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Very Short.

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Frank POV.

Shit….I think I have an addiction to Sarah. Her father’s shall never know! Neither her either. If she found out I watched it….she probably think I’m some weird son of a bitch. Which I am it’s just…..Yea…… I’m getting fucking married and I’m watching my best friend’s porn! Wth is wrong with me? Sarah just came in…


Sarah smiled at Frank. He was writing in his little ‘journal’. “What are you ding here? Couldn’t take a day without this?” He said pushing his hands down his body. It instantly made Sarah hot. “No…… But lets go got some veggie burgers!” She said happily and grabbed Frank’s keys. He sighed and went with her. “Sarah, lets go get movie tickets and then eat dinner somewhere.” He said. It sounded like a date. But….. Never mind. “Sure!” Sarah said. Frank kept mumbling some stuff under his breath. “Frankie what was that?” She asked confused. Frank went pink. “I never wanted to dance with anybody but you.” He said and it was her turn to turn red. “Thanks.” She said and he giggled. “Come on.”

When they were driving they saw Bert and some people walking up to the theater. Frank growled but still went to watch the movies. When Sarah left to get drinks she sent a text to Frank. “Sorry Fwankie but I feel sick! I saw Brendon and he’s filling in for me!” And Brendon soon showed up. But Frank was in a pile of nerves.

Ok it is horribly short but I wanted to leave it at a cliff, I am typing the rest of it now!
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