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Chapter Two

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Persistant brothers, evil stepsisters, and the important difference between korma and karma...(EDITED- sorry guys, i noticed there were some mistakes..I've hopefully edited them all out now)..

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A/N: wow, thank you all so much for the awesome reviews- I wasn’t expecting so many! You all fucking rock xD anyway, here’s chapter two…hope it’s okay, and sorry it’s taken me so long :/ enjoy, and please R&R! xD sorry it’s kinda short but I was kicked off the computer :L

Chapter Two

Warm rays of summer sunset are poking through the half drawn curtains, illuminating the living room with the ghost of a sweltering summers day, where I’m sitting cross legged on the sofa beside my brother Mikey, watching The Lost Boys, sipping coke, and having a ‘who can flick their popcorn the furthest’ competition.
Actually, Mikey’s watching The Lost Boys and flicking his popcorn as far as he can across the living room; I’m just staring blankly at the screen, not taking in a single thing that’s happening, and absentmindedly intermittently flicking my popcorn in random directions, occasionally unintentionally hitting Mikey or the TV screen.
My (already malfunctioning) brain seems unable to move on from the beyond embarrassing events of the afternoon, and has instead decided to repeat them over and over again in my head, just to rub in the fact that I'm a stupid, stuttering, insanely clumsy moron who can't even string two words that make sense together in front of a guy.
It's so typical: the first guy I meet- besides the lead singer of The James Cleaver Quintet- who's just so gorgeous I want to open my mouth and drool all over him, I just have to become even more of an idiot than usual and attack him with several hundred plectrums.
I could maybe have pulled it off if I hadn't then become a stuttering, blushing idiot and collided with the stand of music books on my way out, but that was really the icing on the cake of disasters.
It didn't really help matters that he was so damn cool about it all, as if he was accosted by incredibly clumsy, unnaturally pale, love struck, Misfits loving teenagers and attacked with plectrums every day.
He just smiled at me. And oh god, that smile…
“Gerard?!” I’m dragged from my reminiscent daydreams by Mikey poking my shoulder sharply. It seriously says something about how gorgeous the guy was that I’m actually reluctant to leave a memory that mortifying.
“…Huh?” I mumble, dragging my thoughts away from a pair of twinkling, laughing, intelligent, vivid bewitchingly green eyes with swirls of deep russet round the iris.
Mikey rolls his eyes. “That’s the third time you’ve flicked popcorn in my face.”
“Sorry Mikes…” I say distractedly, going back to my daydreams.
His voice…deep, yet musical and laced with friendly humour when he spoke to me. Frank…he said his name was Frank..
“You- huh?! Who the hell is Frank?! I’m MIKEY, remember? Your brother.” Mikey says incredulously, flicking popcorn at me.
Oh shit. Did I really just say ‘Frank’ out loud?
“Gee? who’s Frank?!”
Apparently I did.
“Umm…no one..” I mutter, hiding my pink cheeks behind my midnight black hair.
“Oh my god Gee, are you BLUSHING?!” Mikey gasps, peering disbelievingly at me.
“No!” I say defensively, still hiding behind my hair and pretending to be interested in the TV screen.
“Yes you are!” Mikey says triumphantly. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you blush like this before- I didn’t know you had enough blood!”
“Fuck you! I’m NOT blushing!” I protest, ducking my head even more.
Mikey leans across the sofa, and before I can do anything to stop him, he yanks back the hair shielding my face.
Mikey raises his eyebrows sceptically. “Not blushing, eh?”
“It’s hot in here!” I protest feebly.
Mikey rolls his eyes skyward. “Okay Gee, what happened when you were out with Ray this afternoon? Just tell me already!”
Ever since Ray and I arrived back from the music shop, my practically crying with embarrassment, and Ray with laughter, Mikey’s been badgering me to tell him what happened, only each time phrasing it slightly differently, as if I’m actually so stupid that will make a difference.
“Nothing happened!” I snap stubbornly.
“Aww, C’mon Gerard!” Mikey sighs. “How stupid do you think I am?”
“Do you really want me to answer that?”
“Shut up. No, seriously- when you arrive back here looking more embarrassed than the time Mom caught you and Ray wrestling and thought you were getting it on, and Ray’s hysterical with laughter, I’m guessing it wasn’t just your average afternoon out!”
I scowl and stay silent, taking a sip of coke.
“Did you kiss Ray?” Mikey pipes up after a moment.
I choke, coke spurting out of my mouth. “Eww! No fucking way, Mikes! He’s my friend! Seriously, I promise on my life it wasn’t that.”
“Ahah! So there was something.” Mikey grins triumphantly.
Damn. Damn him and his stupid cleverness.
“We…we just went to the music shop, okay?” I snap, cross that I fell into his trap.
“And nothing!”
“Well as far as I know, piano books and guitars don’t have that much of an effect on people.”
“This is Ray we’re talking about here.”
“Don’t even think about trying to change the subject, Gee.”
I scowl. “Seriously, Mikey, we just went to the music shop to get some new plectrums for Ray- Maisie had eaten all his again.”
“Y’know,” Mikey grins his oh-so-evil grin. “I can just text Ray and ask him what happened- I’m sure he’ll tell me.”
“You wouldn’t!” I gasp in horror.
“Oh really?” Mikey smirks. “Trust me, unless you tell me, I will.”
“Oh no you won’t!” I cry, lunging myself for Mikey’s phone which is sitting on the arm of the sofa.
“Oi!” Mikey cries as I stumble off the sofa. “Give it here, Gerard!”
“Nope.” I smirk, bouncing across the room.
“Gerard!” Mikey chases me around the room, pelting me with the remains of the popcorn, until my foot catches on the rug, and I squeal and go flying to the floor, where Mikey leaps on me and starts tickling me to death.
“Eeeech-ooof! Nooo-stop-eech-it-Mi-iff-key!” I squeal, squirming.
“Give. Me. The. Phone. Or you will DIE.” Mikey says through gritted teeth, tickling me harder.
“Noo!” I cry. “Mik-”
The living room door suddenly bangs open.
“Will you two shut the fuck UP?!”
Mikey and I both freeze.
Standing, fuming in the doorway is a tall, slim, pretty sixteen year old girl with a dark brown spiky crop, piercing icy blue eyes, lightly tanned skin and a scarily short skirt. Her face is perfectly made up; eyebrows plucked, mascara thick, foundation smooth, but none of this can mask her expression which could turn milk sourer than sour.
Let me introduce my oh-so-lovely stepsister, Jamie. And let’s just say: if looks could kill, Mikey and I would be dead meat. Seriously- you can practically see smoke coming out of her nostrils.
“Nice to see you too, Jamie.” Mikey says mildly.
Jamie rolls her perfectly outlined eyes and ignores him. “I have a date, and he’s arriving in like, five minutes to pick me up and I’m not ready yet. I don’t want to spend any more time than necessary with you two freaks, but I wanted to ask you two things- firstly, when the doorbell goes, can one of you get it- it’ll be him, and I don’t want to look too keen. Secondly, have either of you seen my pink nail polish?”
“Yeah, I borrowed it.” Mikey says sarcastically, and I snort.
“Whatever, Michael. I know you haven’t used it- although I wouldn’t put it past gay Way here.” She sneers at me.
I scowl angrily at her. “Jamie. Trust me, it’ll take a lot more than pink nail polish to make you look even halfway more human and less bitch. I think a plastic surgeon might work better.”
Jamie’s perfectly made-up face darkens in fury, and Mikey sniggers in appreciation.
“Fuck off, Gerard. I don’t need you and your stupid sarcasm. Go and suck off some vampire freak like you and then go slit your wrists and die like the emo faggot you are!” and on that kind note, she flounces furiously from the room, leaving nothing but the slamming of the door and the lingering after scent of her irritating perfume.
My innards are prickling uncomfortably with suppressed anger and hurt, tiny, luke-warm needles stabbing me from inside. It’s so ironic- I expected to come here and get picked on by almost everyone here, apart from my family, and yet- hardly anyone at school teases me- it’s almost all from my own stepsister.
“What a lovely girl.” Mikey says sarcastically.
“What a fucking bitch.” I say bluntly.
“I can’t believe we actually have to live with her.” Mikey sighs, flopping back down on the sofa.
“I know.” I groan. “I want to kill her, Mikes. Kill her with one of her own stupid fucking mascara wands.”
“I don’t think that would be an easy feat.”
“Apparently she has a special flexible one.”
“Hmm…possibilities.” Mikey grins. “Na, don’t listen to her, Gee- don’t let her get to you. One day she’ll get eaten by hungry moosi like she deserves. Korma, y’know?”
“KARMA, Mikes, not korma!” I snort. “Korma is a kind of curry.”
“Potato, potato.” Mikey waves his hand dismissively, switching The Lost Boys back on.
Thankfully, he seems to have forgotten about wanting to know what happened in the music shop, and we both watch the TV for a few minutes in peaceful silence, sipping coke, until the shrill ring of the doorbell interrupts us.
Mikey looks at me. “You get it. or I’ll text Ray.”
Apparently he hasn’t forgotten.
I sigh in defeat and get up, still holding my can of coke, and slouch out into the hallway, hoping sincerely that Jamie’s date isn’t some enormous, muscly, bleach-blonde jock who’d take great pleasure in beating me up.
I yank the front door open.
My jaw drops in utter horror.
The guy isn’t an enormous, muscly, bleach-blonde jock.
He’s about my height with a few tattoos on the pale skin of his left arm, a silver lip ring, and twinkling, greeny-russet eyes.
Let’s just say it’s a good thing I don’t have a box of picks to spill everywhere this time…

Hope that was okay…please R&R to tell me what you thought. I actually have the next chapter written too- it’s just a case of typing it up, so the more reviews I get, the sooner I’ll post it! xD thanks for reading :D

CosmicZombie xo
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