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You know, just a note.

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I can take the story in a couple of ways, but you decide.

Option #1

Sarah stood by her video camera. I am broke, have a child, and will not exept money. She thought to her self. “At least I can make good money.” She whispered and turned the camera on. She placed it and Began stripping. She was down to her panties when there was a knock. She slid the clothes away and jumped in her bed. Frank came in. “Hi….are you dressed?” He asked she shook her head. He threw her clothes to her and turned. “So, want to catch a fi-“ He stopped when he saw the camera out.. “Sarah, what’s on the tape?” He asked. She looked horrified.

“Nothing!” She said and he scowled. “Sarah, I could always just watch it!” He said. She gulped “NO!” She said. He laughed “Are you tapping a present for Brendon?” He asked. She blushed “No! And both of my fathers will not hear about this!” She said and he nodded. “Okay…just send me a link,” He teased and she pushed him. “Come on Fwankie!” She said grabbing her car keys. He looked pleased but grabbed he camera when she wasn’t looking. He slid the tape into his pocket and walked behind her and grabbed her hand.

Option #2

Sarah walked into the strip bar. A bouncer walked in and said “No chicks allowed.” She chuckled “Can I talk to the manager?” He nodded and brought her to the manager. “Can I help you miss?” He asked and she nodded. “Do you need any more- er dancers, I could really use the cash.” She said and he nodded. “Do you need the clothes? We can supply them.” She nodded. “Ok, come by on Friday.”

When she got there on Friday she was scared. Becoming a stripper? Yeah that was a good choice. But she wouldn’t get caught. She got handed a topless shirt that was only so tight se thought she would bust and a mini skirt which was just like a string of fabric. She ad on 3 inch heels and followed there directions. Stomp, pump, dip, sway, go up slowly, and then do what’s natural on the poles. Natural HAH! But she would have to make it work.

She walked onstage with her other dancers and did what she was told. The girls switched tables and suddenely she recongnised some one. “Frank?” She croaked. He kimmediantly looked up and his cheeks flushed red in anger “SARAH! WTH?”

Option #3

Yeah, Bert wants custody of Ray. Idea!

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