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You know what. I think Frank is going to make an appearance!

Sarah POV

I was lying on by bed and there was a knock. I answered and Frank came in. “Hello sweetie!” I smiled. “Hey Frankie!” I said back and got off my bed. He looked towards it and smirked. “NO!” I yelled but he was already standing on it. He started bouncing. His long black hair going everywhere. I grabbed his hand and pulled him down. “Awww” He said but he still smiled. He kissed me and grabbed my hand and started jumping. I started jumping too.

He pushed the on button on my IPod dock. It immediately started playing Cancer. He grabbed my hand and waist and pressed himself up on me. I laid my head on his shoulder. He swayed until the song was over. Frank started crying. He barely cries. He like started about a month ago. “I don’t want to leave.” He whispered into my hair.

Of course! He’s gotten skinnier and paler. And he’s starting to wear hats. “Oh my god Frank. Does anybody know?” He sniffled and shook his head. We sat on my bed legs crossed and facing each other. He put his hands up to mine. They were together and our palms were together. We moved them together. Are eyes still locked together he kissed me. We never make out but this was an exception. He was hurting but the only way to cheer him up was to make some physical contact. He pulled back and put his forehead to mine. “So…are you going to tell them?” Frank whimpered and hugged me and wouldn’t let go. “Help me.” He said.

We walked into the living room. I made everyone come. Ray was sitting on the couch with a spot beside him. There were tears flowing out of my eyes so he looked at me concerned. Frank took a breath and started “Guys, I got something important. I-I went to the doctor about 2 months go…and-and-and….” He burst into tears. In 2 seconds Ray was holding him and leading him to the couch. Frank put his head in his hands and cried and cried. Everybody turned to me for an explanation “Cancer” I hoarsely said. Everybody’s face paled. “I-I-“ Ray started to say something but Frank stood up and left the room.

Me and Ray followed Frank outside. He gave a wave and drove off. “Cancer. Holy shit.” Ray said to himself. I nodded. “Ray, you need to go inside.” I said and led him into the house.

----------Sarah’s 16----------

Brendon is still her best friend. Her only friend. No not a couple. Frank is in the hospital seeing if the cancer spread.


I waited in the waiting room for Frank to walk through the door But instead he ran through it and tackled m. He made out with me on the ground. “I’m cancer FREE!” He said picking us both up and spun me around. “What?” asked bewildered. He stopped and kissed me again “I-AM-CANCER-FREE!!!!!!!” He screamed. We jumped around until a nurse came up. Frank had to sign something. He did and we ran out the door.

We ran all the way to Dad’s house. We knocked and he opened the door. Frank jumped on him and squealed “GUESS WHAT MIKES??” My dad just laid there and said “What?” Frank squealed again and said. “Get everybody over here NOW!” And ran off to my room. We still lived at Gerard’s house. Just so I could have 2 dads. I kissed my dad’s cheek and ran up the stairs.

When everybody got here Frank casually gave the news along side me. “Well, Brendon couldn’t make-“ Gerard was impatient ”Why was I interrupted at work?” He works at a comic book store in the back. Frank smiled “Quit the job.” He said. Everybody was confused “I can jump around stage again if you all are up to it.” He said. Still everything was no processed “HIS WHITE BLOOD CELLS ARE NORMAL!” I yell and my dad’s face turned into a smile “FRANK! OMG! YOUR CANCER FREE!” He screamed. Frank shrugged “I know!” And everybody hugged him.

Ray was crying. “Baby, where’s my baby?” I asked Gerard. “Brendon’s” He said. I ran all the way there. I knocked and he opened the door. I tackled Brendon and sat on top of him. “Guess what?” I asked. Brendon chuckled “Yeah?” “FRANK DOESEN”T HAVE CANCER!” I yelled and he pushed me off of him and started jumping up and down.

“OK! WERE IS RAYRAY!?’ He came running out. “Hi Mommy!” He said. I picked him up. All of the sudden a BANG was herd. I felt liquid on me. I was shot. My stomach was bleeding. I put Ray down and told him to hide. The last thing I herd before blacking out was ‘I love you, fight Sarah FIGHT!’

R&R I know it’s rushy, but it had to be done.
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