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Chapter 2; Starting a Team

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Transfered chapter.

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Chapter 2; Starting A Team.

The cave was horrible, bitter darkness had hit us.

"Luna, these are Mystery Dungeons, they are unsafe," Riolu said, it held onto my tiny stubby arms.

"Riolu, please don't clench too hard, it hurts," I let go of Riolu.

"Luna, the caves are dark, you need me!" It chased after me.

"I don't, just go away," it had taken me to a point where I didn't care at all.

The cave was getting gross, disgusting food was on the floor, it was referred to "Grimy Food."

"Luna, please, wait up!" the Riolu was panting, huffing, puffing.

"Don't you know what leave me alone means?!" I asked it, Riolu was getting on my bad side.

"I do, but..." I cut it off, and ran away, to see the Pokemon that stole Riolu's gem.

"Mareep, Marill, listen, give back Riolu's gem, I want it off my back!" I screeched, my voice sounded like screeching brakes on a car.

"Little Togepi, using Growl won't do anything to us," they said, they were a pack of bullies as it seemed.

"Get away from Luna, bullies!" It was Riolu, I specifically said for it to go away.

"I thought I told you to leave me alone!" I said, I couldn't stand the runt.

"Quick Attack!" It was using an attack; I didn't know why it was even helping me.

I closed one eye, and smiled, Riolu turned to see me using an attack.

"Luna, you are using charm!" It was very shocked.

"Why are you so shocked, I got them confused," I said, I hated its attitude.

"Little Togepi, infatuation won't work, try it on scardey Meowth boy Riolu over there," they pointed at Riolu, I now knew its true gender.

"Mareep, Marill, I hate you, you damn liars!" Riolu sounded really upset, I had to help.

I suddenly stuck my finger up, and I did this random attack.

"Poison Jab!" I screamed, the move must have been a random anything type move.

"Luna, you used... Metronome!" Riolu was shocked; his eyes got big.

"Riolu, attack, please, I can't keep up with this much longer!" I screeched, I moved out of the way.

Riolu walked over, and attacked.

"Quick Attack," he unleashed Quick Attack again, the Mareep and Marill fell down.

"Fine, kid, here is your gem back," they were panting.

"Th..thank you," he said, he began to get all teary.

"Shut up, weakling, we will flee for now." They ran off.

"Luna, thank you." He smiled, and led me out of the cave.

"Luna, I want to ask you something, it's very important!" Riolu possibly was lying.

"How important?" I asked him, it probably was a question I couldn't answer.

"Luna, can we form a team, please?" It sounded very desperate.

"Whatever, I guess, I have no where to go, and I'm a Togepi," I said, I only agreed to make him happy.

"R..really, thank you!" He was really happy, he showed too much emotion, however.

"Show me the way." I said, he showed me a way.

A few minutes later...

"Luna, here we are, the Glaceon guild," he said, he guided me in.

"...There is a window, probably a looker," I said, I might have been right.

"Hey, you, get away from the gate!" A voice screamed, it must have been a guild member.

"I said, get away from the door!" The voice screamed again.

The Pokemon came up to us.

"How many times do I HAVE to say it?! Get away from the door!" It was a tall Pokemon, green, and medium sized.

"Please, Gallade, we want to become members of this guild!" Riolu screeched, it burst into tears.

"Fine, I will let you in." The Gallade opened the door.

The door looked like it was made out of steel... it could possibly kill anyone if someone got stuck in it.

"...Luna, look, there is another hatch, we should climb it," he said, we climbed the hatch.

Tons of other Pokemon were talking to one another, Riolu had gotten anxious.

"Wow, this is amazing!" Riolu must have been excited, or jealous, I couldn't tell. It was probably excited.

"...Oh, well who do we have here?" It sounded like the master or assistant.

"I am Riolu, and this is Luna, the Togepi," Riolu explained, it was happy the Pokemon had answered.

"I am Gliscor, I am one and only guild master boss," the Gliscor said, it took us down another latch.

The Gliscor had taken us to another room, inside was a fox, an icy blue fox, average size, and a long tail.

"Guild master, I have brought you the two apprentices." Gliscor smiled, and waited for an answer.

"Hello, new recruits, you will be part of this guild soon, just register a name~♪" The guild master seemed very musical.

"Luna, you should come up with a name, I'm not good at that," Riolu said, I thought hard, and finally came up with a name.

"Team Pure Silver," I announced.

"I love that name, we will use it." Riolu announced back.

"Alright, Team Pure Silver it is!" The guild master began using some powers.

"Registered successfully~♪" We were now part of the guild.
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