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No idea, more of a filler!

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Rapist is ?

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OK! IT’S SHORT BUT OH WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank POV.

I just got out of this place! Now I’m back but I would be more than glad to be in the bed. But no! Sarah’s here! Why? Because some guy thought it world be funny to fire a gun while he was drunk. Out of the whole world, it hit Sarah.

Sarah is like my best friend. But now she has even brought RAY to tears. I think I’m shocked. Totally in utter shock. All I feel is me wiping away Ray’s tears and kissing his head. I mean it isn’t like she won’t make it?!

The doctor just walked in “Well, I have some bad news, if she doesn’t wake up in 12 hours, we are going to turn off the machines. There is only a 7% chance she will make it. I am so sorry.” Gerard burst in tears. He hasn’t cried this way in years. Mikey sat there starring at the door that the doctor went through. Brendon just got up and walked away. I need to follow him.

I followed him to the bathroom. He took a piece of glass from his sock and cut down his ankle to his toes. I gasped and he turned. He dropped the glass and starred at me. I stared back until he stood up straight. “Frank-“ I cut him off “I get it.” I said and lifted my sleeves to show the faint scars. “But you have to stop, I almost died Bren.” I said quietly. His face showed regret “Well, the girl I love is dying! It’s only 7% chance Frank. I-I have nothing with ought her.” He whispered the last sentence. I nodded. “She would have nothing with ought you too. I had to leave RayRay at the sitters today crying asking for his mommy! Brendon! She is like 17, has a child, and just got shot! She’s to young for all this drama! But she’s still trying! I had F-ING cancer about a month ago! I tried and fought and I’m standing in front of you! Now go in that room and be strong WITH her not FOR her. Okay?” He nodded and slipped out side and walked to the room. Ray suddenly turned a corner.

“Hey baby…how you holding up?” I ask him. He shook his head and washed his face with some water. “She’s going to have fun in the black parade!” He growled angrily. “Baby she’s going-“ He cut me off “NO! FRANK SHE HAS 7% OF A CHANCE! SHE HAS 11 HOURS TO LIVE!” He screeched and then looked apologetic “I-I’m sorry.” He whispered. I nodded. “Come on Ray, she’s been through worse.” I whisper to him stroking his cheek. He sighed and nodded.

He turned to face the mirror “this is my fault! I should have protected her! I can’t belive Bert got to her!” He whispered “What? Bert didn’t shoot- Oh” It clicked. Bert raped Sarah. If Sarah didn’t have the kid she wouldn’t have met Brendon, and she woulden’t have been with him…. and Ray knew it all along. “RAY! YOU DIDN’T TELL US?” I yelled. He cringed ”I DIDN’T WANT IT TO HAPPEN TO BANDIT TO! HE EVEN THRETTENED GERARD WITH A GUN FRANK!” He yelled back and broke down. He collapsed onto his knees “I didn’t want to lose everybody.” He whispered looking at the ground. I shuddered.

“I promise not to tell anybody if Sarah pulls through. Which she will.” I said and he nodded. H stood up and punched the mirror. Shards went everywhere. His knuckles were bloody but it looked like he didn’t care. He hugged me and went to Sarah’s room. “Sarah oh god.” Lyn-z said. He sat by Gerard and Gerard wrapped his arms around her. “Shhh…..” He cooed. They weren’t together, but he didn’t like to see people upset.

All of the sudden Sarah flew up and she was screaming. This caused all of us to fall or scream. I fell down. “SARAH!” Brendon called and held her tightly. “I almost died didn’t i?” She asked. We all nodded. “Why did you scream?” Gerard asked, Sarah nodded and said “Because the pain is indescribable dad.” She said and the nurse walked in with a needle. I immediately placed my lips on his to draw his attention before he saw it. Ray glared at me when I let go so I made out with him. Mikey was still starring at the door. I slapped him and he fell silent. “WTH?!” He yelled. Then he saw Sarah and fainted.

I cocked my head to the side. That’s look on his face “Needle.” I said and everybody went “Ohhhhh….” Ray still looked jealous when I saw Bert come in and sit by Gerard. Gerard put his head on his shoulder “Are you okay baby?” Bert asked. I was so fucking pissed. Ray glanced over but said nothing, Sarah looked at him closely. “Omg…that’s him!” She yelled. He immediately went to get up but Gerard held him down. “What is Sarah taking about Bert?” He said in a light voice. Sarah started sobbing and I clearly said “He’s RayRay’s father.” Gerard had his hand’s around Bert’s thought a second later and it took Ray, Mikey, and me to pry Gerard away. Bert laughed and was about to close the door when he said “See you on Warped!” And left. Sarah was crying in Brendon’s arms and Gerard was shacking. Lyn-z left and Mikey was starring at me for help.

Oh…this would be a fun tour!
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