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Chapter 04

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Chapter 04: Out of Place

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Perhaps, Maybe, Possibly...

Chapter 04: Out of Place

My Tuesday started off with a bowl of Carrot Crunchies with chocolate syrup and the promise of torture haunting my insecurities. I know I must sound like a quitter, being ready to thrown in the towel so soon, but maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. Buster is still not back, since the boys will be staying over in a neighboring city for a few days to play basketball with another school.

I'm taking the second bus today, since there is no reason to be at school extra early. As I wait at the bus stop, I feel the angry looks of other students, who still seem to hate me for no reason. The bus arrives and the students rush in almost trampling me in the process. I manage to get on the bus at last, but all the seats are somehow taken. It's not that the bus is full to capacity, but rather people and their bags are somehow taking up all the space and I feel that it's on purpose.

"You need to sit down," the bus driver, a gruff sounding muscular white dog growls impatiently. "I have a bus route to cover and all passengers need to be seated."

"There's no room," the pink rabbit called out from her position stretched out on one of the seats. If she and her friends were sitting, instead of laying on the seats, there would be plenty of room.

"She needs to like catch the next bus," a blond duck adds.

"If there's no room you can take the next ride, off you go." Loosing his patience and blaming the delay solely on me, the bus driver pushed me out towards the door. I trip getting off the bus and land face first on the ground outside as the bus drives away.

I get up and dust myself off; I'm beginning to hate Acme City. It looks like such a friendly place, yet it's anything but. I don't want to think this way, but what if Buster lied to me? He said everyone was friendly, and no one is. Was he lying about Max too? I am yet to run into him, but if all of this is a lie, then maybe the one Buster told me was mean is the only nice one. Furthermore, I haven't seen my crush anywhere and I don't think a silly instant crush is worth all this anyway, I wouldn't even go through all this trouble for Johnny Pew! Maybe...

As I walk to school instead of waiting for the third bus, which will arrive too late anyway, I can think of nothing more than how much I regret coming here.

I finally arrive at Acme Looneyversity and as I guessed, I'm late. I run down the halls towards my first class and spot a puma janitor up ahead transporting a pile of props on a cart, an anvil on the very top of the pile. I dash to the side to dodge the janitor and his cart, but find myself bumping into a different obstacle. Another student had been running in the opposite direction, but the cart was blocking my view and I didn't see him. He tried to dodge the obstacle as he ran down the hall in the same way I did, which put us in a collision course.

As we bumped into each other and were thrown aside, the janitor expressed his disapproval and fought to balance the props on the cart, which he unintentionally nudged with the startle of our collision. The anvil on top of the pile of props fell down and landed on the other student's head.

"I'm sorry!" I apologized still in a daze, then I realized something. It was him! The human boy I had been chasing!

I ignore the janitor as he scolds us while taking back the anvil and placing it among the props in the cart. He demands a hall pass which neither of us produces and swiftly pushes us to the principal's office, abandoning the cart in the middle of the hallway.

My reflexes are rather slow so I just get pushed along. As for the mystery boy who said 'Acme,' he's still a bit dazed from the anvil hit to the head and doesn't quite come to until we're both at the Principal's office with a gray rabbit having a short conversation with the puma janitor. "Thanks Pete, I'll take it from here."

The janitor exists the office, leaving us with the principal whose name plate on the desk reads 'Bugs Bunny'. "Max Montana, after cutting class for several days last week you came back to hang out in the roof, attending only a few of your classes and today you're not only late, but also causing calamities in the hallway."

I stare at the confused looking human boy who seems to be, understandably, suffering from a terrible headache. He's Max, that's my mystery man? Now I know Buster was lying and it breaks my heart to think my dear cousin, who seemed so nice and trust worthy, would do this to me. Shifting uncomfortably under my stare he voices a barely audible, "I'm sorry; I'll try to behave better from now on."

Mr. Bunny's jaw drops, the bottom literally hitting the desk as his eyes grow to ten times their size and shrink again to their normal size. He picks up his stretched jaw and pushes it up, adjusting it in place. "Yes, well, you do that." He then picks up a slip of paper and writes in it, handing it to Max. "Here's a pass, go to the nurses' office."

"I'm not really injured or anything, sir," Max protests.

Mr. Bunny shakes his head, "listen Max, you have to take care of your health. You may be young, but you're obviously sick." I'm not sure why he's so adamant on that conclusion.

"Yes, sir, I'll go now," Max accepts the slip of paper and gives me one final shy look before delighting my pupils with a charming smile as if remembering something that gave him confidence. Without another word, he promptly leaves the office.

The principal sighs as he shakes his head in worry, "poor kid," he mutters under his breath. Honestly, Max's hit to the head didn't seem that bad, I think he'll be fine. Maybe he's an anvil jinx or something, but I still don't understand why the principal thinks Max is so terribly ill. Maybe there's something I don't know, I hope Mr. Bunny is just overreacting and Max is alright. "Now then miss..."

"Bani Bunny," I quietly reply.

"No relation," the principal chuckles. "This is your second day here, isn't it?" The principal clicks on something on the computer, probably my record. "A transfer from Highway City, previously in independent studies..."

"Sorry I was late, I um..." I didn't think it was a good idea to tell the principal about the bus incident, complaining to the principal felt cowardly. Instead, I just trail into an uncomfortable silence.

"You got lost?" Mr. Bunny offers, "it happens to everyone, it's tough being the new kid so I'll let it slip." He writes something on a piece of paper and hands it to me. It appears to be a note excusing me for my lateness. "There, just tell your teacher you were taking care of some official transfer business at my office; try not to be late in the future."

I'm glad the principal decided to let me off the hook, "thank you, sir," I reply formally and scurry out of the office. When my lunch break arrives, I intend to search the school upside down until I find Max.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Tiny Toons. Perhaps trouble is maybe on its way... possibly. The unnamed bus driver was Arnold.
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