everybody know’s I went to the concert of our fabulous boys. Heres some things that happened-

1) Gerard has short red hair still.
2) He stills wares his Charlie brown T-shirt from planetary (GO).
3) They let a girl sing with them in planetary.
4) Frank kissed her cheek like 3 times.
5) The band hugged her.
6) I was fucking jealous for the rest of the show but was happy for her.
7) They sang most of DD’s expet FTWWW and RAVENCROFT or PARTY POISON.
8) A girl was crowd surfing and fell in front of me, I picked her up, I am a good person.
9) Last song, Mikey played in front.
10) Ray kissed Mikey’s head and pushed him away.
11) There wasn’t any Frerard.
12) Frank wore a fucking suit.
13) I got a mcr t-shirt that said WANTED at thee top.
14) I talked to a guy with a project rev shirt on.
15) Seeing Toro shred in real life is fucking the shit!
17) Someone stole my camera, took my batteries and gave it back. O.o I have 2 seconds of ray shredding. Fuck!

Ok, so I fucking was jumping and screaming the whole time. Somehow I didn’t lose my voice. I probably aint going for some time.*

Sarah fell onto her knees. “Ray?” She whispered. Gerard ran to her and pushed het out of the room until she stopped fighting. “Sarah! SARAH! STOP!” He yelled holding her. She shook her head “NO! HOW CAN I STOP?” She yelled. Her ankle was on fucking fire but she wanted to see Ray. Doctors were rushing around her into the room. “Gerard I know you’re my father and you want to protect me, but I need to see Ra.” She whispered. Gerard put his hand over his eyes “I can’t let you do that, I-I just can’t.” He whispered back. “WHY NOT? YOU SEE HIM ALMOST EVERY DAY! HE’S PROBALLY GOING TO DIE DAD! I-I just need to see it to fucking believe it.” She slowly got up and walked in the room.

She walked to a clear spot were the bed was. Mikey and Frank wee in the corner with there eyes closed. She grabbed Ray’s hand. “Ray, you got a concert, wake up.” She said softy and his heart monitor got a pulse.

She stood in disbelief with some doctors. Ray opened his eyes. He squeezed her hand. “hi guys.” He said looking at her father and a crying midget.
They jumped up. “RAY!” They both screamed. Frank ran over and kissed him. He kisses everybody. Even Sarah. Everyone is used to it by now.

Gerard walked in to see why they were screaming. “What- OMFG YOUR ALIVE!” He screamed and ran over to his friend. “Ray!” He said to him. “yeah?” Ray said looking away. “Why did you try to kill yourself?” The room was silent. Ray closed his eyes. Only Gerard knew he tried to commit suicide.

“Why?” Mikey said clearly pissed. Probably for not seeing that Ray was suicidal. He always blamed himself. Bandit walked in and sat in the chair away from Ray. “hypocrite.” She said and got up. “all those fans would be ashamed, just like me Mr. Toro.” She said with evil in her voice and walked out.

Ray stared at the door. He threw his head in his hands and cried. Ray never cried. No on knew what to do. Sarah did. She climbed in and laid him in her chest. He sobbed and cried. Frank climbed in on the other side and wrapped his arms around Ray. “Shh. Baby shush. Everything is okay. I’m here now.” He said to Ray. Ray sat up and wrapped his arms around Frank and cried into his neck. “Everybody but Sarah leave. Frank said. Everybody was in shock so they left. Ray looked at Sarah “This isn’t your fault.” He said. She nodded. She smiled at him. “So you tried because Frank wouldn’t leave Jamia?” She said. They both nodded. Frank was close to crying. Ray wrapped his arms around him.

“Baby, meet me at star bucks.” Frank said to Jamia over the phone. He walked away. Sarah feels for him. She really does. (XD)

When she got home she laid in her bed. Just laid there until there was a knock at her door. “Come in.” She said.

*Ok. I need help. Who is going to come in?

1) Gee and Mikey to talk about the whole kid thing.
2) Brendon.
3) Ray.
4) Frank.
5) Bob.
6) Bert from The Used.
7) Spongbob.
No not spongebob.
8) Bandit.

:D *
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