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Prob not what you wanted.

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I looked over to where some guys dragged me. I was in an alley. I turned and there was Bert. “Hello Baby! Miss me?” I shook my head. He walked up and grabbed my face “You missed me!” He said and I nodded. He smiled his weird pedo smile “Yup!” I said fake smiling. He smiled “Good effort.” He said. I nodded. “Now do you love me?” He said forcing me to my knees. “Yes…” I said and put my hands on his thighs. I knew where this was leading and he smiled. “Good Sarah, now your going to be a dog tonight!” His words hit me hard. I was going to take it in the back.

Oh no, my god he really does hate my family. He took his knife out and cut all my clothes off except my panties. Just so I couldn’t walk home clothed. He tugged my panties down quickly and forced me on all fours.

I herd the shimmying off the belt and something press against my entrance. “AAAHHHHH!” I screamed as he rapidly slammed into me. No lube, no prep, now, no innocendce. “Bert, please!” I begged him but he thought it meant something else. He called his friend over, who I didn’t know were there.

The other guy took his pants off and shoved himself into my mouth. He fucked my mouth until I herd someone yell “STOP IT BERT! GET OFF OF THAT POUR GIRL!” Someone shouted. Then a blonde haired boy came over and knocked both them out. I saw the blood all over me. He sighed and grabbed the other guys pants qand shirt and help me get dressed. “Honey, your coming home with me for now.” He said and walked me to a car. “So what’s your name?” He asked. “What’s yours..” I asked wondering where I saw him. He smiled “I’m Quinn.” I was running that through my mind. “The new guitarist for the used?” I asked he nodded. “I am at least 5 years younger than the rest. “Your 19 right?” I asked and he nodded. “I’m Sarah-“ He cut me off “Way..” He said starring at me and I pulled my legs up to my chest and wept quietly.

“I am fucking going to murder Bert in his sleep.” He said as he handed me some medicine. I gladly took it and pulled out my pphone. He understood.

“Hey is Gerard there?”

“This is Quinn from the used.”

“It’s regarding your um daughter.”

“No, it’s happened again..” He said quietly.

“No, No, No, I want to murder him in his sleep.”

“10 minutes from your house…”

He said the address and I fell into a quiet slumber to be met with a WEEOUING Frank near me. “I was supposed to protect her! I am a fucking-“ I cut in “Awesome guy who had to let me make my own dissentions.” Everybody turned. “I wanted to walk home, I saw Bert on the way there, and I shouldn’t have gone down that road.” They cocked there heads. “Sarah, this isn’t your fault honey…..” Mikey said and I shook my head “Nope, it’s that’s mother fuckers!” I said pointing to Bert who was tied to a chair sleeping. “But is he like……..alive…” I ask just making sure. Everyone nodded. I sighed “Oh well…” Everybody turned “So. where’s Quinn?” Mikey turned “He’s summiting a police re-“ I cut in “WHAT!!!!!!!! NO!!” I yelled. “The band! Everything will get out!!! I don’t like HIM!” BUT I LOVE THE USED!!!!” I continued everybody looked shocked.

“I want Brendon, where’s Brendon?” I cried. Brendon held me in his arms. I lightly whispered in his ears “I wish I was dead” I got up and ran out the door. I ran towards the bridge over the river. “SARAH!” People called. I looked over and saw Brendon with a black box in his hand. “Come on! Sarah I was going to propose when you started loving me back. Sarah- you’re my life! Don’t do it!” He pleaded. I looked at the icy water and the 30 foot jump. “She’s never coming home!” Frank yelled still crying.

“For all the wound’s that will never scar me, or the ghosts-“ I jumped. Half what down I flipped and landed in the shallow side. I instantly gulped water on purpose. I felt hands on me and I saw my baby’s face, Brendon, and my whole family starring back as ‘The ghost of you’ played.

I swam up. I was losing air but I swam and resurfaced. RayRay ran to me. “Mommy why did you go swimming?” He asked. I coughed up some water “I slipped baby, don’t worry I’m here now.” I was crying and holding my baby. Gerard took him from me and I was being dragged to an ambulance. Gerard kept him away as people strapped me down. I wanted Ray. “Ray! RAY!” I yelled but then everything went black.

I awoke half way there and the doctor pushed me gently down. “My baby!” I said and fell into slumber. I was rushed into surgery. They got all the water out of me and all the bad stuff and Gerard was in my room waiting for me. I laid down on the bed. “Sarah! I can’t believe it!” He started lecturing. I just wanted RayRay. “RayRay...Hello there Baby, I’m here RayRay.” He got down from Gerard’s grasp and climbed into the bed with me. “Why’d you go swimming mommy? Frank said you were never coming home mommy!” I was starting to cry. I hugged my baby “Don’t worry, I’m coming home, I’m here, I’m here now! I’m not leaving. I have a family now baby. I have Frankie, and BrenBren, and your grandparents, your uncle Ray, Your aunt Bandit, You have Quinn now, just because one of us isn’t there doesn’t mean were not coming home. I love you. I love you. I will NEVER leave, I’m not even sure why I jump- slipped on that ledge. I had way to much to lose.” I was crying and RayRay was took from me, Frank stood there holding my baby. “I was wrong you know.” He said. “I thought you were capable of having this child.” He said and stomped off with Ray. I got up because I had my clothes on, some how the were dried. “GIVE ME MY BABY BACK!” I yelled and he put Ray down. “WHY SO YOU COULD HURT HIM??!” I lost it. I tackled him and started throwing punches, “YOU SON OF A BITCH!” I yelled and some (guy) Nurses had to pull me off. “RAY! RAAY!” I yelled to my baby who was frightened. Mikey ran in and looked at the scene. “Don’t let her have the kid Mikes.” I was crying. “My baby! Raymond come here honey!” I said once I was put down. He shook his head and ran into my dad’s arms. Me And Frank glared at each other when I remembered something. “Where is Brendon?” Frank scowled “In surgery, he jumped after you to try to save you, there’s a small chance of survival!” Frank spat. I fell to my knees. I soon fainted.

Some one was shacking me. But I was in the lake. I could breathe though. Brendon was there “Hi baby.” He said. I hugged him. “Don’t leave me please” I whispered and he said “I already left” And awoke to the heart monitor BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

Everyone stood there. But I was at his side in 10 seconds “Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me you bustard! NO! NO!! Come back!” I yelled but Frank was pulling me fro the side of the bed as nurses shocked him. His ring was on the table and I slipped it on. “DON”T LEAVE ME HERE WITH RAY LIKE THIS! THIS IS ALL MY FAULT! I SHOULDEN’T OF JUMPED” My baby looked at me and said “I knew it!” And he kicked my leg but I didn’t care. Frank loosened the grip. I ran to Brendon and kissed him. His eyes opened “OMG!” I yelled and he laughed “I’ve been awake.” I smiled “Don’t leave me.” I pleaded he shook his head “I’m back.” He whispered. I took his hand. “Were coming home.” I said. He nodded “And were not leaving for awhile either. My knees got week and Frank noticed “Sit down Sarah.” He said but I just swayed looking at the light outside the building. My heart beat rapidly. My whole body was covered with sweat. “I’m not going to make it home.” I said out load and Brendon nodded “I’ll meet you there.” He whispered showing his hand to me. His gold wedding band glittered. “I love you” We both said and fell into a breathless sleep. All we heard was the humming to 'the ghost of you'

So? That’s the end. Yeah…… Bert ends up getting raped by a BIG black dick in jail every night :)
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