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Uhhhh, yeah.

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*To all my readers. Annabell-lee is one of my new favorite people! She has helped me, and has reviewed every single chapter it feels like! Lots of love to everyone, but a cookie to her and the rest of my viewers! But especially the reviewers. To all of them (::)!!*

Sarah POV.

Ewww….my dad’s boyfriend raped me. I mean, one in a thousand chances huh? Frank and Ray looked so calm about it. My dad tried to kill him! I was crying in Brendon’s- OH GOD!

I just remembered what he said…but it was probably just a reason for me to fight. I mean…I don’t love him. Well…I don’t exactly know. I mean, he’s my bestfriend…exept Frankie. I’m going to get him to come over!

SarahIsDaBomb- You busy?

FRAnkIero.- Nah, why?

SarahIsDaBomb- Come hang with me? :P

FRAnkIero- I love my Ray :] !!

SarahIsDaBomb- Okkk….I love my Ray to. Will you come over?

FRAnkIero- Ok…. :}


In 20 minutes Frank jumped through the window. “AHH!” He yelled, I fell off my bed. “Uh..Hi.” I said to a grinning Frank. “Hello Sarah!” He said chirpily with a wide grin on his face. He was glowing.. I narrowed my eyes “What exactly were you doing when I texted you?” I Asked. He looked at his shoes. “Uhhh” I laughed. “Yup! You REALLY love Ray!” I said and laughed. H blushed and looked down “No worries!”
I said and pated his back. He did his cute little giggle-hiccupped thing. “so…What do you wanna do?” He asked flopping down on the bed.

“I want to do nothing of the sorts!” I said and laid down with him. He looked over c and giggled “What?” I asked. “Your name is Sar-ah!” He said. His eyes were bigger than normal. “Yo, Frankie….SPOON!” He started laughing uncontrollably. “Frankie…I’m going to go get you some skittles! Stay right here or you won’t get any!” I said and got up.

I walked to my dad’s room. I opened the door “Dad. “I think Frank’s high.” I said and hi head snapped up. “”What?” I shrugged. “Could you come and check please?” I asked and he got up. He walked to my room and opened the door and Frank was on the floor laughing. Is eyes were even bigger. “Christ...” My dad whispered. “Frankie! Come here buddy.” He said and Frank got up and stood by my father. He smiled “Hi Gee!” He said and hugged him. My dad unlatched him, “come on, Sarah can come with us, but were going to the hospital.” Frank froze in terror “NO! You can’t make me!” He ran out of the door. {I ran after him and tackled him. “It’s that or your going to take a bath in ice water.” My dad warned. He got up and followed us to the car. He opened the door and sat down. I smiled and put the child lock on. “Frankie…do you want me to come?” I asked and he nodded. I sat by him and he curled into my side “I hate hospitals.” He said and fell asleep.

Frank POV.

I was sitting on a hospital bed when a nurse came in and handed me some pills. I took the and closed my eyes. I suddenly awoke at Gerard’s house next to Sarah. I yelped and she smiled at me. I shook my head “W-What happened?” I asked. She frowned “You don’t remember? You slept with me!!” I was shocked “”WHAT!?” She giggled “No, but you were high when you came through my window.” She said and scowled. I felt sweat on my fore head. Then a different voice cut in “How long?” Gerard spat. I held up a hand and bolted for the bathroom and threw up. “Uhg..” I said and walked out. “Since…I got together with Ray.” I said. Well I practically whispered.

Sarah stood there shocked and Gerard shook his head. “So are you going to break it off?” He asked. I realized what that last sentence must have sounded like. “Hell no! I love him…it’s just that…..I’m stressed over something, not Ray himself. I love him more than I love myself.” I said again whimpering. Gerard nodded confusingly. “but…you said?” Sarah asked worriedly. “I’m really stressed out, I was going to propose.” I whispered tacking out a diamond. Sarah gasped and squealed looking at the ring. “But WHY?” Gerard yelled throwing his hands up. “BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT TO CHEAT ON RAY!” I yelled which made his face fall.

Sarah wrapped her hand in mine. “It was either I swallow some pills or sleep with some guy in a ‘The Used’ T-shirt Gerard! I instantly fell back into old ways.” I said getting sad. I felt a pair of lips on mine. And then Sarah pulled back and hugged me. “I’m a fucking good to nothing junkie!” I said and she released me. “No your not.” She whispered looking down. “That’s like saying I’ a slut.” She growled. I nodded. “NO TELLING RAY!” I yelled. Gerard’s sile faded. “But he already heard?” He said. My face fell “So much of a surprise huh? The fucking ring is showy anyway!” I growled sarcastically. Ray was inn the door way “Frank, I will marry you if you still want me to.” Ray whispered to me. I smiled and slipped it onto his finger “Hell yes!” Mikey stepped into the room. “Shut the hell up! Bob just knocked on the door and he said he saw YOU at the hospital! Now any one want to tell me WHY?” He asked. Shit.

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