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“You can’t just quit Bob!” Ray yelled. And he never yelled. Bob shook his head “I HAVE to go.” He said. Ray narrowed his eyes “WERE are you going anyway.” Bob’s face fell “I have ...

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“You can’t just quit Bob!” Ray yelled. And he never yelled. Bob shook his head “I HAVE to go.” He said. Ray narrowed his eyes “WERE are you going anyway.” Bob’s face fell “I have to take care of something’s.” He said before stomping out. Ray sat down. “Sarah, what am I going to do? I have the wedding, Frank’s sick, we are running out of money , we have mini me, Gerard keeps in his room, Mikey is always trying to get us to practice. What are we going to do? You just turned 18 and Gerard doesn’t want you to go.” He said. I nodded “Never, I am going to get a job.” I said and got up. Oh goody.

I walked to my room and sat by my computer. “Ok…” I looked through the jobs listed.

are you horny? Touch your self on camera! $100.’

‘Get whipped on camera. $200’

‘Striptease or strip and talk dirty online. $500’
Yes. I signed up praying my dad didn’t watch porn.

Narrators POV

Sarah stood by her video camera. I am broke, have a child, and will not except money. She thought to her self. “At least I can make good money.” She whispered and turned the camera on. She placed it and Began stripping. She was down to her panties when there was a knock. She slid the clothes away and jumped in her bed. Frank came in. “Hi….are you dressed?” He asked she shook her head. He threw her clothes to her and turned. “So, want to catch a fi-“ He stopped when he saw the camera out.. “Sarah, what’s on the tape?” He asked. She looked horrified.

“Nothing!” She said and he scowled. “Sarah, I could always just watch it!” He said. She gulped “NO!” She said. He laughed “Are you tapping a present for Brendon?” He asked. She blushed “No! And both of my fathers will not hear about this!” She said and he nodded. “Okay…just send me a link,” He teased and she pushed him. “Come on Fwankie!” She said grabbing her car keys. He looked pleased but grabbed he camera when she wasn’t looking. He slid the tape into his pocket and walked behind her and grabbed her hand.

When they got out of the film he said he was tired. He walked home with her but then went to his house. He put the tape into his camcorder to watch back. She stripped hesitantly. Frank was growing hard by every second. “I shouldn’t be doing this.” He said jacking off. “What aren’t you supposed not to do?” Ray said with a sexy smirk in the door way. Clearly not seeing the tape he lent down and started pumping Frank slowly. T-Tease.” Frank murmur making Ray go faster until he cummed. “G’night Frankie.” He whispered before going to the bedroom. Frank quickly took the tape to Sarah’s and put it in her camera and laid down by her.

She woke up by Frankie. She sighed. Mikey walked in “Sarah I need to borrow your camera.” Horror struck through her. “Ok, but let me get the tape.” She said and took it out. She placed it on her dresser and gave him the camera. He smiled. “Thans sweetie.” He said. “Bye daddy.” She said before closing the door, grabbing the tape and uploading it. Something popped up.

Guest 1. “Hey baby, I like your tape.”

Sexy Chick. “Thanks.”

Guest 1. “I would like to see more.”

Sexy Chick. “You’ll get more ;)”

She logged off and looked at a texting Frankie. “Awwww,” He murmered and closed the phone. “Oh, hey.” He said. “What are we doing to day?”
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