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Chapter 4; The Mime Jr. Rescue

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Chapter 4; The Mime Jr. Rescue.

The boards were covered with jobs, tons of jobs, Riolu's eyes gleamed.

"Wow!!! So many jobs, outlaws, everything!!!" Riolu jumped happily around me.

"You aren't ready for outlaw jobs!!" Gliscor screamed, he took us to the other side.

There was rescue offers, and that's it, no outlaw jobs, just rescue jobs.

"But outlaw jobs are better!" Riolu insisted, he tried to talk Gliscor out of making us do a rescue job.

"Too bad," he took a pinned job down, and handed it to us, it showed a picture saying "help me."

"I'll read it," Gliscor said, he grabbed the paper back and read what the content on the letter said.

"Help, I lost my way in a dungeon, please find me, reward will be ???" The reward wasn't stated.

"The dungeon this Mime Jr. got lost in is Mimicry Cave, go." He kicked us out.

"Um, let's go, Luna," Riolu began to walk with me.

We had to travel through a portal just to get there; it was a horrible dark portal.

In front of us was a dungeon, like looked like a complete mimic place.

"Riolu, I'm not so sure about this," I wanted to turn back.

"No, we have to save the Mime jr." He dragged me in.


The cave was cold, and every Pokemon mimicked our every step, it was very irritating.

"Riolu, where is the Mime Jr?" I asked, we were already on the sixth floor.

"The next floor, the stairs are right in front of us," he dragged me up the stairs.

"Mime Jr, we are here to save you," Riolu said happily, he looked at Mime Jr. as if it were happy.

"Oh, thank you, let me teleport you out of here." The teleporter came out, and teleported us to the guild.

"Thank you for rescuing me!!!" Mime Jr. said, it danced around us.

"Hah, hah, no problem, cutie," Riolu laughed happily as it danced around Mime Jr. as well.

"Can I join the guild, sir?" Mime Jr. asked Gliscor, all he could do was smile.

"Sure, just register a name," Gliscor was doing work to fill in for Glaceon, which was sleeping off today.

"I want to be one of Riolu's partner's put me on Team Pure Silver!" Mime Jr. insisted, it tried to get its way.

"Sure, but, Luna's the leader, you alright with that?" Gliscor knew it wouldn't mind.

"No, I don't mind," Mime Jr. looked at us, and danced around us.

"I'll get you a bed, Team Pure Silver, go to dinner." He walked away.

"Dinner timeā™«" A Pokemon called, it was grub, like last time.

After dinner, we see Mime Jr. in bed, sleeping.

"We should sleep too, goodnight." Riolu fell asleep, I tried the bed, it felt softer, it soothed me to sleep.
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