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F is for Fat

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"Fraaaank," Gerard whined, staring at his jeans.

"What, Gee?" Frank asked, walking into the bedroom of their apartment, and munching on his skittles.

"I'm getting fat," Gerard complained, gesturing towards his jeans in distress.

"What? Gerard, you are not fat," Frank said, dropping the packet of skittles onto the bed and taking a seat on it. He pulled Gerard down next to him.

"Yeah, I am. These jeans are too small for me. They won't do up. I'm gonna get huge, and then you're gonna leave me for some skinny, better looking guy," Gerard mumbled, looking at the ground.

"Gee, that's ridiculous. You are not going to get fat; and even if you did, I would stay with you," Frank told his boyfriend, kissing him softly.

"Liar," Gerard mumbled into the kiss.

"Nuh-uh. I would totally stay with you. Even if you looked all deformed and ugly. I wuv you, Gee-bear," Frank cooed, tapping Gerard on the nose and smiling.

"I love you too, Frankie. But I still think I should go on a diet," Gerard said, staring at his stomach.

"Gerard Arthur Way, you do not need to lose weight. You are gorgeous like that. And if you so much as try to diet, I will force feed you skittles in your sleep," Frank warned, wagging a finger.

"Frank, I'd choke and die," Gerard stated obviously.

"...Oh. Well, still. I'll still find a way to feed you. I totally will. So don't. Because I like cuddling you, and if you lost weight there'd be nothing to hold on to, and I like being the smaller one," Frank rambled, pouting slightly.

"Mmkay, sugar. I promise I won't diet," Gerard relented, crossing his arms and sulking.

"Geeee. Don't sulk. It's adorable and all, but it kinda reminds me of Mikey," Frank told him, grinning.

Gerard wrinkled his nose and instantly stopped his sulking. He reminded Frank of his brother? Oh fuck to the no. His brother was batshit crazy.

Gerard sighed and shimmied out of the jeans, and Frank gave them a weird look.


"Gerard, you're a moron."

"That is so rude. Wait; why?"

"Those are my jeans, fucktard."

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