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Chapter 2

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Chapter 02: The Road to Change

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Perhaps, Maybe, Possibly...

Chapter 02: The Road to Change

It's so early that I'm falling asleep on my feet. Last night I talked to my parents when they arrived late from their seven day work week. I insisted that I wanted to transfer to Acme Looneyversity and I had already spoken to my aunt, who said she would be all too happy to have me over. My parents didn't present much of an argument and provided that I behaved well at my cousin's house, they let me go. I took a taxi when it was still dark and arrived at Buster's home just as he was getting ready for school.

When I was led into the underground house, shyly following my aunt as she called, "Buster, come help Bani with her luggage!" It all finally sunk in that I was in a new place where I didn't know anyone except my cousin. We were close as kids when my family used to live in the suburbs of Acme City, but have spoken little since then.

Buster showed me to my room, immediately treating me as a sister who had been a part of his life the whole time. "You can unpack later, you should probably head to school extra early today to take care of your transfer papers."

Then I realized that it was a bit too early to be going to school and immediately apologized, "sorry about that. They made you get up early so you could show me the way to school early, right?"

"Not really," Buster smiled, "the boys' basketball team has a field trip today so I had to be there extra early anyway to get everyone organized and make sure we don't miss the bus, I'm the captain after all."

I smiled back trying to be as carefree as he is, "that's good."

"Let's go have some carrot pancakes before we go, mom made a big breakfast today." After spending the night doing online research, printing transfer papers to fill and then riding on a taxi cab, the thought of a good meal was only second to the thought of a soft pillow.

I knew there was no time to sleep so I ate some delicious carrot pancakes, my aunt remembered my love of chocolate and gave me some syrup to put on them. Afterwards, I quickly got ready for my first day as a student in Acme Looneyversity. I rushed to shower and change, grabbed my bag with my previously packed transfer papers and my notebooks and school supplies from my old school, then rushed to meet Buster outside of the rabbit hole.

"Still getting used to the ladder?" Buster teased as he extended his hand to help me out.

"Yeah," I admitted, "I'm used to having an elevator," and living several stories above ground. "This place is different, it's a well known big city, but it has a lot of open spaces too, trees and stuff." Admittedly I've never been one to care for nature, it feels a bit awkward not to be surrounded by traffic signs, but if I am to stay here for who knows how long in crazy pursuit of a crush, I'll have to get used to not having a sign pointing me in the right direction all the time. This means I'll actually have to develop a sense of direction of my own, since the ability to read no longer guarantees that I'll be able to get to the right place. "It's kind of quiet too."

"We're early today, but tomorrow you should see people leaving their houses and gathering at the bus stop to catch the second bus." Though I'm sure such an atmosphere might be relatively noisy for Buster, I'm sure it'll still be quiet for me.

This place, it doesn't have the scent of burning rubber or processed fuel. It lacks the sound of loud horns and the words of frustration of the morning, midday and evening rush hours, which seem to last all day and night in Highway City. It's so quiet it might be peaceful, but for a city rabbit it's almost eerie.

Buster must have noticed my discomfort as we got into the nearly empty bus, but he doesn't seem to know what it's about. "Don't worry, Acme Looneyversity is a great place. I'm sure you'll get used to it and make friends in no time. I won't be able to stay today, the basketball team will leave pretty early, sorry about that."

"It's okay; you don't have to worry about me." I don't want to be a drag on my cousin or make him feel like he's stuck with me.

"So, what made you want to transfer? Was it academics or wanting a change of scene?" Buster seemed to have been curious about this all along.

I couldn't very well tell him that I transferred because I had a crush on some handsome, rich, charming young man I just met. Maybe that wasn't my reason after all anyway; maybe it was my lack of friends back home as most people around Highway City were older. I was home schooled in a sense, but not in my own home, rather a lady from our apartment building acted as the teacher for all the students in our city, who were very few. Maybe seeing what kind of people exist in other cities was the push I needed. "A change of scene mostly, but I'll make the best of it academically since I'm already here and all." This reminds me that I'll probably have a hard time keeping up with a more full and active curriculum, my past teacher was rather lenient and gave mostly open book tests.

"Really? Don't you miss your friends?" Buster curiously asked.

"Not really, most people were..." Snobs who spent class putting on makeup and troublemakers who cut class more often than not. "Not my type of crowd. There aren't a lot of people my age in Highway City, it's just a cluster of roads and shortcuts leading to every other place," as if the city itself wants to provide an escape route away from it. "There are just gas stations, convenience stores and the few other commercial places are on the outskirts, but they're not really hang outs."

"If that's the case, it's no wonder you wanted a change of scene," Buster laughs, "I can't imagine not having a place to hang out. You'll love it here."

"I have high hopes," so what if my silly chase doesn't lead me to my prince? Either way, I think this is all for the best.

The bus stops and we exit it. The Acme Looneyversity building stands tall and proud though it is devoid of the crowds of students I imagine must gather in front of it later. Buster shows me to the faculty office so I can turn in my paperwork. "I'll come by a little later. I need to sort some things out for the basketball team trip."

"Sure, thanks Buster, see you later." Feeling both nervous and excited, I enter the faculty office, which is already buzzing with activity. Teachers are talking and drinking coffee, with some already absorbed in their lesson notes.

"Ah, le aroma is quite lovely, mademoiselle, you are a new student, yes?" One of the teachers sees me wondering around and speaks to me. Good thing he did because I had been invaded by shyness and probably would have just continued to stand around until someone asked me why I was here.

"Yes, sir, um... thank you," I hand my papers, which I had printed from the Acme Looneyversity website and filled up last night. They must have gotten my application in the system and were informed of it when they logged in at work. Now they just needed to collect the actual paper-paper work with a few signatures, which I just handed to the skunk professor.

Though skunks are supposed to smell bad, that's not the case right now, maybe it's true that skunks only smell bad upon feeling strong emotions. Either way I love perfume and can rarely smell any scents beyond what I'm wearing, since I wear plenty, but I still see scents when they are present.

"You are all set, mademoiselle," I am brought back to attention when the skunk hands me a paper with my class schedule. This entire transfer process was much shorter and hassle free than I imagined. Or at least I thought so until he gave me the bad news. "Unfortunately, since your previous school was not on the same curriculum as ours," I'm sure that's a nice way to say I'm way behind academically, "you must pass a few exams to make sure you are ready. If you pass, you can continue in your current grade." He didn't even have to say that if I didn't, I would be bumped down or even booted, my expression told him that I knew the consequences of failure and he added, "do not worry young mademoiselle, you may be tutored by other students during study hall and you may even come to the classroom after class to be tutored by the teachers." He must have seen my still present worry because he offered, "I can tutor you myself if you wish, I am in classroom 107 after the last period." He holds out his hand in a friendly gesture probably in hopes of reassuring me. "Professor Pepe Le Pew, at your service, mademoiselle...?"

I take his hand formally "Bani Bunny, nice to meet you..." He places a kiss on my hand in some odd greeting out of a fancy movie and I can't help it but to be reminded of my celebrity crush, Johnny Pew.

To be Continued

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