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H is for Hugs

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Gerard stared at the door, waiting for the Iero’s to arrive. He had been waiting for half an hour now. He couldn’t wait to play with Frankie. Frankie was a lot more fun than his brother. He was cuter too.

His little brother, Mikey, had been brought home from what his parents called the ‘hospital’, three weeks ago, and he hadn’t seen Frankie since then. All Mikey did was lie in his crib, cry, eat and poop. That’s it. He was boring. Gerard missed Frankie.

Finally, the doorbell rang and Gerard waited calmly for his mom to come bustling down the hallway to open the door. As soon as the door was opened, a little bundle of energy burst into their home.

“Gee,” Frankie said loudly, pointing at Gerard.

“Now, Gerard, you take care of Frank while I show Mrs. Iero the baby, okay?” Gerard’s mom asked, before leading her friend up the red-carpeted staircase.

“Gee,” Frank repeated, even louder than before. Gerard sat himself down on the over-stuffed couch.

“No. I’m Gerard,” Gerard told the toddler slowly. Frank gave him a blank look before waddling over to the couch and holding out his arms to Gerard. Gerard stared at Frank for a couple of seconds before relenting and lifting the smaller boy onto the couch with him.

“Gee!” Frank giggled, throwing his arms around Gerard’s neck. Gerard stiffened. Why was Frank hugging him? Only his momma or his dad hugged him. Nobody in pre-school ever did.

When Gerard didn’t hug him back, Frank looked up at him through the mop of brown hair covering his face, his eyes wide.

“Gee. Hug,” Frank demanded, making his grip on Gerard’s neck even tighter than before.

Not seeing any other option, Gerard hugged the little boy back, resting his chin on the top of Frank’s head. Hugging a person smaller than him wasn’t that weird. He felt all grown-up and protective, all of a sudden.

“Yay!” Frank squealed, pulling away and licking Gerard’s cheek quickly. Gerard giggled at the feeling and looked down at the boy beside him.

Suddenly, Frank pulled a red packet out of the pocket of his pants and poured candy onto his hand. He held the hand out for Gerard to take some, and Gerard smiled at him before picking out all the red ones. Those were his favourites.

At that moment; Gerard decided that he liked Frankie better than his boring brother, and that he would never ever let anything happen to his Frankie.

Author's Note: I actually liked this one. XD
Won't be updated for about five days, I ran out of internet. D:
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