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Yea, not a clue, just directions. Go put on ‘classy’ clothes and get to that really fancy restaurant that is pronounced Crocket Ok?? LOVE YOU!

I laughed again as I read the note in the taxi. I was dressed in dress pants, a solid black shirt, and a overly pricey jacket, with just a smudge of black eyeliner. I walked in side ‘Crocket’ and looked around. Gerard linked arms with me and led me to a table. Are food was already there. “Thanks’ Gerard.” I said and he smiled. “Why?” He asked tacking a bite out of his pastas. I combined our hands “For being here.” I said and he smiled. He beckoned the waiter to get the champagne. I was worried, he wasn’t allowed to drink. The waiter poured me a glass and him half of one. I smiled.

“Frank, you love me right?” He said and I smiled. “Gerard, it’s our 1 year anniversary.” I said and he smiled. “Okay Frank take a drink after every sentence I say.” He said I nodded. “You love me.” I took a drink. “I love you too.” The glass was almost empty. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I love him so much. I took another drink. “Will you marry me?” He asked and I took another drink and something metal entered my mouth. I took it out. It was a ring. I was in tears. “Of course Gerard.” I whisper and he slipped the ring on. “I love you Frank.” I clung to him. “Gerard Author Way! I’m marrying you!” I said and he smiled and paid the bill. “Come on, lets go to Mikey’s place.” I smkiled and he picked me up bridal style when we got outside. “Gerard, are you sure you wan’t to do this?” I asked and he nodded. Just then headlight were right infront of us. Bert was behind the wheel and he ran into me and Gerard. Gerard threw me onto the pavement next to the car so Bert didn’t hit me. Then he sped off. Gerard was on the ground motionless. “Oh Gerard.” I said kissing his lips. I called 911, they coulden’t save him. Mikey cried on my shoulder, but the worst thing is, The happiest day of my life was stolen from me.

Gerard Way dead- October 30, 2006.

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