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Chapter 03

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Chapter 03: Public Enemy Number One

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Perhaps, Maybe, Possibly...

Chapter 03: Public Enemy Number One

I left the faculty office with my schedule on hand. I have tests to worry about, but I'll try to stay positive. I'll ask to borrow Buster's books until I get my own and hopefully he took good notes in class because I don't want Professor Le Pew to think I'm not making an effort to get the material by showing up to be tutored empty handed.

Right at the end of the hall I saw Buster and he noticed me. We met half way and I showed him my schedule. We discussed the classes and the way each professor taught as we walked. Following Buster's pace, I was led back to the front of the Looneyversity, after a short stop at his locker to retrieve the notes I would borrow. Our destination was now more active than before with students hanging around and sitting on the steps talking in couples or little groups.

A bus waited at the bottom of the steps with a few boys already inside, among them a green duck, a purple tasmanian, a pig and several others. "If you get lost, just ask anyone, people here are pretty friendly, except Max and his crew," Buster's warning had little meaning to me since I didn't know who this Max was. "Watch out for Elmyra too, she's friendly, but sometimes too friendly," I'm not sure what he means by that. "I wish I could show you around, but the bus is leaving soon."

"It's okay," I insist, though I don't quite feel okay and would love to have the familiarity of at least one person I know, who also knows his way around here. Unfortunately, there are no traffic signs to guide me down the endless halls of Acme Looneyversity, but at least the classrooms are numbered so I should be fine. "I'll be okay, don't worry, enjoy your trip."

"Enjoy your first day as the new student," Buster gave me a hug, just like when we were little kids. As always, he's far more social and confident than I am. I returned the gesture and watched him get on the bus.

I noticed the green duck casually swinging his arm around Buster's shoulders on the bus and punching his arm playfully as if wanting to coax a secret out of him by way of teasing, but their conversation was lost to me. As I glanced back at the Looneyversity stairs, I saw a pink rabbit who had seemingly stopped cold in the middle of them storm back up. I'm not sure what her problem was, but it was none of my business anyway, or so I thought.

The bell rang and I made my way to my first class among the crowds of students. I was almost late, but made it just on time to go inside the classroom with the last small cluster of students that made their way inside. I showed the teacher my schedule and was pointed towards an available seat.

At first I thought I was saved from having to introduce myself, until the yellow canary announced my presence and made me go up to the front of the classroom again. Apparently Professor Bird was only giving me a chance to drop off my bag at my seat because he intended to make me stand in front of the class for a good while, answering basic questions. "Tell the class your name, where you're from and your dreams for the future!"

I twitched listening to the dreaded request spoken in the most cheerful voice I had heard as of yet. It makes me wonder if Mr. Bird had some happy seeds this morning for breakfast or if he's always this cheerful. "Um... My name is Bani," I noticed the pink rabbit from before glaring at me from her seat. "I come from Highway city and in the future I... I... um..." I haven't thought about the future at all.

"Yes, don't be shy?" Mr. bird encouraged.

"I'm still figuring that out?" I nearly squeaked unsure. This prompted Mr. Bird to give a speech about the future, hopes and dreams and what not, all while he had not even dismissed me to my seat and I didn't know how to sneak back to it. Needless to say, it was mortifying.

After I finally managed to sit down and class continued, I thought everything was fine. That was until I got up at the end of class and realized the pink rabbit girl kept glaring at me, what's her problem? The rest of my day wasn't much better; Professor Sam assigned me an essay, fifty pages, due tomorrow. I knew I should expect the worse according to Buster's warning, but fifty pages for the next day is ridiculous. He said it was to help me catch up with class since I was new, I think Buster's right about him not liking rabbits.

To top it all up I had a series of bad things happen to me, such as doors being 'accidentally' thrown in my face along with a good among of 'unintentional' pushing and shoving in the hallways with the pink rabbit suspiciously near by. I also noticed that as the day went by, more girls were glaring at me including a blond duck and a purple skunk among others. Buster only told me to watch out for Max and his crew, but the entire female population of the school can't be his crew! That kind of harem comedy only happens in anime and this is a cartoon... well a cartoon fanfic, but you get the point!

On the subject of Max, whose identity is still a mystery to me, I overheard some students talking about him. Apparently he was absent for a few days during which he left the city. Because of that, he missed the try outs last week that would determine who from the basketball club would form the official team to go on the trip Buster went on. They said they were expecting some guy named Hampton to miss out, but with Max not present to take the test, he was left out of the team. Apparently he didn't realize the try outs were over until he came to school today and was angry to have missed a chance to compete with Buster.

Other than that, Buster seems to be well liked, but I have not revealed my relation to him, since I would feel like I'm using him if I do. I just can't figure out what makes everyone, the girls especially, hate me. I sigh and head over to classroom 107 to meet Mr. Le Pew for my after school tutoring. I'm already exhausted and it's only Monday!

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Tiny Toons. Things start to get complicated...
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