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Chapter 3; Basic Morning Scedule

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Chapter 3; Basic Morning Schedule.

"These are your beds," Gliscor said, he smiled, and left the room.

"I guess we should sleep early." Riolu fell asleep the minute he was in his bed.

The beds were rough, possibly made of of hay, and were uncomfortable to lay on, the ground was even colder then the beds.

I couldn't sleep at all, the floor and the bed made me want to leave in the middle of the night, but the doors were locked, that is what it said on the rules board.

The rules stated 'no over night exploring.' So I was stuck awake all night.


Hours later, it is morning, and Riolu is still sleeping.

"Riolu, please wake up, it's morning already," I groaned, I was groggy from last night.

Riolu looked like it felt something in its sleep, it began to sleep talk, I could here it, but barley.

"...Aura... roar, I feel aura," he said, it most likely was a dream.

"What, wake up, sure." Riolu either was crazy, or in a dream, no one would say that in there sleep.

"Yawn, sorry, Luna, I sleep talk," he smiled, I didn't smile back.

"Aww, why so down, we are together~♪" He didn't understand how tired I was.

"Shut up, I was up all night!" I screamed, a Pokemon came in, and screamed.

"What's the hold up, you are late for morning announcements!" It was a black, rather large hound dog Pokemon.

"S...sorry Houndoom, it won't happen again!" Riolu cried, he ran out scared.

"You too, get out!" It put me on its back, and threw me out.

The Pokemon were all angry, they were possibly annoyed of waiting for us to wake up.

"The little new kids are late, lock 'em up!" Gallade must have been an angry Pokemon.

"Gallade, be quiet, they are new!" Gliscor said, the Pokemon shrugged its arm.

The guild master open the door, and came in, it smiled, and looked at everyone there.

"Everyone, we have new members of the guild, so we will say the rule pledge," Glaceon said, the Pokemon began buzzing.

"One, no slacking off! Two, Share your money with us! Three, no over night exploring! Four, smile everywhere you go!" We heard the rules, and tried to repeat them, but couldn't repeat them at all.

"Pokemon, time for work!" Gliscor smiled, and so did everyone else.

Everyone walked, except us, we had no clue what to do at all.

"You guys must be lost follow me." Gliscor took us to a latch.
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