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Chapter 06

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Chapter 06: A Different Person

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Perhaps, Maybe, Possibly...

Chapter 06: A Different Person

Max's expression turned pained. He kept one arm around my shoulders and held his head with the other hand. Maybe I hit him harder than I thought. "Max?" I finally spoke in a barely audible voice.

"I... I'm..." He seemed to be unsure of what to say; almost as if there was something he wanted to voice that he couldn't. "I'm sorry for being mean to you now, I wasn't myself, I mean I..." his headache worsened as if he was having a terrible battle with himself.

"I'm stuck!" The fox boy panicked. He had picked up his lower jaw but was unable to reattach it because his head was a giant eyeball. "Max, what do I do? I'm stuck like this and you're hugging a rabbit, the world's gone crazy!"

"It's okay, Ken, I'm sure you won't be stuck forever." Max tried to encourage the fox, but only seemed to worry him more.

"Why are you being so nice, it's not like you. Do you have a fever or something?" Ken's giant eye reflected concern.

"No, that's not... I mean..." Max stumbled over his words for a moment then tried to take a firm tone. "I order you to go see the nurse right now!" However, the fox refused to move, thus Max decided to go with him.

The three of us made our way down the dim narrow stairs. The door was stuck, blocked from the outside. Ken rammed into the door until he knocked it down, causing the many items on the other side to go rocketing in every direction in the hallway.

One of the props piled against the door was a box containing a portable hole. The hole popped out of its container and skidded across the hall, landing in the path of small gray mouse, who seemed far too young to be in the school. The small mouse fell through with a cloud of dust going up from what I assume must be the basement where he landed. This event was immediately followed by a series of loud sneezes that shook the foundation of the entire building.

Max, Ken and I hurried away before we got into trouble, with me being made to tag along by Max taking my hand and running. If I wasn't in such a daze I would go back to help the poor little mouse.

We finally make it to the nurses office where Max peeks in with caution and lets out a breath of relief with a barely audible, "she's not here."

The nurse's office is the stereotypical white room with a mounted plastic skeleton, first aid supplies and a couple of small beds separated by white curtains. One of the curtains is pushed aside to reveal a red haired human girl and the pink canary I saw flying above the roof. The girl's eyes traveled to Max's hand still grasping my own, she looks like she's about to cry as she pushes past us and dashes away down the hall. The pink canary gives us a nasty glare before she decides to chase after her distressed friend.

At this point Max lets go of my hand and dons a guilty and worried expression as if he's in the middle of a mess that he doesn't know how to sort out.

Before Max can say anything, the head nurse, an elderly human lady, arrives. She glances around as if looking for her helper whom she left in charge of the office in her absence and instead takes notice of Ken's state. "Oh my, you got stuck, didn't you?"

Ken nods his giant eyeball of a head and holds up his disembodied jaw, which the nurse takes. "Don't worry about me," he interrupts, speaking normally despite lacking a mouth. "Just take care of Max, he's going insane."

"I'm not insane," Max protests.

"It's true, he was being nice to that rabbit girl, he even hugged her and held her hand and everything!" Ken dramatized, making my face turn a bright shade of red. "Here I thought he was secretly in love with Elmyra," he added in a lower voice. I realize that Elmyra must have been that red haired human girl.

"Is that so? Well, I'm glad you've made a new friend, Max," the granny-like nurse lady smiled kindly and held a magnifying glass and a mirror in front of Ken's face. The difference was that the magnifying glass was backwards, it made things appear to be smaller. She altered the distance between the glass and Ken's face moving it side by side. The visual illusion of having two smaller eyes caused Ken to instinctively follow it to regain his normal face, sans his lower jaw, which was then attached back into place. "Here you go," the nurse gave Ken a lollipop.

Ken unwrapped the sugary treat and put it in his mouth as he glanced at Max wearily. "My face can't take this, call me when you're back to normal, man," with that said, Ken left the nurse's office.

"Were you two only here to keep your friend company or does anything hurt?" The elderly nurse kindly asked. Max shifted uncomfortably as if he had something that he was embarrassed to ask about. "Come now, don't be shy," another silent pause followed until she laughed fondly. "You really are acting a little peculiarly, but I think it's a good change. I knew that I would eventually see the day when Max Montana became friends with a rabbit."

The nurse's words seemed to strike something in Max as his headache returned with such a force that his face contorted in pain. The excruciating expression was not missed by the nurse, who immediately ushered him to one of the bed while fetching a stethoscope. "Bani, you should go," Max insisted, ignoring the nurse who kept telling him to breathe deeply and not speak.

"I'm staying with you," I insisted firmly.

"No, please, go," his eyes were full of guilt and a particular kind of fear, the fear of hurting someone dear. "Please trust me, go, I'll see you later."

The bell suddenly rang, signaling the end of the lunch hour. "You should be heading to class," the nurse gently prompted. "Don't worry, I'll take good care of him here. Off you go now, you don't want to be late."

I have no choice but to leave. As I make it out the door I hear Max's voice from the nurse's office. He sounds both disoriented and angry as he questions the nurse in regards to how he got there. It's as if he's a whole different person who doesn't remember the happenings of his other self. Still too confused to deal with anything else at the moment, I rush away towards my classroom.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Tiny Toons. The unnamed mouse, as I'm sure most of you noticed, was Sneezer and the elderly nurse is the granny from the Tweety cartoons. The fox boy is Kentarii, an original character that appears in some of my Atomic Betty stories when he's older.
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