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Chapter 05

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Chapter 05: The Great Anvil Enigma

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Perhaps, Maybe, Possibly...

Chapter 05: The Great Anvil Enigma

Lunch time couldn't have come soon enough. It's not that I'm particularly hungry, but rather, I have a mission. From what I heard this morning at the principal's office, Max likes to hang out on the roof. It seemed like a good place to start my search, so I'm making my way up there right away, if I can find my way there that is.

In my search I turn a corner and almost run into a purple skunk who glares at me. "Sorry... excuse me, but could you tell me how to get to the roof."

The purple skunk has a 'the nerve!' expression on her face, as if one's sworn enemy just asked their eternal rival for help. Then her look changes to one of mischief which quickly dissolves into false friendliness. Every alarm in my head is screaming that I shouldn't take directions from her, but I stupidly follow as she said, "Le stairs are this way."

"Thank you," I shift in place as I eye the seemingly perfectly safe and normal stairs. They are narrow stairs, hidden behind a door that makes it look like there's nothing behind it but a utility closet.

"You are quite welcome," I sense some sarcasm in the purple skunk girl's voice as well as eagerness for... vengeance? Since she's not moving I step inside the staircase and predictably the door shuts behind me followed by the sound of items being piled in front of it.

I sigh and go up the stairs; I'm trapped so this is all I can do. Out of the dim staircase past another small door, I am greeted by the bright mid-day sun on the campus rooftop. At least I am where I wanted to be. A few feet away, facing away from me, I see Max and another male student, a tall fox boy. It seems they have not noticed me yet as they continue their conversation.

"I don't get it Max, why did you go to the nurse's office if you knew Elmyra was there? I thought you were avoiding her for some reason you won't tell me," the fox boy spoke in curious confusion.

"I told you that's none of your business," Max growled in a tone I never would imagine he would use, he seemed so much nicer. "I know Elmyra is the nurses' assistant on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, but that's not the point. The thing is I don't remember going to the nurses' office. I was running down the hall and Pete was in the way hauling some cart full of props. I tried to run past him and bumped into something, I couldn't even see what or who it was before I felt a sharp pain in my head. The next thing I know I'm standing at the nurse's office holding a slip of paper excusing me from my morning classes so I can get a basic medical examination. I left as soon as I came to. I don't remember receiving the paper, which was signed by the principal. I don't remember seeing the principal that morning or walking to the nurse's office."

"That's weird," the fox boy observed, "you've been acting weird lately," he added thoughtfully. "Yesterday you were acting weird too, you kept looking over your shoulder, but there was no one there."

Max seemed to be disturbed at the reminder. "It feels like there is someone there, not really behind me, just there, in my head." He frowned in disapproval and shook his head. "Don't ask stupid questions!" He snapped, as if he didn't want to show any weakness. He looked over his shoulder, except this time there was someone there, me, and he wasn't happy to see me. "Hey, rabbit!" He stood up, followed by his fox associate. "Who said you could come here? The roof is off limits for anyone who's not invited and I didn't invite you." I was left frozen and speechless. Is he really the same boy from before, or some kind of evil twin? "I haven't seen you around school, you're new aren't you? Well rabbit, it's time you learn the rules; you're not allowed up here!" He yells into my face looking especially frustrated and enraged." I don't move, I can't react, I'm in petrified shock. "Didn't you hear me, rabbit? I told you to get lost!"

I panic and acting on instinctual self defense, I pull out an anvil from behind my back and hit Max on the head with it. The anvil remained on his head and slid off a few seconds after as he stumbled away from me.

"You'll regret that!" I became the fox's target, he looks like he's ready to pulverize me.

"Stop!" Max suddenly interferes pushing the stunned fox away. "It's okay," he hugs me, he's so soothing now, but before he was so different. How is it possible for someone to change so quickly? Does he have a split personality or something? Wait, the anvil, could an anvil to the head be the cause of all this? Is that what changes him?

The fox boy's head has since been replaced by a giant eyeball while his lower jaw is detached laying by his feet. It looks like he was so shocked he got stuck in the expression.

A pink canary girl flies by and stares, her eyes at eight times their size with her beak stretched open beyond all logical proportions. As soon as she manages to regain her normal form she flies off, diving below and, I assume, into the school. I don't know her, but I sense more trouble on its way.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Tiny Toons. The anvil enigma is more complex than it seems, it will be revealed soon.
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