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Chapter Four.

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"Gerard Arthur fucking Way, why don't you answer your phone when I call you? I called you three times. Three times! I thought you were, like, chopped into little bits by some psycho hitch-hiker or something, you fucktard!"

"Mikey, shut up. For your information, I do have a hitcher with me," Gerard said indignantly, smiling at me.

"What? Gerard, how do you know he's not going to try to rape you or something?" Mikey yelled. Gerard started giggling to himself and Mikey huffed.

"Mikes, Frankie wishes he could rape me. He's like a five foot three teenager," Gerard told Mikey, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, okay then. Wait, WHAT? Some teenager wishes he could rape you? What the fuck is that supposed to mean, Gerard?"

"Mikey, stop being so suspicious. He's not a wanna-be rapist. I promise you. Plus, you're on speaker-phone, and you sound like an idiot," Gerard said, shaking his head.

"Ooooh. Does Gerard wike the wittle teenager?" Mikey sang down the phone.

"Not like that Mikey. Shut it," Gerard said defensively.

"Fine. What do you want?" Mikey demanded, huffing again.

"I need you to pick me and Frankie up from the Freshwater Motel, okay? My rental-car kind of broke down. And, yeah, me and Frankie have no way to get back to Belleville," Gerard explained.

"Okay, I'll be there tomorrow morning. Oh, and brother dearest?"

"Yes, Micheal?"

"Use protection," Mikey finished before giggling manically and hanging up. Gerard shook his head at his brothers antics and his cheeks flushed. I grinned at him.

"Your brother's... Interesting?" I tried, laughing.

"Yeah, that's one way to put it," he whined, hiding behind his fringe. I moved his fringe out of the way and he looked at me for a while before smiling a big smile. He leaned in and pecked me on the lips and I sighed happily.

"Hey Frankie?"

"Yes, Gerard?"

"You aren't so bad. I kind of like you," Gerard told me as if he was telling somebody a huge secret. I smiled at him before switching off the light and jumping under the covers.

"You know what? I kind of like you too," I whispered before poking him on the nose and snuggling down into the duvet. He laughed a little and got under the duvet as well, curling up into the foetal position.

"Night, Gerard."

"Night, Frankie."

Authors Note: It's like 6:51am and I'm updating this before school. Be thankful; 'cause I can, like, barely open my eyes right now. XD I know this one is short, but I felt it needed to end there. Endings are important to me. >_>
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