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Chapter 1

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Being the new student is never easy. Especially when you become public enemy number one for reasons unknown to you and your secret crush has a very contrary split personality.

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Perhaps, Maybe, Possibly...

Chapter 01: An Encounter with Prince Charming

It was another normal day for me when something unusual happened. As they say, adventure strikes when you least expect it and by the time you realize what's going on, if your reflexes are as slow as mine, it's already over. I was left with only a small clue, Acme, but to understand the significance of that word, you must know my story from the start.

My name is Bani Bunny and yes, I do have a relation with Buster Bunny, who is my cousin. My fur is mostly white, though my eyes are the same dark color as my cousin's and my hair matches the shade of blue of his fur. Unlike Buster who lives in a land of vast green fields and tall buildings, my home city has only tall buildings and wide highways with very narrow sidewalks. I grew up as a city rabbit so I find my cousin's underground home to be both odd and cozy, but strange none the less. That aside, let's go back to the main event that changed my life...

xoxox xox xoxox

It's Sunday evening and I'm in my room located on the seventh floor of an apartment building at Highway City. With little commerce, even less apartments and no actual houses, this is mostly a place for cars to drive by on their way to somewhere else. It is a milestone, never a destination. While the car fumes invade the air through my open window, to the sound of the anger of those trapped in a traffic jam outside, I clean my closet.

I wish I had something better to do on a Sunday evening, but I have been procrastinating to clean my closet for far too long, living only off the clothes I keep in my dresser just to avoid the cluttered closet. Then again, everything about my room is cluttered. It's small, because the apartment is small, possessing only two bedrooms, a bathroom and another room that's a mix between kitchen, dinning room and living room. My father manages a gas station near by, refueling the many cars, trucks and vehicles that drive by. There's a small convenience store attached to it that my mother tends to. I get stuck helping out at times too, but I am mostly a full time student.

The walls of my room are decorated with posters of various teen magazine celebrities of different species to cover the dull white walls and provide eye candy. As a shy and distracted daydreamer I stare at them a lot, but right now I'm staring at my closet door. Taking a deep breath, I open the door, big mistake. I am greeted by an avalanche of random items that quickly buries me and fills my room, leaking into the narrow hallway by my open door and defying all the laws of physics because all of that somehow came from my tiny closet. The closet was stuffed in such a way that the impulse of the clutter being suddenly released sends various items flying.

Unfortunately, one of those flying objects is my souvenir anvil from last year's anvil exhibition. It is somehow thrown out the window with a sickening crash that can only make me assume it hit something, or someone, hard. I should be hiding, but instead I rush out of the apartment and to the elevator. I make it to the first floor and step into the narrow sidewalk to see a white limousine with a hole on top. I shyly step forward, not realizing how stupid I am to accept the guilt, though I could have gotten away with remaining undiscovered. "I'm so sorry!"

As I apologize I see that the one who's limo I damaged and received a hit to the head from the anvil, is a human boy around my age. He seems utterly confused and disoriented, but soon returns my anvil, "is this yours, miss?" That's odd, he sounds almost happy?

"Yes, I'm really, really sorry, it was an accident!" I continue to apologize profoundly while I feel my face heat up, I must admit he's handsome. "I'll pay for the damages... somehow." I know I probably can't afford it, even if I ask for an advance in my allowance.

"It's okay, why don't you come to dinner with me?" His offer left me in shock. Maybe that hit to the head was harder than I thought.

"Um... okay..." I had never ridden on a limousine before, nor had I been in the presence of such a handsome young man. I shifted uncomfortably all the way while he tried to make conversation.

"What's your name?" He asked looking a bit unsure, yet somehow excited.

"Bani, my name is Bani bunny and yours?" I shifted in the plush seat of the limo and stared at my feet.

"I am..." A sudden pain seemed to invade him as he held his head. "I am..." He closed his eyes tightly and tried to push the pain away.

"Its okay, if it hurts you don't need to talk," I tried to comfort him though I felt helpless to do so.

He shook his head as if trying to clear it. "Why don't you tell me more about yourself? What do you like?"

"The usual, music, movies, videogames, I especially like RPGs and racing games, and sci-fi movies. For music, I like rock best, people say they never would have guessed and..." I fall silent, I may be mostly shy, but when people ask me a direct question that I easily know the answer to, I tend to ramble.

"Perfume?" He inquires ending my silence.

"Oh yes, I love perfume, I collect them," I pause suddenly feeling even more self conscious, "is the scent too strong?"

"Not at all, it's really nice," our conversation continues in such a way until the traffic jam finally moves and we make it to a restaurant in the outskirts of Highway City.

The restaurant is a fancy place where everyone seems to know the human who invited me there and refer to him as sir despite being in his teens. They find us a nice table and he encourages me to order anything I want saying it's his treat, for which I feel kind of guilty. "I hit you with an anvil, why are you being so nice to me?" The anvil in question I had since put away making it vanish behind my back, don't ask me how I can do this, I just can.

"That was an accident, besides, you're... really cute," he actually blushed as he said this, which made my face turn scarlet.

"Thank you," I managed to whisper, hiding shyly behind the menu. I ended up having the most delicious plate of carrot lasagna I have ever tasted with carrot cheesecake for dessert and carrot lemonade to drink, all of this is with chocolate syrup sprayed on each thing, because I love chocolate covered carrot based foods.

I mostly talked about myself during dinner, since my 'date' if I can even dare to think of him as such, seemed to get a headache whenever he tried to talk about himself. In the end, he took me home and we talked some more on the way.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the guts to ask for his number or email and apparently he was too distracted by his headache to ask for mine, if he even really wanted it. As he left, he rolled down the window of his limo and tried to speak to me one last time, but the headache attacked him again and all he could say was, "Acme," before the driver went away, presumably to take him home.

That night I couldn't stop thinking about him and I did an online search for the word 'Acme' which seemed so familiar that I was certain I had heard it before. I was right, I had in fact heard that word before, Acme Looneyversity was where my cousin Buster went to school. Was the human boy a classmate of his? If my cousin knew him or not didn't matter, Acme was my only clue and I simply had to see him again. Hopefully his headache would be out of the way by then and I will be able to learn more about him. Tomorrow I'll transfer to Acme!

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Tiny Toons. Bani is an original character I made for this story. I have pictures of her on deviant art. Check out the link to my fanart on my profile.
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