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Chapter 1; Uxie is Dangerous

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Chapter 1; Uxie Is Dangerous.

I walk up from a dark cave, a lake was there, and a yellow Pokemon, not very tall, was standing there.

"Uxie, I am here," I exclaimed, my violet hair shined in the moonlight, Uxie turned around to look.

"Uxie, uxe." It roared, it was not pleased that I was there.

"Please, Uxie, I am here for a reason," I said, I began to beg.

"Uxie, uxe." It asked me if I came here alone.

"Um, no, I have a Pokemon." I threw out my ball, a bug with a horn on its head came out of it.

"Uxie, ux." It claimed I could not come here with a Pokemon.

"Why, why, Uxie, why can't I?" My rage began to build.

"Uxie, ux." It said humans must come alone, or you are considered an intruder.

"Uxie, this doesn't make any sense, why can't I come with a Pokemon?" I stomped my foot, and made sure Uxie heard it.

"Uxie, ux!" It turned red, and opened its eyes.

"Its, going to wipe my memory clean!" I knew the legend of Uxie quite well.

"Uxie!" It used a power, I didn't know what was going on, not at all.

Several months later.
I heard water, crashing with mighty roar, I woke up, I saw myself lying on a beach.

"Wh...where am I?" I didn't know where I was. I felt tired again, and suddenly feel asleep.

I pictured something in my mind, or it might have been my imagination.

"Hmm, should I go in?" It was possibly a dream, I saw a blue Pokemon, that looked like a dog, it was in front of a building with a fox like Pokemon as its shape.

"I... I can't... to frightening..." It walked away. It walked to a beach, it saw bubbles blowing.

"Sob, I'm such a coward, I need courage..." It cried loud.

"Huh, I feel aura... by the side of the beach..." It ran.

"A Pokemon passed out on the beach!" It ran to me. "Are you OK, answer, please." I knew I wasn't in a dream.

"W... where is this?!" I had no clue where I was.

"You are at Calm Beach," it said, it must have lived here.

"Calm Beach? I... never heard of such place," I must have been sent to another dimension.

"You're a little odd, what is your name?" It had finally asked me a question.

"Luna, why do you ask?" It was odd, too.

"I was just wondering, also, my name Riolu, pleased to meet you." It smiled at me.

"Are you a new Pokemon in town? I have never seen you before." Riolu replied, it wanted to know what I was.

"I am a human, not a Pokemon." I replied, I only remembered my name, and that I was human.

"Pardon, human!!! But you look like a normal Togepi to me!" It was shocked to hear that.

"It's true, I've turned into a Togepi?! Why don't I remember anything?" I tried to remember what it was like being a human, but I couldn't.

"...Hey, kid, we will take that!" It had a gem on tied to a chain.

"No, Mareep, Marill, don't!" Riolu tried to fight back, but it couldn't.

"Wow, what a weakling! Come on, Mareep, let's get out of here!" They ran off into a cave.

"Luna, I have to get my gem back. if I lose it, I will lose all my senses!" It began to cry.

"I'll help you..." I said, I was brave enough to say something.

"You... you will, thank you! They went this way, lets hustle!" We ran into the cave.
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