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Flowers and a war.

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I was making my way through the crowd when Mikey hurried after me. “Why are we at a club, isn’t it you guys anniversary?” I nodded. “Then-“ I cut him off. “Look for red, like blood okay?” He nodded. He pointed to a bar that was red. I went over and sat down to think. Mikey’s hands slid over my waist and he picked me up. He dragged e over to the middle of the dance floor. “Dance!” He yelled over the music. I shook my head. He got in front of me. “Dance or I will kiss you.” He threatened and I started dancing with him. I even pressed our body’s together. When we were done I was a sweaty mess, so was he. “Um Frankie.” He said and I looked over. “Let’s go back to the bar.” He stated and I followed and the bar tender gave me a drink.

I had two and I wasn’t even buzzed. I kept looking around the club. I needed to find that note. Someone started playing my guitar part on stage. It was Ray. WAIT! It was Ray! I ran over followed by Ray and he smiled but kept playing. He motioned for me to come up. I’ve always wanted to compete in a rock battle with this guy. He had another guitar on stage and I quickly put it on.

We played for 10 minutes. Then he smiled at me and I smiled back. “Ladies and gentle men, we have paid this club to let us perform 1 song. Here we are ‘My chemical ROMANCE!” Everyone cheered because apparently they knew us. Gerard ran out followed by Mikey who winked at me and Pedicone got behind the drums. “Frank!” Gerard said and ran over. He leant down and whispered in my ears. “I saw you dancing with my brother, I can’t believe he got you to do THAT! I love you baby.” He kissed my cheek and ran back to the mic.

We started singing Demolition Lovers. Bye the end I was in happy tears and when I walked back stage Gerard asked what was wrong. I smiled at him “Nothing, we are like perfect. We don’t fight or yell, we are perfect for each other Gerard.” I said without meaning to. He lightly kissed me, just a simple kiss. Ray ‘awwed’ and I threw my shoe at him. He caught it and tossed it by me and smiled. When I looked over Gerard was gone and I was getting a new note from Bob. BOB! I squealed and jumped in his arms. “BOB! Why are you here?!?” I asked and Ray chuckled. “This was our gift to you guys, I know it’s not OUR anniversary but I thought it was nice.” I nodded still clung to Bobert. “Oh hello Bobert.” He said and giggled. Bobert picked me up and swung me on his back.

“Next clue. Read it, apparently I’m your help now.” He stated as everyone else was loading the van. I giggled. “Ok.” I balanced a little more.

I love you Frank.

Like all the Iris flowers.

Like all the chocolate.

I know it’s easy, but hey, it works.


I giggled to my self. “To Iris’s flower and candy shop!” I commanded and he piggybacked me to the car. We both giggled as I snuggled up to Bob. He slipped me his new number “You ALL better be in contact! I spent like years crammed in a bus with you all!” He said and we laughed. I jumped out and Bob followed and ran down the street. I walked into the store. Iris was standing there smiling. “Hi Iris, haven’t seen you in awhile.” I said. She nodded. I looked around till I saw a red and black heart box that has been clearly drawn on. Now it was a melting heart and Gerard’s signature was on it.
I took it to the register ans she shook her head. “It was already paid for sweaty.” She took the cover off and took a chocolate and I laughed. She fed it to me like a child and I read the note.
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