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The next morning.

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Gerard's P.O.V
I moaned when our lips crushed. Frank ran his fingers through my hair while playing with my tongue. Then he took off his shirt and my hands moved over his body. Sweat ran down his forehead and dropped on my hot chest. I licked it off his face. He opened his pants and... Suddenly i saw him crossing the street when a car hit him. His liveless body fell to the ground and the driver looked at me with a smile on his face. I knew this guy. Then he drove right past Frank's corpse and left him lying there. I wanted to run i wanted to rescue him and hold him in my arms. But i couldn't move. I screamed and darkness surrrounded me...
I woke up and heard a terrible scream. It was full of agony and sadness. It was terrible and i wanted it to stop. I couldn't stand it. Suddenly i noticed i was the one who was screaming. It didn't sound like my voice, it sounded strange. I quickly closed my mouth amd silence was all that was left. I looked around and found myself in my bedroom. I sat up and felt dried tears on my cheeks. The sun shone into my room and i got out of bed and closed the curtains. I had had a nightmare. The worst nightmare in my life. When i thought about the look on Frank's face when he had died i felt new tears well up. I shook my head because i wanted the thought disappear and thought about that guy i had seen in my dream. Who was he? I didn't remember his face now that i was awake. Just this evil smile when he... I shook my head again and walked out of my room. I noticed that i had a headache because i had probably stayed up for too long yesterday. I just remembered our band practise, the kiss with Frank... At the very thought of it i got goosebumps. Maybe i should call him to make sure he was okay. But he'd think i'm an idiot because i was worried about him because of a stupid dream. No, i decided i didn't want to disturb him. I still remembered that we had gone to a bar last night too. I probably got drunk that's why i didn't remember anyhing else. I walked towards Mikey's room and knocked on the door lightly. No response. I quietly opened the door and entered an empty room. Oh yeah, i'd forgotten that Mikey had to work on Mondays. Fucking great. I hugged myself and left the room again. I went downstairs and sighed heavily. I didn't want to be alone today. Not now, not after that dream. I sighed again and opened the fridge. There was a plate full of pancakes and next to it lay a little note that said "Hope they taste good. Be back soon. Love you. Mikes xx". I smiled and put the pancakes into the microwave. I loved my brother so much. He was always so caring and sweet while i was a total asshole. My smile faded and i quickly wiped away the tears that started running down my cheeks. The microwave made pling and i grapped the plate. It was so hot i burned my hand and dropped it.

"Fuck!" i shouted and held my burned hand under cold water.

As i reached for the towel that was lying on the counter, i saw something from the corner of my eye that caught my attention. A tequila bottle. I thought about what i should do. Mikey would be disappointed. So would be Frank and Ray and everyone else i knew. But what if they never found out? What if i drank it all and then pretended there never had been a tequila bottle? But that meant i had to lie to everyone. But i really, really needed and wanted it. I wanted it so bad. I shrugged and took it. After the first few gulps i felt the bad feelings go away. So i drank more. I sat onto the ground and smiled. Suddenly calling Frank seemed like an amazingly good idea. So i took my phone and dialed his number.

"Hey Gee!" I heard his voice through the phone when he picked up.

"Hell-Hey hey Fronkie, how are yo, sweetheart?" i slured and giggled at the sound of my own voice.

"Are you alright, Gee? You sound weird..."

"Of coursey coursey, i'm the finest" I giggled again and burped. "So i wanted to tell yo, my love, that i had a dream about your little, tight ass tonight. And you kinda got murdered..."

"I what?" Frank gasped and i took another sip of the bottle.

"Murdered, murderered... Fun fun. I wanted to check on yoooooooooo because i love my Fronkie baby!"

"Are you... are you drunk?" he asked cautiously.

"Of course i am" i laughed.

"Gee maybe you should..."

"I know i know. Bye darling, i'm gonna go to bed now and have perverted thoughts about yo body."

"No, i didn't..."

I hung up and the phone slipped onto the floor. I drank the last gulp of tequila and dropped the bottle. Then i passed out and i really had perverted thoughts about Frank.

Authors note: Sry guys, i know i haven't updated in a very long time and i'm so so sorry. I just didn't have the time or will to write something. And i'm sorry that this chapter is kinda boring but it will get more exciting, i promise! Thanks for reading, rate and review please?
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